When the nine tails open, the snow falls, and in the twinkling of an eye, the nine-tailed fox shrine in Changchun has become a world of ice and snow.

The cold wind is cold and biting, and if you donโ€™t have any emotions, you canโ€™t help but shudder.

Su Liuer.

Although the dragon is in the world, she still has not stepped out of the king.

Even so, Ye Zichen, who is far from the battlefield, can't help but mobilize the spiritual power around him to keep out the cold.

This is the case with the half-step fairy king. What if she breaks through the fairy king?

"I can't think of the descendants of the ancient sacred beasts, the nine tails, the ice system, even if it was in the ancient times."

The mysterious goddess smiled and looked at Su Liuerโ€™s eyes like a female emperor, and there was a faint memory in her look.

"When the gods and gods fought, they could stand on the side of the gods without knowing themselves. Only the dragons and the nine-tailed fox family."

"The dragons have tried their best to create a super artifact that was not able to surpass it at the time, Xuanyuanjian. The first ancestor of the nine-tailed demon fox was to use one's own strength to repel the 100 sages of the Mozu, and to kill the three masters. The ancestor also squatted at the altar in the battle. The nine-tailed fox family is Almost the whole family is destroyed, and the celestial world only leaves the glory of its people, but it does not see their shadow. โ€

"It is a great blessing to be able to see the heroic position of the descendants of the sacred foxes here."

"It is also an honor for Houqing to be able to play with the nine-tailed fox family."

Standing in front of Su Liuer is a skinny man with a thick armor on his body, and if he was a war-torn warrior.

"After the Qing."

Ye Zichen on the void suddenly caught, and a memory emerged involuntarily from his mind.

In the gravel-filled canyon, a group of soldiers dressed in animal skins sat on the ground, and all of them were bathed in blood.

They are defeated.

The Yellow Emperor and Chi Youโ€™s battle of the Yellow Emperor has been defeated by the Yellow Emperor.

The soldiersโ€™ faces were covered with unwillingness, and they were dissatisfied with the defeat.

"Jun Shang, your subordinates please fight."

A brave man dressed almost to the teeth came out and took off his helmet on his head, kneeling on the ground and being sincere.


"Jun on! The war is not convinced, our soldiers are not convinced, but also hope that the king will let the subordinates take the soldiers out, even if they die, do not hesitate! โ€

"Jun Shang!"

Almost after the fall of the voice of the late Qing, the soldiers in the canyon all got up and shouted.

Feeling the determination of the surrounding soldiers, the Yellow Emperor's eyes also became fierce, biting his teeth and getting up.

"After listening to your life!"

Ye Zichen, who "don't" immerse himself in memory, suddenly whispers, but history is still in the doldrums. "This singer will kill you three thousand soldiers and fight back Chiyou!"

"His subordinates!"

The helmet was buckled on the head, and there was almost no hesitation in Houqing. The soldiers in the canyon did not hesitate.

Resolutely decided to go out outside the canyon.

"Don't go, don't go"

Ye Zichen, who looked at this memory as an outsider kept shouting, but the late Qing could not hear his shouting, and there was no pause with his gaze, and he led the army to meet the enemy.

Day and night change.

In a twinkling of an eye, three days passed, and the Yellow Emperor had been waiting for the news of the triumphant triumph in the canyon.

He never thought that the post-chief would fail, and that the later Qing was brave and good at fighting, and he was his most proud general.


"Jun Shang."

The screaming screaming shattered the dream of the Yellow Emperor. The wound on a dying soldier was deeply visible in the wound. He stumbled and slammed on the ground.

"Just, run."

"Come, come and heal him."The Yellow Emperor shouted in the valley. Not long after, several veterans carrying the medicine box rushed over, but let the soldiers stop. "Don't take care of me, run quickly, and they will chase after a while."

"What about the post?"

"The general is dead."The tone of the soldiers was accompanied by awkwardness. "You don't know where to find dozens of physically strong brothers. After the general is defeated, the war is dead."


The Yellow Emperor's foot was soft, and the people around him quickly hurried it, and the famous soldier shouted with his last breath.

"Just, run fast."

"After reporting to the monarch, the people of Chiyou have already touched our strongholds."The spies also came to report at this time, and the Yellow Emperorโ€™s blood was red, โ€œto fight with them.โ€

"Jun Shang, now it is too irrational to fight with Chi You, and I hope that I will think twice."

"I still hope to think twice!"

The civil servants in the canyon were all persuaded, and the Yellow Emperorโ€™s tears turned around in the eyelids, giving him a slap in the face.

"After the death of my life, I killed and killed the enemy, but in the end I could not even accept his body. Chiyou, my Xuanyuan is not the same as you! โ€

Taking a deep breath, the Yellow Emperor looked at the remaining soldiers.


Dream broken.

Ye Zichen didn't know when she shed two lines of tears in her eyes. The mysterious maiden just looked at him with a smile and felt that he had returned to God and began to speak.

"What did you think of?"

"No."Ye Zichen shook his head and quietly passed away the tears. He asked, "What is the situation now?"

"Although there are blood vessels of the ancient beasts, they can open nine tails. But this is not the nine-tailed fox family of the year. She simply does not understand the secrets of this family. Apart from almost reaching the ultimate frost power, there is nothing else. Now she is really suppressing the man with her sharp spiritual skills, but she will be defeated. โ€

Almost at the same time when the voice fell, Su Liuer, who had been suppressing Houqing, suddenly burst out. She spit blood in her mouth and looked at the thin man in front of her eyes.

"Nine-tailed demon fox, when the girl was born, I can make up, how can you?"

Hou Qing was very disdainful, and his footsteps slowly moved toward Su Liuer, with a touch of play between the looks.

"It is rumored that the nine-tailed demon fox is full of beauty and beauty. This king gives you a chance, the cost of the king is petting, this king can protect you, the nine-tailed fox fox family stands for thousands of years, how? โ€

"just you?"Su Liuer sneered.

"It seems that you are not willing, since you do not want that king does not force you. Although the king is very pity for your face, you agree that it can only die. โ€

"Damn it."Ye Zichen didn't hesitate to go down and help, but the mysterious woman grabbed his arm at this time. "If this cause and effect is stuck, then your path of ascent will be more difficult. You may want to know that some cause and effect cannot be Touched."

"Thank you for your kindness."Ye Zichen forced the hand of the mysterious woman to break free and shouted, "There are some causes and effects that must be touched, for example, now!"

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