There are no years of practice.

In a naturally formed cave, Ye Zichen was covered in thick dust, and the robes sat on the ground as if they were old.

For two months, he has been immersed in his own Sunday operation, regardless of the outside world.


At this moment, he suddenly kept his mouth squirting a blood in his mouth.

The closed scorpion was also opened, and the right hand was pressed against the chest, and while the blood was flowing, the gasping of the mouth was heavy.


Sure enough, he should have prayed for the Lord God. His qi is too strong, and even he himself feels clearly.

His breakthrough has almost no bottleneck. It is only two years since the mortal to the present.

Anyone who has this kind of air transport will be ecstatic, but now this air transport has become the most solid obstacle to his progress.

Or, it is the people of the gods who are pressing him to prevent him from flying to God!

"Woke up?"

Just as Ye Zichen was in the middle of his heart, a woman’s contempt suddenly appeared in the cave.


Ye Zichen's heart glimpsed, almost conditioned to mobilize the surrounding spiritual power, and the eyebrows looked deep in the front.

"Who are you?"

Before he entered the cave, several bans were placed at the mouth of the cave.

But he was sitting on a stone just about three meters away. She was sitting on a stone with her hands and her eyes were smiling.

Subconsciously glanced at the cave’s ban

Even the ban is still there!

"You are daring, and you have gone to this wild land to practice. It seems that you should be a fairyland person. Why should you choose the place where you practiced in such a remote place? ”

The voice of a woman in white is very sweet, even if a stranger hears her speech will have a good impression on it.

"This has nothing to do with you."

Ye Zichen is alert and the woman in front of her is too weird.

It’s not that he is proud of himself. The prohibition that he personally laid down is that even in the Three Realms, there is no way anyone can enter without a word, but this woman

"Why are you here?"

"This is the residence of this seat. It is the cave where you occupied this seat. You even asked why this seat will appear here?"

The white woman grinned and Ye Zichen suddenly looked up and hurriedly got up.

"That's a big sorry. I don't know if this cave has a master. I only think that the spiritual power here is very friendly. I chose to practice here." If you are unhappy, I can compensate you for your loss and leave now. ”

"Compensation?"The white woman raised her eyebrows and smiled. She was about to fall into the position of Ye Zichen's arm. "I see that the artifact on your body is good. Would you like to leave it as a toy to play?"

Ye Zichen was shocked by the moment the voice fell.

She actually found the Xuanyuan sword in his body!

Since the Xuanyuan sword has recovered the complete alarm, the Xuanyuan sword has become the target of public criticism. In front of this woman, she even mentioned Xuanyuanjian. Could it be said that she also came to Xuanyuanjian?

Did you enter the cave when you cooperate with the other party without destroying his prohibition?

Is she also the person above?

Perceived the nervous emotions of Ye Zichen, the white woman shook her head and smiled.

"Well, junior, you don't need to be so nervous. If this seat really wants to start with your baby, then you should go to the land now, and the baby will fall into the hands of this seat. It will not protect you for two months, waiting for you to wake up after you start. . ”


Ye Zichen's look changed, and he discovered that there were several Warcraft corpses outside the cave.

"The power of your little guy is special, and the group of Warcraft outside is running towards you. It happened that the tour of this place returned, and it will help you solve the group of Warcraft. Also, keep it down to protect you, and want to ask you when you wake up. ”

β€œThank you for your help from the seniors. I don’t know what the seniors want to ask?”

Ye Zichen spoke up after arching the white woman.

"Now the whole six worlds have made the interest of this seat very rare. Only when you explore your air, you will find your purple red hair. This kind of luck is impossible for the group of the Wu people. Have. At that time, I thought that you would be a reincarnation of the power. You can calculate it, but you can't figure it out. I just want to ask your name. ”

Six worlds!


It is obvious from the middle of the line that this woman can be heard. This woman is the person above. Especially from her understatement, she can feel that she is also very high on the top.

Can someone who is in this position only ask for his name in the protection of his two months?

"Ye Zichen !"

In the face of this existence, Ye Zichen is also afraid to hide in the eyes. After he was very loyal to the name, he saw the woman nodded.

"Well, then this seat will be recorded. You can be considered to have a relationship with this seat in this wild land, and this seat is also willing to make you a good relationship. Since you only have a name, it is also a solution to the temptation of this seat, then this seat is also willing to solve your confusion here. ”


Ye Zichen almost subconsciously wanted to blurt out how he broke through, but when he saw it, he let him swallow and immediately began.

"The younger generation wants to ask the names of their predecessors."

The woman in white obviously did not guess that Ye Zichen would ask this question, but her status would naturally not reveal too much horror.

"You can call this mysterious girl."

"Mysterious girl."Ye Zichen is a salute.

"There is another question in this seat. It is really fruitless to see you break through. It is really difficult for you to want to fly up. But if you ask this seat, there is a way for you to break through. Why are you? Do not ask? Do you think that this seat can't solve this puzzle for you, wasting a problem? ”

"The younger generation certainly can't doubt the predecessors."Ye Zichen replied very sincerely, "If you ask the younger generation, you should pay something more than the girl." The younger generation has a name that has no effect on the younger generation, but the niece has to pay for the understanding of the younger generation, which is unfair to the niece. ”

The white woman listened to her brow and looked lightly. She smiled and nodded to Ye Zichen.

"It’s fun for you to be a junior."

β€œPremiers praised.”Ye Zichen replied with a chuckle and said, "The younger generation only wanted to stay here for half a month, but they didn't expect to delay such a time. The people at home may have been extremely worried, and the younger generation is not here to disturb the empress. ”

"Go, but this one suggests that you don't have to go back to your original place. It may be better for you to go directly to the Endless World."

β€œThank you for your guidance.”

Watching Ye Zichen leave the cave, the white woman is grinning.

"This seat asked two questions, this junior even asked only one. It seems that this seat owes this younger generation, and I have time to go on! ”

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