Huaguoshan water curtain hole.

In front of Dongtianfu, the great saint wearing the Monkey King holds the golden hoop stick, and the fierce color is revealed in the sharp mouth. He looks at the woman wearing a robe in front and a white jade on his chest.

There are countless monkeys and monkeys around them who are smashing with a group of monkeys. These monkeys and grandchildren are all blown out by the monkey hair.


Unexpectedly, the fight against the Holy Buddha at this time was actually a big gasp. To know that when he was accompanying Tang Xuanzang to learn from the West, no matter what the encounter is, it was a look of lightness and lightness. He had exposed such a tired state.

He looked at the woman in front of him with vigilance and knew the other party's means of sacredness.

"The god of war, Yang Lan, and the victory over the Buddha, it seems that it is only touted by the outside world."

The woman under the black robe gave a disdainful sneer, and she was very lightly stretched out, counting her head toward the front.

A ray of fluorescence appears between its fingers, and the Great Saint can also feel that the other party is going to enlarge.

The surrounding spiritual power is moving at a high speed, and the eyes of the fire are shining with dazzling light and staring at the movements of the other body, but at this time…


The woman who is ready to release the spiritual skills has a brow and looks at the empty roar.


As soon as the voice fell, she took back her dry palm and looked at the big shrine in front of her nervous look.

"There is no time for you to play with you. Go and see your brother Yang Lan. Maybe you can see his last side now."

call out.

The body of the black robe standing in the field suddenly became distorted, and the Great Saint was also a look, shouting with a golden hoop.

"The enchanting walks away, eating a good old grandson!"


The golden hoops are heavily smashed on the boulder in front of the cave, and the boulder cracks are broken into gravel, but there is still a shadow of the woman.

"Let her run away."

Dasheng Shuangyu accompanied by fierce light, and in a flash he thought of Yang Lan who was seriously injured recently.

In the water curtain hole, above the ice jade bed, Yang Lan lying on the top of the pain, the body kept sweating outside.

At the side of the three princesses carefully cared for, God of Thunder is constantly pacing around.

"How is Yang Lan now, how old man and Hua Wei have not come yet."Dasheng walked in with a golden hoop.

"The situation is now stable."God of Thunder answered.

"stable?"A group of big brows, I heard God of Thunder replied, "There was a man wearing a fight in Fangcaidong. He had just checked Yang Lan and gave him a remedy to leave."


Dasheng reached out and grabbed the collar of God of Thunder directly.

"Do you know who the person is? He has never stopped the medicinal herbs given to Yang Lan. If he wants to harm Yang Lan, what should you do with this responsibility? ”

"Great, don't be angry. The high man just did not have any malice against us. After he took the drug to Yang Lan, his situation did indeed ease. ”Tota Li Tianwang came out to play the round field.



Forced to push the God of Thunder to the ground, the Great Saint was nervously rushed to Yang Lan's side. Looking at him who is still sweating, he can't help but anger.

It should have been the big saint that should have been lying on this jade bed at this time, but…

"You must not die, you will never owe someone else's feelings." Tell you, you must live to let the old grandson return this person! ”

The fists were inexplicably clenched, and the people around them felt that this repressed atmosphere did not dare to speak.

"Great Saint."At this moment, Tota Li Tianwang tentatively uttered his voice, and Dasheng returned to his head and said, "What?"

"That zombie…"


"The Great Sacred is not a fight against the Buddha."

"Ah……"Dasheng suddenly shook his head and shook his head. "You think more, not that she is afraid of the old grandson running. Rather, she should have received any signal to retreat. This zombie is quite a means. If it is really to be hit, the victory rate of the old grandson is not high. ”

"Great Sacred…"

Whether it is the general of Huaguoshan or the immortal of Heavenly Court.

Monkey King Sun Dasheng is already the first to exist in Heavenly Court. He can't deal with people, if…

"Don't worry, this time you lose, you are also caught off guard." If you meet it next time, you should make her look good! ”

"Big Brother, Three Pure Ones Laojun and Hua Wei old gentleman are coming."

Yuan Hong rushed in from the outside, behind him was the rush of Hua Tuo and Old Lord Taishang.

"Hurry to Yang Lan."Dasheng quickly greeted the two people, and at the same time, Yuan Hong also made a small sigh of the past. "Big brother, the zombies of Huanhuashan are almost clear, I am afraid of Liuer her side…"

"Go and go, don't patronize picking up girls, you should focus on the overall situation of the animal domain. If her situation is better, go to other ethnic groups to help, know? ”

"Okay, then I will go."

Come and rush, go and rush.

With the approval of the Great Holy Trinity, Yuan Hongyi, who had already flew to the side of Su Liuer, disappeared into the cave.

Dasheng shook his head and sighed and went to Yang Lan, and said.

"How's it going!"

"It’s not as serious as I thought, can you say that someone has handled it before?"Mr. Hua Wei, who had just finished the pulse, touched the beard. "His corpse is very toxic and toxic but has not spread. As long as Laojun takes a specially treated detoxification agent, he will heal it. ”

Until then, Dasheng was completely relieved, and the three princesses were excited to hide and sneak around.

She was really afraid that the husband would leave her.

The Huaying and Laojun were left in the water curtain cave to heal the Yang Lan, and the Dasheng, all of them, all came out.

Rarely, Dasheng took a cigarette from his tomb in Tota Li Tianwang, his eyes gazing deep into the distance.

"Actually, I have always had doubts."God of Thunder opens.

The rest of the immortals put their gaze on him and heard it open again.

"If you continue to attack, the other party has an absolute chance of winning. I should say no problem."

All the fairy beheads, even the heart of the proud and proud, also nodded slightly.

"But why did she run halfway, is it true that other spiritual beasts are also there?"God of Thunder analyzes the eyebrows.

As everyone knows, it’s as true as God of Thunder said.

The white tiger Suzaku who is being attacked, the leader is suddenly evacuated at the most critical moment, which makes the two saints have a chance to breathe.

Just as everyone thought, God of Thunder was throwing a heavyweight bomb.

"Or is it that her withdrawal is only to concentrate on attacking a certain ethnic group? If this is the case, then we can't be idle here! ”

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