There are no years of practice.

In a twinkling of an eye, two months passed, and everything in the Three Realms worked as usual, only…

On the night of returning from the left home, Ye Zichen disappeared.

During these two months, no one knows where Ye Zichen went. No matter who can't know any of his news, if the world evaporates, it will disappear completely.

"You said that the morning has gone so long, how long will he come back?"

In the courtyard of the long pavilion, Xiao Yumei shook his head and sighed with a faint thought.

At the time, Ye Zichenโ€™s departure was that she personally sent him away. When he left, he said that it would be a few days, and many months will come back, but after two months, he still did not see his return. .

"Looking at the days of the Three Realms, he has not returned yet, it will not be…"

Under the grace of Xiao Yumei, she stopped talking and she shook her head sharply.

"No, he will not be surprised by the morning."

"Itโ€™s been a long time since I said that my brother is gone."Xia Keke was also grinning, and then touched the little sweetness around him. "Sweet sweet wants Dad to come back?"

"Do not want to."

The sweetie didnโ€™t lift up and answered, in her eyes it seemed to be only the delicious fruit piled up in front of me.

"You have this snack."Xia Keke smirked and knocked on her little head.

But at this moment, the sweetness of the fruit is stopped, the handkerchief is carefully wiped clean, and Xiao Yumei's hand is grasped with a smile.

"Mom, sweet wants to go out and play."

"Go, be careful."

"No, I want my mother and Su Yan, Aunt Coco, to play with me."

"Just go out with sweets and go."Su Yan reached out and licked his sweet little head and said, "I worry that the morning is useless. When he wants to come back, he will naturally come back." What's more, the Sanjie hegemony is especially important to him, he can't be wrong. โ€

At the same time, pterosaur Xiaolan also appeared in the courtyard, and it was lying on the ground as if waiting for a few women in Su Yan.

But before they left the courtyard, they saw Xue Qi rushing in from the outside.

"Little blue, go on."

Xiao Lan, who had just vacated, will fall to the ground and see Xue Qiโ€™s panicked look. Xiao Yumeiโ€™s face is a drastic change, but she is still tentatively asked.

"How come you look so scared, what happened?"

"The Ice King came to our house."

"Ice King?"

Xiao Yumei Emei, she came to the Three Realms shortly, and it is not particularly clear to the names of some adults in the Three Realms.

"Is the Ice King not a deer?"Xia Keke muttered a cursing eye. "Where she came here, why didn't she say she would stay in the Elk family for a few months?"

Su Yan only had a cluster of brows, and the tip of his nose shook gently.

"There is bloody smell."

Looking at Xue Qi's look, Su Yan spoke directly.

"Looking at the past."

"Mom, then you don't go out with sweets?"

At this moment, sweet and smashed Xiao Yumei's sleeves, his eyes filled with childishness.

"Sweet, you are waiting for mom here, mother will come back and take you out to play, okay?"

As soon as the voice fell, several women followed Xue Qi.

The sweetness left in the courtyard was very old-fashioned, and immediately opened to the small blue.

"I am so mad, how can I hide?"

Everyone stepped into the front hall, and when they stepped into the front hall, they could smell the pungent bloody smell. A woman with a stag horn and a bloody woman sat in a chair. She looked at the front with empty eyes and let the doctors heal the wound. .


Seeing this scene, several women all ran up.

"What exactly happened here?"

As the ice emperor, the strength of the deer is close to the king of the deer, at this time the body is full of blood, the antlers above the head is even more swearing that she is unable to maintain the human body.

She is the top of the three realms, the entire three worlds must give her a few thin faces.

Who can hurt her so seriously!

"You are coming, the morning is…Child morning! โ€

Luhan, who is undergoing treatment, got up regardless of his injury, but this movement was affecting her wounds. She was so weak that she directly fell to the ground with a soft foot.

Late at night.

After taking nine turns to return to the soul, Lu Hanโ€™s face has gradually improved.

Xiao Yumei Several women have no rest and stay in the bedroom to take care of them.

"Is there any people in the three realms who can hurt Luhan?"Xia Keke muttered, said, "Su Yan, even if it is your sister, she may not hurt her so seriously."

"Can't."Su Yan replied, "My sister also said that Luhan and her ice talent are indifferent. To say that the advantage of the two sisters may be that she is a nine-tailed fox. The descendants of the ancient beasts had some repression of other spirits. โ€

"How can she get hurt?"

"You ask me, I don't know?"Su Yan looked at Lulu Road on the bed. "Everything can only wait for her to wake up. Let's ask again."

"Do not…Don't…"

The deer on the bed suddenly shouted a dream, and all the women in the room ran to the bed.

At this time, the deer on the bed was so painful that she could see from her painful expression that she had experienced something in her dreams.

"Do not!"

With an exclamation, Lu Han woke up from his dreams.

This nightmare almost drenched her clothes, and she got up and gasped.

"Luhan, how are you doing, is your health better?"Xiao Yumei A few women whispered comfortably.

"Zi Chen, Ye Zichen, why is he not here?"

Luhan kept looking in the room and couldn't help but ask if he couldn't find him.

"He is not in the office, he has been away for two months."Xiao Yumei replied.

"what? How could this beโ€ฆโ€ฆHow could this beโ€ฆโ€ฆ"

The deer who heard the news was unacceptable, and the whole person seemed to have lost his soul.

She kept whispering the same sentence, and Xia Keke couldn't help but look at her.

"Don't be sad, Zichen is not here, cocoa sister is here! What happened to the cocoa sister? Whoever hurts you like this, dare to bully my sister, see the cocoa sister Golden Dragon to avenge you. โ€

Cocoa is very domineering about her waist. She said that she wanted to make Luhanโ€™s mood better.

"Itโ€™s late, everything is late."

Luhan grabbed his hair in pain, and looked at the quiet night outside the window without a god, laughing at himself.

"What is all too late, what happened to Luhan before you?" You are the Ice Emperor. It is hard to find an enemy in the Three Realms. Who will hurt you so much? โ€

Su Yan couldn't help but ask questions. But in the next quarter of an hour, Lu Han was throwing a blockbuster that made all the people in the room move.

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