The group expressed a tense atmosphere. Mr. Hua Wei, who was aware of Yang Hao’s serious injury, did not hesitate and responded within the group.

Hua Wei: The old man rushed over immediately after explaining the matters of concern here.

God of Thunder: He has no time to delay.

Hua Tuo: I also hope that the God of Thunder will be in a hurry. Yang Lan’s injury to the immortal needs treatment, but those ordinary soldiers also need treatment. The medical practitioner is kind, the old man treats everyone equally.

Manager of King of the Tower Lee: Mr. Hua Tuo don't be angry, God of thunder he doesn't mean that.

Hua Tuo: Yang Lan is seriously injured, it must be a more powerful corpse. I might have some trouble dealing with it alone, old Lord Taishang, and I hope that you can go with me.

Old Lord Taishang: No problem, this is the lower bound.

The message kept scrolling over the top of the screen, and Ye Zichen blinked at the top of the message.

In the beginning, he also suspected that Heavenly Court had suffered a change, but now it seems that their place of engagement seems to be placed in the lower bound.

More importantly, they also mentioned the corpse poison

Ideal: What are you talking about, who can explain the situation to me.

But this news is like a sinking sea, and there is no response. This is a huge change in the pursuit of a group of people in the past. It can be seen that the situation of Heavenly Court is very tense now.

Even more intense than when the Mozu invaded.


Ye Zichen, who was watching the news inside the group, suddenly rang, and when he quit from the group, he saw the news that Ziwei Emperor sent him.

"Ye Di."

"Zi Wei Da Di, I saw it in the group, it seems that Heavenly Court has encountered some trouble."Ye Zichen replied.

β€œIt’s not that I’m having trouble with Heavenly Court.”Ziwei Emperor replied.

"That is?"

"It's an endless beast."After the message of Ziwei Emperor sent out, there was a message following it. "Before half a month, the beast of the Endless Beasts was suddenly attacked. The attacker appeared to be a zombie ancestor. Originally, I wanted to discuss this matter with Ye Di, but I could not get the letter from Ye Di. ”

"I have been in a retreat for the past two months, but you just said the zombie ancestor."


The Ziwei Emperor sitting in the Lingxiaobao Hall was full of grace, and just took over the position of Jade Emperor. He has not closed his eyes for more than half a month and has been dealing with the news brought back below.

"The assimilation of the first ancestor is too strong, and the endless beast has suffered irreparable damage in many places. In desperation, this seat had to choose to let Heavenly Court send troops, but the effect was minimal. Many of my family's soldiers have been infected with corpses, and even more directly become the children of the ancestors. ”


The heart of Ye Zichen suddenly shrinks.

"What about the four saints and the nine-tailed fox family?"

Almost 80% of Ye Zichen's familiar people are endless, and now he is eager to know what is going on inside their family.

"The situation is not very good, the elk family has been extinct, and the ice emperor is seriously injured."

A moment.

Looking at the news from the Ziwei Emperor, Ye Zichen was so stunned that his cell phone was not noticed on the ground.

Luhan was seriously injured.

The elk family is extinct.

Vaguely, he still remembers that in the present world, the elk deer dressed in frost, like the gods, the half-orcs that he could not compete at the time, like pinching dead ants.

After coming to Xianyu, he learned more about how strong the ice dragon was in the Three Realms.


"This is something for a small friend."

I don't know when a white-haired mysterious girl appeared next to Ye Zichen, holding the phone he had just dropped in her hand.

"This is the messenger of your lower bounds. At that time, the lower bound of this seat felt that you have an invisible net covering all three circles. This is superb."

"Mysterious girl."

Ye Zichen hurried to the other side and spoke at the same time.

"Is this girl going to travel again?"

"In the position of this seat, everything is already bearish." Power and wealth are foreign objects for this seat. It is better to appreciate the beauty of the world. It is also a kind of enjoyment. ”

The mysterious girl smiled softly and put the phone in the hands of Ye Zichen and smiled.

"But this one is turned out for you."

"I don't know what the kid is worthy of being a girl and deliberately coming out to see one side."Ye Zichen replied with a chuckle.

"Before this seat asked you two questions, but you only asked one of them. The most in my life, I don’t like to owe someone else, but I’ve just played it for you in the cave. ”

Xuanji Niangniang replied with a smile, if Ye Zichen might ask for it humbly in the usual way, then the result is deduced.

Now the beast has suffered heavy losses, and his red face and his friends are in deep water.

He is now eager to get to the front line, even if his strength is minimal, he also wants to advance and retreat with them.

Although Ye Zichen disguised himself well, he couldn't hide his inner heart under the eyes of Xuanji Niang.

"Looking at you should be very anxious now, this seat happens to be nothing at this time, it is better to go with you to see, I do not know how you feel?"

"It is a blessing to be a kid with the mysterious goddess."

"Let's go, let's go."

With a light finger lift, Ye Zichen only felt the space around him change. When he returned to God, he discovered that they had appeared on the void of the Endless Beast.

This means

Ye Zichen, but it is clear that his position on the side of the beast is even if he rushes at full speed for at least several hours.

Xuanji Niangniang is just a raise of the hand, it will turn the space to this point.

Then how strong is the power of her space?

At the same time as the heart is amazed, Ye Zichen is more worried about the situation of the animal domain.

His eyes kept looking around, and eventually his eyes stopped in front of a giant tree.


Here is the family of the nine-tailed fox.

"You may have forgotten, the nine-tailed fox, I cover it."

A sly smile passed to Ye Zichen's ear. This familiar words and tone, Ye Zichen instantly discerned the story of the nine-tailed fox patriarch Su Liuer.

The surrounding air suddenly solidified, and the face of the biting cold wind hurts.

Su Liuer's finger gently wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. The silver mark on the eyebrows shimmered with glare, and behind it there were nine tails swaying back and forth.

Nine tails.

She actually opened nine.

The blue scorpion shimmers with fascinating light, and the nine snow-white tails behind it bloom like a peacock.

"Cheat my nine-tailed fox family, you are not enough to die!"

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