If it weren't for the Yellow Emperor, it would be impossible to understand how much Ye Binchen said when he said this.

Take his life.

In front of this man, but the Yellow Emperor of the First World for his thorns, in the battle between the Yellow Emperor and Chiyou, it can be said that his contribution has an indelible impact on the future victory.

He is a hero, a martyr…

But now Ye Zichen is standing on his opposite side, in a trembling tone, saying that he wants to take his life.

After Qing heard a smile, this sudden emergence may indeed give him some pressure, but he can take his life, which is too funny.

Who is he?

He is one of the four ancestors of the zombies, living with the world, this little guy actually said to take his life.

A faint shook his head, after the indifference of the Qing looked at the body of the demon fox that was smashed into the ground, their death had no influence at all.

"You said you want to take the king's life?"

Hou Qing's rich facial expressions declared his disdain, and Ye Zichen looked at him quietly, and the memory in his mind appeared in front of his eyes involuntarily…

But soon he would abandon the memory of his heart. In this case, he could not be allowed to go to Huai Mian.

Even if he is a post-Qing, in the Yellow Emperor that is his most proud war, he still has to step on him!


Ye Zichen's answer was that the sword had changed in the hands, and through the sword, he could see how cold his face was.

The Jianfeng was bitterly cold, and the infusion of spiritual power made the Xuanyuan sword gradually appearing.

After a thin body, the brow was lightly picked and shrugged.

"I almost forgot the most important question. How do you know that I was a post-Qing. In this generation, no one should know the name of the king. โ€

A shake.

The arm holding the blade trembled, after hesitating for a long time…

"Iโ€ฆโ€ฆIt is the Yellow Emperor! โ€

"Yellow Emperor?"

Ye Zichen thought that after she said her identity, how much the emotions of Houqing would fluctuate. Unexpectedly, the other party actually only picked up the eyebrows faintly, and did not know him. He repeated the word Huangdi in a suspicious tone.

Not long after, there was a playful smile on Hou Qingโ€™s face, and he clap his hands and nod.

"It turned out to be you, but the king would like to thank you. If you didn't bury him in the wilderness, the king couldn't find such a good container, let the king stay in the world!"

"You are not a post-cle."Ye Zichen is a shocking tiger.

"This king is certainly not a post-clear, this king is only the body of the poor little guy who let you abandon." However, this king has always been reasonable. When occupying this body, this little guy also approved it. โ€

After Qing smiled faintly, and immediately changed his face, even a playful smile.

"Do you know, or this little guy is asking the king to occupy his body. At that time, he only asked the king to complete his wish, which was to kill you. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, Hou Qingโ€™s body suddenly shook slightly.

After a short time, I heard that Hou Qing once again opened the door.

"The little guy heard that you are coming. Now I am very excited. If you want the king, let your two monarchs see you?"

call out.

A shimmer flashed from Hou Qing's eyebrows, and after a few pauses, the tight scorpion suddenly opened.

The first thing that caught his eye was his pair of blood-stained eyes. From his eyes, he could see how deep his resentment was.

"Yellow Emperor."

"It's me, I haven't seen you for a long time."

Feeling the other's resentment, Ye Zichen can be sure that the person in front of him is the real queen who is in control of his body.

He also knows what Houqing is complaining about him…

"long time no see?"After Qing suddenly brows a lock, but the corner of his mouth is upturned, shouting, "It is indeed a long time no see, you have been very moist for so many years." Enjoy the love of all people, um…Itโ€™s also a breakthrough for the King of the King, is it good? As a warrior of your time, your subordinates are very happy for you. โ€

"Why do you want to say this afterwards, and with the battle of Chiyou, your existence has an indelible effect on the outcome of the war, and I am all in my heart."Ye Zichen is awkward.

"Whether the subordinates should be grateful to the monarch, for a long time, I still remember the subordinates. Is it necessary to give the monarch a gift of a monarch?"Hou Qingโ€™s eyes were full of playfulness, and immediately his eyes became sharp and violently shouted. "Yellow Emperor, don't fake it with me here." This will be for you, and you will have countless battles with you, but how did you finally treat me, you didn't even give me a corpse! How ridiculous, are you here to tell me about these irrelevant words, useful? I only know that my body is to make the wolf clean. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, Hou Qing suddenly opened the robes wrapped around him.

Seeing the situation in his robes, Ye Zichen's pupil suddenly shrank.

"Have you seen it, have you seen it clearly? Itโ€™s the bitch of the wolf, and the meat on my body is clean, leaving me with the skeleton of this body. You are telling me now that those who are righteous and nice, are you absolutely useful to me? โ€

"At the time, I didn't collect the corpse for you. It was my fault. I don't want to mention the details. You must think that it is the excuse I said. โ€

Ye Zichen took a deep breath, and when he was so excited, he said nothing more.

What's more, it was indeed his fault at the time that he did not collect the corpse.

"I can compensate you."

"make up?"After Qingโ€™s disdainful smile, the dry fingers pointed at Ye Zichenโ€™s nose and said, โ€œIโ€™m not saying that I want to take my life, but now I want to compensate again? Tell you, I don't need your compensation for me, I only want your life. As long as you are dead, I will also disperse the soul. When we are on the Huangquan Road, we can have a photo of each other, my prince! โ€

Hou Qingโ€™s look was almost mad, and Ye Zichenโ€™s heart kept sighing, not knowing how to answer.

It is too much to lose money for him.

But at this moment, Houqing, who had been in a state of arrogance, suddenly stopped. In this state, he is like being subjected to the body-building method. Su Liuer sees this scene more delicately.

"Ye Zichen, he killed him now."

Itโ€™s even clearer that Su Liuer, who has played with him, is even a fairy king, and he canโ€™t reach 10% in the face of his odds.

The master has a trick, only between a few cents.

In this case, as long as Ye Zichen can kill and kill, then everything is over.

Ye Zichen shook his head, even if he really wanted to start with the post, he had to be bright and honest.

As everyone knows, the body of the post-clearing is a move. He turned back and looked at Su Liuer as a slap, and immediately roared.

"Smelly woman, want to yin?"

"After the Qing, stop."Ye Zichen was angry, and Hou Qing was not ignoring Su Liuer at that moment and smiled at him. "I didn't even shoot at me, it was good…My good feelings for you are a little better, just do you want to compensate me? โ€


"Very good, I want to ask you how to compensate me."

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