"I made a lot of credit for you in the past. I can't forget to think of you, right?"

The eyebrows were gently picked up, and the purple-red tongue licked the lips, which was a playful smile.

"Now I am very dissatisfied with this body. What's more, now I am sharing a body with others, it is not as good as…How do you give me your body? โ€

"mine?"Ye Zichen still looks calm.

"It's yours."Hou Qing laughed with a calm tone. "Your life can live to the present, but there are many of my credits. Since you want to compensate now, it is better to give me this body directly, so that I can live with the love and esteem of all beings. How? โ€

Before that, Hou Qing had only one idea for Ye Zichen.

It is revenge.

He paid everything for the people in front of him, but he finally let himself corpse across the wilderness, and he was not worried.

The soul wandered around the body at that time without a purpose, until he witnessed the wild wolf licking his body, and his resentment of the Yellow Emperor reached its peak.

It happened that when his last soul was left in the world, he met someone who now controls his body.


At that time, he also wandered to this place. Although it was only one-third of its soul, it was the ancient god of the same level as the son-in-law, even though it was quite powerful.

I am resentful to the son-in-law, and the post-Qing is also true to the Yellow Emperor.

In order to revenge, Hou Qing will dedicate his three souls to the ็Šผ. At the same time, he also used the resurrection of Hou Qing's broken body to become the queen of the four zombie ancestors!

The goal of their poor life is to retaliate against the two.

Yellow Emperor and Nuwa.

Even after a quarter of an hour, the purpose of Hou Qing is still the same. It was only after he was talking about it, which changed his mind.

"This is your idea or the monster."Asked Ye Zichen.

"This doesn't require you to manage it. You just need to tell me if it is given or not."As soon as the voice fell, Hou Qingโ€™s tone suddenly turned, saying, โ€œHey, itโ€™s not going to give it. After that, Qing was arrogant for you, and if you refused, you would be too cold-blooded. โ€

"It really was you."

Hearing this tone, Ye Zichen knew that the person who had just opened was the monster that occupied the body of the queen.

"The little guy of Houqing has made the hatred blind, and he wants you to die with one heart. This kind of thinking is too stupid. There is no way that this king can only suppress him."

Hou Qing grinned and revealed the white teeth.

"Nvwa that mother-in-law treated the king this way, but the king has always been in mind. But now she is the goddess above the nine heavens, the king can not touch her. But you are different. If the king can occupy your body, not only will you avenge the little guy of Houqing, maybe you can also report to the king's hatred, it is not beautiful! โ€

"The idea is not bad."Said Ye Zichen.

"Of course."After Qing did not like to smile, said, "How, do you want to devote your soul to the king, the king swallowed your soul to occupy your body, will definitely let your name resound through the six realms."


Just as Ye Zichen sneered at the sorrowful face of the future, the void was suddenly released with a dazzling colorful light.

Looking into the distance, you will go to a cloud.

Faucets, antlers, lion eyes, tiger backs, bear waists, snake scales, horseshoes, oxtails.




At about the same time, Hou Qingโ€™s face suddenly became very incomparable. He directly ignored Ye Zichen in front of him and flew straight toward the unicorn on the void.

"Forever, the king has been waiting for you forever!"

The red-eyed Houqing angered and greeted the unicorn in the void, but it didn't fly for a long time, and a colorful light hit him directly.

Like his natural enemies, the light directly smashed his body and planted it from the air.

"Hey, have you not repented after so long?"

There was a gentle swearing in the void, and in a few moments, the beast and the unicorns fell on the ground. Ye Zichen saw it, sitting on the back of a woman wearing a veil.

The woman wears a skirt, and there is a magical power that makes people feel at ease.

Leaving from the back of Kirin, the son-in-law reached out and touched the head of Kirin. The unicorn was the arch of her relatives, and immediately squatted on the ground.

"Smelly woman, I haven't seen it for many years, but the road is better."

After the painful face of the wounded, the son-in-law took a look at him and reached out to the seriously injured Su Liuer.

A ray of sunshine hit her, and the deep visible bone wound suddenly healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

However, after a few moments, Su Liuerโ€™s injury was cured.

"Liuer sister."Ye Zichen also ran to her side and lifted it up.

"Who is she?"

Su Liuer whispered, she is considered a leader in the three realms, but this woman can completely recover her injuries from the wave, this means has exceeded her cognition.

"Nvwa!"Ye Zichen opened the door.

"Nvwa Niangniang?"Su Liuerโ€™s look was shocking. โ€œIs that the female emperor and the maiden girl when she opened the sky?โ€

"It's her."

"I didn't expect that I could see the niece."Su Liuerโ€™s eyes are still inextricably shocked. โ€œThe rumored maiden maiden was the left brain of the Pangu Great God at that time. This level exists…โ€

Su Liuer couldn't speak for a while, she was indeed the leader of the Three Realms.

Can face the son-in-law of this level of heart is still inevitably amazed.

Instead, Ye Zichen said indifferently: "Not a son-in-law, what is good to care about." If she is a senior, she has to call me a uncle! โ€

"just you?"Su Liuer disdain.

"Will Liu Erjie forget who I am? I am the Yellow Emperor, the Shaolin is my son's generation. The son-in-law and the second-in-law are a generation, then she wouldnโ€™t have to call my uncle? โ€

Su Liu heard a face, and her eyes were full of inexplicable look at Ye Zichen.


He is the Yellow Emperor.

My sister…

"Liuer sister, what happened to you? I don't think it's too expensive for me. I don't know what to say! โ€

Ye Zichen couldn't help but tease, and Su Liuer turned her eyes at her.

"Too lazy to care about you, since there are women-in-laws sitting here, then we can only afford to leave for her." The rest of the fox demon family is still being invaded, let's hurry up! โ€

"no problem!"As soon as the voice fell, it happened that the son-in-law of the goddess also said at this moment, "You don't need you here, go anywhere else!"

I thought Ye Zichen left after they heard it, no matter who…

"Okay, then this is for you, big niece!"

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