The night is coming.

After returning from the left home, Ye Zichen has been keeping himself in the room for several hours.

Did not eat in the middle, but also dripping water.

From the front of the door, you can feel the dignified atmosphere to cover it. The women around him are very worried, but no one has ever bothered to disturb.

"Speaking sister, son Chen Ge, he should not have anything."

Just in the square pavilion not far from the room of Ye Zichen, Xia Keke looked worriedly at the closed door and looked sad.

The same is true for Su Yan. I don’t know what to do if I look at the door.

"It shouldn't be. If you want to get along with you, you actually stay with him for a long time. He is a man of temperament. You should be clearer than me."

Xiao Yumei shook her head and looked at the door and snorted.

"He is now the lord of the fairyland, and the other two worlds are equally high. After saying that he has experienced so much, he should not be disheartened by some trivial matters. ”

"That's not trivial. It's intuitive and important to fly up the world."

"I believe in him."

At this moment, Su Yan first smiled at the door.

"Maybe the one who said what God said is true. From the perspective of Zichen, this is also true, but I think he is not so vulnerable."

"Then why can't he come out?"Xia Keke said with a pout.

"Maybe he regulates emotions in the room."Su Yan Wen Xiao smiled and immediately looked at Xiao Yumei. "Speaking to the sister is not as good as going into the room. It’s just that there are some things to talk to Zichen. Take advantage of this opportunity, so go in and have a look. How is the mood? If he is really too depressed, he can also accompany him. ”

"You are not better."

Xiao Yumei laughed, Su Yan heard a pretty face, and said.


"Nothing will happen between you."

"I am a nine-tailed fox, my sister has been stunned by me, and I can't lose it before flying to the world." The body of the child, otherwise it will be difficult to fly. He has risen to the realm of the gods, and in order to be able to stand in the realm of the gods, I think it is better to follow the words of my sister. ”

Su Yan replied softly and whispered, then looked at Xiao Yumei.

"Sister is different, let's have you and him here…"

"Would you like me to go in?"Xia Keke suddenly smiled and stood up. Suddenly she felt two weird eyes looking at her, and immediately she sat down and criticized. "I said yes…I went in and comforted him, um…Ok, let's go to Meijie. ”

The weird eyes still looked at her, and Xia Keke claped her hands and smiled.

"It’s so hungry, is there anything in the kitchen to eat? I am not here, ha, you…Talk slowly, talk slowly…"

After rushing away from Fang Ting, Su Yan still looked at her for a long time with an inexplicable look, and immediately said to Xiao Yumei.

"It’s a troublesome sister."


Watching Su Yan leave from Fangting, Xiao Yumei grinned and got up from the chair. When I came to Ye Zichen's room, I gently slammed the door, and Ye Zichen's low answer came from the room.


"it's me."Xiao Yumei said softly, the people in the room said quietly again, "Can I go in?"

"come in."


When the door was pushed open, it was dropped in the night room and there was no light, it was very dark.

I can only see the orange-red light in the corner of the room, and the blue smoke slowly sways upwards.

Quietly walked behind Ye Zichen, looked at the cigarette butt on the ground, Xiao Yumei brows and walked to him to sit down.

"It's very annoying."

"Nothing is bothering."Ye Zichen smiled and smothered the cigarettes, and encouraged the spirit to blow the smoke out of the room. "As early as I broke through the king, I was aware. Now that I have confirmed it, I don’t care much about it. How come you, worry about me? ”

"of course not."

Xiao Yumei smiled and his mouth tilted slightly.

"I always think that you will not be depressed for this, so worry about it."

"then you……"

"After we came back from the left home, there was an old man in the left family, who was the owner of the left family."Xiao Yumei said.

"Ok, I know."

Ye Zichen nodded, but it didn't look too much.

"I noticed him when I went there. I used to see this old family when I went to the Devil. After we got out of it, he showed up, then what happened to his left family. ”

"Zuo Mo has inherited the patriarch's handprint, but the left is actually released."


Ye Zichen, who has never had any movement, brows up and picks up Xiao Yumei.

"I heard that the real identity of Zuo Liang is the eldest son of the merchant who has been competing with the Treasure Tower before. The merchant may have changed in the past 100 years. The left father will turn left to the left to be adopted by Zuo Hongde, who has a daughter. Now that Zuo Liang was let go, the outside world was transmitting the business. The year was changed by the left family. The left father’s heart was owed, and he was released. ”

"There is a chaos in your circle."Ye Zichen couldn't help but grin. For him, he didn't have much gossip.

His time to come to Xianyu is still short, and he has never experienced the prosperity of the merchants of the year.

Now he only knows Zuojia Zuo Mo, not to mention the defeat of Wang…

"The old man is too soft, and this left light is a scourge."

"Being a person to stay in the line, I want to see you in the future."Xiao Yumei smirked and opened his solution, and said again, "The god has already sent Lin Ru back to the realm of the gods. Before he left, he had a message, saying that when you go to the gods, you can go to the innocent. The sea is gathering."

"it is good."

Ye Zichen is slightly decapitated, but it is not really in the heart.

He wants to fly up to God and still does not know how many years to go. He said, with his relationship with Liu Qing, even if he went to the realm of the gods, he must go to the square.

Innocent sea…

I have to wait for my leisure time.

"This is a prayer for the Lord God to go back, but it is inherited from Lin Ru."

"Lin Ru just came and said, let you call her less in the future. She is now the owner of the rules of the Three Realms, not your younger brother, calling for it…She is also a person with identity. ”

Xiao Yumei smirked, and Ye Zichen grinned.

"Haha, if you try to call her as little as possible, is there anything else?"

"There is really something else."Xiao Yumei's face was paused and she said, "The generals of Baihuachengcheng Lin Xihe and General Zhao Zikai will tie the knot, and the big wedding will be held after March. but……After March is the time for the Third World Congress…"

"Big marriage."

Ye Zichen blinked and his brows turned up.

"Choose a big marriage at this time, it seems that he can't help it?"

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