call out.

A golden light was drilled from Ye Zichen's arm, and Xuanxiangxiang became an entity standing by his side, carefully looking at his face.


Seeing that he was not talking, Xuan Xiangxiang smiled sillyly. Immediately pointed to the opening of the Warcraft corpse on the ground outside the cave.

"This group of Warcraft definitely has the strength above the fairy. It seems that the emergence of the Dragon Pulse not only makes the strength of the three worlds have a qualitative improvement, but this group of Warcraft has also been exposed to light."

"You are too embarrassed to say?"Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and said, "When I went into deep practice, did you remember what I told you?"

The appearance of the mysterious goddess really shocked him into a cold sweat, even if the other party did not appear hostile to him, but his clothes still let the sweat soak.

Looking back at the scene at the time, it was really a little scary.

If the mysterious goddess is really uncomfortable with him, it may be as she said, when she cultivated, she already sighed and mourned, and Shangdifu went to the king with them.

More awkwardness may directly give him a sneak peek, but even reincarnation will not work.

Then he really finished playing!

Xuanyuan apologetic smile, this is her sister's character, but this time it is also good to argue.

"Forget it, fortunately, the mysterious goddess is not hostile to me, and now I am safe and sound. But this does not mean that you can still be so lucky in the future. When you arrive, give me a clever point. ”

Ye Zichen couldn't bear to blame her more, she could only give up the matter, but she still had to remind her not to make the same mistakes in the future.

The Xuanyuanxiang around him will be the first to talk to the chicken.

"In fact, when the black bears want to break through the ban, I want to go out and help you solve them." Only at that time, the mysterious goddess just appeared, and solved the group of Warcraft. At that time, I felt that her strength was not like the people of the Three Realms, so she did not rush to leave, and secretly looked at her. Until I was sure that she was not hostile to you, I did not take the shot. Otherwise, even if she is a person in the realm of the gods, I will definitely have to deal with her hard to keep you well. ”

Xuan Xiangxiang’s face was answered with a positive look. Looking at her way of being righteous, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but smile.

"Hey, you have to trust me."As if I realized the distrust of Ye Zichen, Xuanyuanxiang couldn't help but play a bitter card. "How many times have you been in danger in your first life, aren't they all trying to protect you?" Did you forget the friendship of the year, hehe?"

Reasonable, if acting, Xuan Yuxiang’s acting needs to be improved. There is no sound, and even weeping can't see a little tear.

Xuan Xuanxiang seems to be immersed in his own performance, and has been sobbing in the thunder and rain.

Ye Zichen, who had been watching for a long time, smiled helplessly and reached out and patted her shoulder.

"Cheng, I believe in you. I don't believe anyone, can't believe you, you say no. ”

"You have a conscience."Xuanyuanxiang grinned.

"But before I came out, the words of mysterious mother made me care."

Ye Zichen's brows were deep and locked, and I thought about the words of mysterious goddess at that time.

Don't go back to Red Maple City and go directly to the Endless Beast.

"Do you mean the endless beast of the mysterious goddess?"Hidden in Ye Zichen's arm, Xuanyuanxiang naturally heard the sorrow of the mysterious goddess at that time. "The person who can be a self-proclaimed woman, even in the upper three worlds, is definitely a hand-covered existence. She actually appeared in the lower bound. To be honest, I am very surprised. But this girl is not malicious to you, but also deliberately asks you to go to the endless beast, then her words must be justified. ”

"Of course, there is no problem, but now my time is limited."

Ye Zichen couldn't think of his deep practice. It took two months to see the three worlds. He also needs to be prepared during this period.

What's more, Xuanji Niangniang just mentioned to him to go to the Endless Beast.

The territory of the Endless Beast domain is almost ten times more than the fairyland. So the scope of the big, where is he going?

"Or boot first to see if anyone is looking for me, maybe I can get any news from above."

Take your phone out of your pocket and turn it on.

The mobile phone opens to connect the three boundary signal network.


It’s not half a minute yet, Ye Zichen’s cell phone is just like a vibrator with a switch turned on, and it’s never stopped.

The message above the social software is popped up one by one, and there is a message inside the group.

"You are really busy with this business."

Xuanyuanxiang couldn't help but spit in the side, but Ye Zichen's eyebrows became more and more deep.

Because he was in the prompt tone, as if he saw the content of the help.

The social software is opened, and the messages in the row on the main interface are all sent to him by the celestial family.

The news is too much, and Ye Zichen simply sent a whole of Ait.

Idealism: all members.


Ye Zichen couldn't think of it. One of his group of Aites made the group that was originally unspeaking instantly very hot. After the news of the scrolling appeared, it made his mood sink and sink.

Immortality Peach Fairy Administrator: Brother, you have been there for so long. We have been looking for you for a long time, but we can't see you bubbling in the group.

Month old: Tianzun, you can be considered to be out.

God of Wealth: Please give peace to Tianzun, Tianzun I will not talk to you more, the recent fund changes are a bit serious, I have to report.

Old Lord Taishang: I also want to tell the old man how to bring you to the spirit. I am in urgent need of high-quality medicine, and I am in a hurry! You are also the head of the Cabinet of Heavenly Court, don't hide it. The old man is going to alchemy. If you think about it, talk to the old man directly.

God of Thunder: Old Lord Taishang, the old man quickly sent me 10,000 bottles of detoxification, hurry.

Totta Li Tianwang administrator: God of Wealth, how many years ago I asked you to dial the war money has not arrived yet.

God of Wealth: Don't worry, it's not just your family's supplies.

Secretary Xing Xingjun: Telling everyone bad news, Yang Wei

The news in the group suddenly stopped. In a short time, the Heavenly Court, such as God of Thunder, Nezha, and Tota Lee, were almost all crazy in the group, Aitwart and Old Lord Taishang.

Nezha Three Princes: Huaying Old Lord Taishang

Totta Li Tianwang Administrator: Huaying Old Lord Taishang

God of Thunder : Huaying Old Lord Taishang

There are still a lot of Heavenly Soldiers after them, and this group of people did not use punctuation marks when they were both Ait, which shows how worried they are now.

Hua Wei:?

It is also noticeable from Huaying’s reply that his time is also very tense.

God of Thunder: Hua Wei, Yang Lan was seriously injured and asked for support!

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