"I can't help but say that you are talking about it, I am a little unhappy."

Su Zhu and Su Yan suddenly appeared in a cage-like spirit array, surrounded by a flying snake in the cage, and the snake letter kept spitting out.

When the blood stab that came over was not over, it was all turned into coke by the Razer.

Almost at the same time, there are also a few swords coming in the periphery of the blood stasis. The group lost their consciousness, only knowing that the foxes who attacked the living people all stopped.

"There are people who come before us."

At the back of the fox group, Ye Zichen held a Xuanyuan sword in his hand, and he followed Su Liuer slowly toward Su Yan.

When I saw that the foxes were all cut off, Su Liuer couldn’t bear to turn her head.

In any case, these fox demons were once her people. Even in the fox demon, she can't fully name their names, but they still remember those smiling faces.

Just now…

All dead.

"Damn zombies!"

Su Liuer clenched his fists and released his involuntary force.


An exclamation exclaimed Su Liuer from the suffocation. She let go and ran quickly, but stopped before the thunder.

The cage is still banned from talking about Su Zhu and Su Yan. The surrounding snakes are exposed to fierce light, and a pair of strangers do not enter.

"This cage…"


Just then, a slightly funny accent appeared from the void. Looking at the important sight, I saw the fat man wearing a Hawaiian flower trousers and falling from the air.

He is barefoot, and he still wears sunglasses on his ears. It looks like he just came back from vacation.

"I can’t help but can’t help myself. It’s a sudden incident. This spirit array was originally a prisoner. I was too far away from the distance, and I saw that Xiaozhu and my little nephew were in danger. ”

The eight-figure figure of the top of the head was taken back, and Yin Fatzi bent over his face with a smirk, and he scratched his chin from time to time.

"Dead fat, I still know to come back."

"Hah, before the gods made a few big things, I have to go back and see. However, I am calculating in the realm of the world that you may have a disaster in the near future. ”

"I beat you to death!"

Su Zhu hates the screaming, and her sudden red eyes are directly in the arms of Yin Fatzi. 0

The people around them all had a wrong look, even if Su Liuer and Su Yan didn't expect their progress to be so fast.

Only Yin Fatzi smiled smugly, and the big hand kept patting the back of Su Zhu, gentle comfort.

Ye Zichen also came to Su Yan at this time, and smiled and licked her hair.


"Ok……"Su Yan shook her head. "I know you will come to save me."

On the court, it was a scene of two pairs of lovers. The big sister Su Liuer looked at the two couples with her head. Only an expression pack could answer her what she wanted to say.

"Don't eat, roll!"

At this time, I still want to sprinkle dog food. Our Queen Su Liuer is the kind of person who can make people stuff the dog food!

she is not!

"It’s almost enough. Now our situation is not optimistic. How can I give you time to be here?"Su Liuer’s eyebrows.

"The big scorpion is angry, the consequences are very heavy!"

Yin Fatzi holding Su Zhu is very unwilling to come.

"Do you want to die?"

The temperature in the air suddenly dropped, and the ice-colored scorpion was accompanied by the light of the person.

The nine-tailed demon fox ice emperor Su Liuer was angry, and these three circles are also few people who dare to bear her anger. It’s just unfortunate that Yin Fatzi is one of those few people.

"It's all family, don't be angry. Besides, even if you do it, you can’t beat me, isn’t it? ”

Yin Fatzi said, Su Liuer looked at her but it was also helpless.

What can I do? This fat man is a god…

Strength is above the supreme, she…I really can't beat him.

"I don't want to do it with you, then my brother-in-law, do you have half of the zombies now?" The niece is now playing against the zombie ancestor of Houshan, or have you helped her in the past? ”

Wave your hand.

Yin Fatzi put on a sullen expression and waved.

"If there is only one zombie ancestor alone, it is absolutely more than enough for the niece to deal with him. Don't you know that the evolution of the zombie ancestor was actually caused by the possession of the ancient sacred beast. In the past, because of the scourge of the world, the son-in-law of the girl gave him three souls. The complete body is not the opponent of the niece, let alone this possession. ”

As soon as the voice fell, he turned his eyes to Ye Zichen.

"What are you doing?"

“Look at the news in the Heavenly Court group.”Ye Zichen stared at the screen intently. "When I came here, I saw Yang Hao injured. I want to ask him how he is hurt now. You don't need us to help."

"Ah, I stayed there before I came here." That Yang Hao, I gave him a remedy for the gods, telling you, this is what I exchanged for three hundred points, remember to reimburse Laozi. ”Yin Fatzi raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen nodded and smiled.

"The tall man they said in the group is you, but the high man they said is not wearing you."

"On the way to the ground, you are on the ground."Yin Fatzi puts his hand in his hand. "I am such a great god. If it is past, they should not ask me to help me to deal with the zombie." I want to save my little bamboo as soon as I can, how can I delay time in them. ”

"Don't eat, roll!"

Turning a white eye toward Yin Fatzi, there was a sound of breaking wind at this moment in the void.

Yuan Hong’s hand was holding a stick, and the whole face was covered with tense sweat, rushing down from the void.

"Liu, it's okay."

"How come you, isn't there a zombie attack on Huaguoshan?"Seeing Yuan Hong’s eagerness, Su Liu’s heart was actually a little warm, but she still had a slap in the face of a Queen’s question.

"Yes, but the zombie ran when I hit half of my big brother."

"Yuan Hongxiong, what was the ancestor of zombies on your side?"Ye Zichen Emei Road.

"The morning brother is also there."Yuan Hong arched his hand and immediately said, "I didn't play against the guy, but it seems that the zombie is a woman, and there is a white jade on the chest!"

Ye Zichen was caught in the moment after hearing the news.


White jade.

This is clearly not…

The rest of the people also turned their attention to Ye Zichen's body. This group of people who knew the history of the Yellow Emperor knew that the zombies in Huaguoshan and the Yellow Emperor were inextricably linked.

Or the four ancestors of the zombies have a connection with the Yellow Emperor, but this one…

"Marmot…What! ”

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