Almost at the same time as Ye Zichen’s voice fell, Zuo Hongxin’s father and daughter, who had been shackled by the guest, all had soft legs and sat down on the ground.



"Big brother, I am confused for a while, but I also hope that you can see my brotherhood, spare me this time."

It was subconscious at all, and Zuo Hongxin climbed to the ground in front of Zuo Hongde and grabbed his calf.

They are half-baked, but now they are crying and crying.

Even though Ye Zichen just gave advice, it was Zuo Hongde who was able to decide the right to kill. But his heart is clear, and at this moment, Ye Zichen’s words have already determined their lives.

"My brother is wrong, and my brother is really wrong."

The heartbreaking cry made the surrounding guests shook their heads, and Xia Keke wrinkled his nose.

"At this time, I knew that I was wrong. When I saw you and the bad guys swearing, I saw you quite arrogant." What else to say, Zuo Mo colluded with outsiders to marry your left family, I am jealous. ”

Xia Keke herself was a bit like a hateful character, when she saw it on the guest side. Especially when Zuo Mo was the most helpless, she wanted to help her several times, but she stopped Xiao Yumei.

Now it’s hard to be good and good, bad and evil, this guy actually wants to beg.

After laughing at Zuo Hongxin, Zuo Mo will cast his gaze on Zuo Liang’s body, smirking.

"Look at him, in contrast, he is much stronger than you. At least this guy is not crying in the sky, and looking for him to be a man. ”

Very, the tone of the rivers and lakes was said from Xia Keke's little Lolita's mouth, which was very funny.

Su Yan and Xiao Yumei couldn't help but sneer, and Zuo Hongde also sighed at this moment.

"I knew why today, why should I be."

If this sigh has already defined everything he has, the left macro letter lying on the ground bursts out, and his mouth is squirming for a long time, but he can't say a word.

"That also asks the elder to put the child in the city, she…It was because I did not fulfill my father’s responsibilities that she was allowed to go. ”

The eyes of the people fell on the left-wing city, and the beautiful face of the city was full of stunned.

She didn't cry, but the sluggish eyes sweared how terrible she was in her heart.

Maybe a beautiful woman is so easy to win sympathy, even if she just did something so good, when she saw her look, people around her could not help but show sympathy.

"Okay, then it will follow your wishes. If you don’t raise your father, the sins of the city will be borne by you. However, out of this matter, it is impossible for her to stay in the left home. ”

"As long as she can keep her life…"

Tiger poison does not eat.

Even if it is extremely wicked to the extent of Zuo Hongxin, in this case he wants to keep his daughter.

Looking at his pleading look, Zuo Hongde shook his head and sighed.

"Let the city go to the country, stay away from the troubles, and I will keep her rich and prosperous."

Under the greeting of Zuo Hongde, several guest secretaries and waiters took the left-wing city, which had already been scared, from the military field.

Seeing this scene, Zuo Hongxin’s eyes showed a hint of peace of mind, and even if he kept beheading, even the blood of his head would not stop.

Suddenly, his eyes changed.

The teeth suddenly force, and the tongue bites.

Looking at the mouth constantly vomiting blood, lying on the ground, motionless left Hongxin, Zuo Hongde heart inexplicable pain.


Once upon a time, this was not the case between their brothers.

"Zuo Hongxin, privately seeking the position of the patriarch, has now since thanked himself. Come, take him away and have a good life! ”

It was also a few guests who picked them up and left the military field. The surrounding guests could not help but shake their heads.

The left family experienced such a change, I do not know when it will be able to recover.

However, they are more concerned about the left-handed left to the end, what should be done. He is the chief culprit of all this.

"Left bright…"

When Zuo Hongde’s eyes fell on Zuo Liang’s body, it stopped.

"You can know sin."

"I have nothing to sin."

No one can think of it. At this time, Zuo Liang still can say such awkward words. Especially from his look at Zuo Hongde's look, he could still feel a trace of disdain.

"presumptuous."Guest Qing is a punch in his stomach.


After a period of retching, Zuo Liang was still the mocking face, and his eyes glared at the people in front.

"You don't just want to kill me, come on, I am not afraid of you." And you Zuo Hongde, do you dare to kill me? You don't feel like you are killing me. Of course, you better kill me now, so that your left family can be the secret of the first family. Come on, kill me, if you can rest assured in the rest of your life, then you will kill me! ”

"And you Ye Zichen, I hate you like this, I think that I can do whatever I want, if there is a group of people in the fairyland to protect you, there is a yellow emperor to protect you, you are a fart? But it doesn't matter, I know that you always want to fly back to what you call the world, but it's a pity that you can't go back in your life. Kill me, even if I become a devil, I will curse you in this life will not be able to return to the world. ”

"You dare curse my son, morning brother."

Still not waiting for the people around you to react, just look at Xia Keke, who has already held his fist and shone on the left.

Or Ye Zichen walked up to her and took her back, but she heard her still angry and roaring.

"Zi Chen Ge, he cursed you and let Coco kill you!"

"Forget it."Ye Zichen just shook his head calmly and immediately walked toward Zuo Hongde. "Left patriarch, I don't care about your family, just don't."

"Ye is slow."

Say, Ye Zichen didn't leave without leaving.

As he left, there was a large number of people in the guest seat.

"Zi Chen."

Zuo Moben wanted to chase it out, but she thought that it was about her left family and she could only bite her lips.

Zuo Hongde is a deep lock on the eyebrows, watching Zuo Liang delay knowing how to deal with it.

"Let's go."

Just then, a deep and contemptuous scorn appeared from the guest seat. The surrounding guests all looked up and saw that one of them was wearing a plain-clothed old man and got out.

"Who is this old man?"

Many guests are jealous in their hearts. He thinks who he is, and dare to put a big slogan here, saying that he will let the left shine.

This group of people in the center of the military field also looked at the old man…


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