The white snow paved the back of the nine-tailed fox, so that this evergreen place was put on a silver gauze.

As a patriarch, Su Liuer’s look is wilting, half a squat on the ground, and the amazing face is already covered with blood.

This blood is not after Qing.

As a zombie, he will not have the blood of a living talent.

It was the blood that Su Liuer had flowed out of her own, and she was full of the whole face, which was particularly awkward at this moment.



After Qing stepped on the thick snow, his foot was very deep, and the white blood surface left a bloody red footprint after he stepped on it.

He seems to enjoy this slow rhythm, because he is in a clear mood, this unrecognizable Queen Su Liuer, has no hope of turning over.

Now he can tease her to the fullest enjoyment of his ugly heart.

"Kill me, but you don't want to be proud. Even if I am a genie of the nine-tailed fox family, there will be someone who can avenge us in the future."

Su Liuer's white palms were on the ground, and her blue eyes accompanied by resentment and disdain looked at Hou Qing who came slowly toward him.

She is very proud

Proud and even at some point can achieve self-confidence, she is never a cartilage head, even if she knows in front of her mind that this person will soon end her life.

The only thing she can't face in her heart is the nine-tailed fox family.

To be really destroyed in her hands.


At this time, Hou Qing had come to the front of Su Liuer. He smiled and grabbed the smooth chin with his hand and lifted her face.

"This look, this king really likes it."

Looking at Su Liuer's unyielding eyes, Hou Qing did not know why he was a little excited.

The feeling of excitement made his body hot, but fortunately he did not have blood flowing on his body, and he would not have a sick red blush on his face.

"kill me."Su Liuer angered.

"Don't be nervous, the king said one is one, and the second is two. You don't want to be the king's dim room, the king will not tarnish you naturally, this is also the king's respect for you. ”

After Qing smiled and took his hand away, he immediately thought of what he thought.

"But it is too boring for the King to kill you. It is better to let us have something interesting."


Hit the ring.

In an instant, there were more than a dozen foxes in the costumes of the nine-tailed fox guards, and many other beasts.

"the host."

The repairs of these monsters are all above the immortals, and they bear the responsibility of guarding the various races before their death. Only now they are dead, or they are still alive, and remain in this world as a zombie.

"Kill this woman in front of me, right, don't let her die too much, I want her to enjoy my last love for her."

A faint smile floated from Hou Qing's mouth, and he slowly stepped back toward the back. The group of monsters also squatted on their knees.


"Just by you."

Su Liuer, who is half-squatting on the ground, disdains a smile. She may not have any chance of winning with her current strength. It is not that the ants of this group of fairy tales can decide her life and death.

The nine tails behind it kept swaying, and a bitter cold wind blew through.

Brush brush.

In the blink of an eye, the group of monsters that came to her were frozen into ice sculptures.

"Of course, the king does not think that they will pose a threat to you, but you have been under your hand, are you going to go?"

After the Qing Dynasty smiled, the voice fell for a moment.

A suffocating sputum appeared in the nasal cavity of Su Liuer, and a knife mark with deep visible bone appeared on the white arm.

"Damn it."

Su Liuer bite his teeth and endure the pain at the arm.

She can't do anything with her former hands.

This group of angels' guards can't hurt her now. She can also freeze the monsters of other races into ice sculptures regardless of any sentiment. They can face the guards who have guarded the nine-tailed foxes for thousands of years.

She really can't go.

Only the old feelings she had read could not be passed on to the group of foxes that have been assimilated.


Another cut on her body, Su Liuer is so hard to support, tightly biting his teeth and not letting himself scream.

She felt that as long as she shouted out, it was not with the wishes of her husband.

She was so tolerant and endured a thousand knives.

"Give me a good time."

Su Liuer’s face has become paler and she has become weaker when she speaks.

"I want a good time?"After Qing smiled and walked over, grabbed Su Liuer’s hair with her hand and picked her up and played with the taste. "Would you ask the king?"

It was impossible for her former Su Liuer to kill them, even if she knew that the current group of people was no longer the guard at that time, but she still could not do it.


"I am asking"

"Please breast your legs."

Just then, there was a violent anger in the void.


A figure fell heavily on the ground, and the snow in the vicinity of half a meter was shaken off.

"Ye Zichen."Su Liuer exclaimed.

Ye Zichen, who holds the Xuanyuan sword, taps the snow and leaves a long sword mark on the snow that is more than a dozen centimeters deep.

The group of fox foxes who had lost their sense of autonomy, and found that there were outsiders, they almost rushed toward each other without hesitation.


The knife light flashes.

The foxes that had been thrown over were all cut off by the swordsman of Xuanyuanjian, and Su Liuer, who was half-squatting on the ground, closed his eyes forcefully.

She does not want to see this scene!

"Is there a helper?"After Qing Qing’s eyebrows were lightly picked, he threw his hand into the ground and said, “The momentum is quite strong. Can you say that you are Jade Emperor?”

As soon as the voice fell, he retorted himself.

"No, Jade Emperor flew to the gods as early as a few months ago. Is it that you are the God of Heaven and the Holy Emperor? Or is it the Yandi of Xianyu? Tell me about your coming. ”

The familiar face was printed in the eyes, and inexplicably, Ye Zichen’s heart was in pain.

He has never been in contact with Houqing, and after accepting all the memories of the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor IX, the shadow of Houqing can no longer be erased in his heart.


Before the Yellow Emperor until his reincarnation, Hou Qing was the deepest and most indelible memory of his heart.

That one, they are monarchs.

Because of the defeat, he was always looking for a way to make up for the other side, but he could not compensate for his life.

Destiny is to let them meet in this world.

Even more ridiculous is that the post-clear of this world is the one who is extremely important to him.

It’s ridiculous

"The name of the newspaper, the king never kills the unknown."

After Qing’s sullen drink, Ye Zichen, who held Xuanyuanjian’s sword, took a deep breath and looked at his most proud war.

"After the Qing, I will take your life."

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