The only female ancestor of the zombie ancestor was the daughter of the Yellow Emperor, the drought.

According to legend, the drought was originally a god of the Tiangong. In that year, Chiyou attacked the Yellow Emperor, and the Yellow Emperor ordered Yinglong to attack Zhangzhou.

Chiyou invited the Feng Bo Yu Shi to deal with Ying Long troops with squally showers. As a result, the Yellow Emperor helped the drought and flood, and the drought and flood prevented the heavy rain, eventually helping the Yellow Emperor win the war.

Dr. Yilong also lost his power and could no longer return to the realm of the gods.

Ying Long stayed in the south of the world. From then on, the waters in the south were rainy, and the dragons of the animal domain were born.

The shackles stayed in the north, and since then the north was arid, and wherever she went, she was cursed and expelled by people, called "drought and drought."

However, there are too many mysteries in the existence of droughts and floods. In the historical records, some people say that droughts and floods are not the son-in-law of the time, but the history has passed too long. These are nowhere to be studied.

Even Ye Zichen, who was reborn as the Yellow Emperor, was ambiguous about the existence of droughts and floods.

At that time, he only knew that the son-in-law had lost his power, but he did not know whether the drought or drought was the predecessor of the son-in-law.

He only clearly remembers that after the victory of Chiyou, he encountered a drought and flood, and in order to solve the civil disaster, he sealed it in a jade, and handed it to the generals who were good at sealing at that time.

"do not think too much."

Yin Fatzi came out at this time. In fact, to be honest, his understanding of Ye Zichen is not deep.

Their acquaintance is in this world. He has stolen everything from a family to go to the young man who has never met.

It can be said that the understanding between them is actually too deliberate.

But he is familiar with the white robe.

These two seem to have connections, but in fact, there are people who don't have much connection. There are other differences in people's lives.

Ye Zichen seems to be more impetuous than the white robe.

But the two of them have something in common that people can't ignore, and they have a crush!

From the look of Ye Zichen, Yin Fatzi saw the hesitation in his heart. If it is irresponsible, Ye Zichen is just the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, and it has been reincarnation in the ninth century, even if the drought is really the daughter of the Yellow Emperor.

However, with his disposition, he will certainly be a lot of scruples, and he will not be able to turn a blind eye.

"I am the kind of person who thinks too much?"Ye Zichen put on a disdainful look and shook hands of Yin Fat on his shoulders. "I am just strange. The zombie ancestors were wandering around, but why are they gathering?" Go to one piece and attack the animal domain at the same time."

"Obviously behind them is behind the scenes."Su Liuer said with a sullen face. "When I was playing against Houqing, I heard him mention the boss. This boss seems to have promised him."

"The fat man I came to have interest. These four zombies can all be the evolution of the ancient savage beasts. In those days, even the masters of the gods also threw olive branches to them, but they were rejected. In the end, who can have such a means to let this beast be bowed to his head. ”Yin Fatzi is interested in the opening.

"Fat, are you looking for death?"

Su Liuer Liu Mei was vertical, he was curious, she was still curious!

How could she know who is behind the scenes, and this fat man is so open, with the expression of a particularly sloppy, apparently looking for jealousy.

"Sister, he is not intentional."

Su Zhu quickly pleaded with dissuasion, and Yin Fatzi shrugged his shoulders.

However, after everyone returned to God, it was discovered that Ye Zichen actually held a mobile phone and watched it with concentration.

"It’s all this time, can you look at your broken gadgets and think about it?"Su Liuer is in a hurry.


Ye Zichen put his fingers on his lips to signal their snoring, and immediately watched the message scrolling on the phone screen.

God of Thunder: How are you fighting?

Mother of Lightning: I am also going to say in the group, you are strange. The ancestor of the white tiger family of the Holy Beast, Ming Ming will soon be able to solve all of us, but suddenly it was withdrawn.

Barefoot deities: Wushou Buddha, may be Buddha bless!

Marshal of the canopy: This is not the person of the Buddha domain, you can not shoot the Buddha's flatter here. After playing for so long, which Buddha did you see?

Monkey King: The nerd, you still have a face bubbling in the group. The old Sun Huaguoshan people are playing, and where are you going?

Marshal of the canopy: Monkey brother, this can not blame me. It was the Ziwei Emperor who arranged for me to go to the Holy Beast Suzaku to help me, oh…Not to mention, the Feng nationality is really beautiful. Drooling expression

"Zi Wei Da Di this guy, I really took the time to educate him. Co-occupied with the Heavenly Court, the spirits of the beasts all sent their soldiers, and the nine-tailed fox did not see the Heavenly Court. ”

Looking at the news inside the group, Ye Zichen couldn't help but vomit in his heart.

Immortality Peach Fairy Administrator: Welcome deities back to the group, deities have even had leisure time in the group, it seems that all parties have been settled? I don't know what happened to Erlang Zhenjun?

God of Thunder: Yang Lan, he is also a fortune-telling, and there is a high man who has stabilized his injury here. Mr. Hua Wei and Lao Jun came to give him a detoxification, which should not be a big problem.

Barefoot deities: Buddha bless!

Monkey King: Who is the administrator, can you give it to this, is this related to the Buddha? Nerd, you said that you are on the side of Suzaku, what is your situation?

Marshal of the canopy: It is strange to say that the ancestor of our side has also ran. If he runs fast, if he wants to smash the old pig's nine-toothed nail, he will open a hole in his head.

Nine-day mysterious woman: It seems that I can't bear it. I don't know who has been hiding behind me. I also shouted and asked Wang Niangniang.

Mother of Lightning: Hey.

God of Thunder: Old pig, really have you.

Monkey King: I don’t have a younger brother like you.

Marshal of the canopy:…

Totta Li Tianwang: Ladies and gentlemen, this time is not the time to gag. Don't you think about it, why did the ancestors suddenly retreat at the same time?

God of Thunder: Lao Litou, grab me!

Mother of Lightning: This…

The immortals in the group are not vocalizing, and Ye Zichen, who looks at the news inside the group, also locks his brows into a ball.

"what happened?"I have been paying attention to the opening of Ye Zichen.

"I was just watching the news of Heavenly Court."Ye Zichen Emei said, "Not only the nine-tailed fox family has the zombie ancestor, but also the zombie ancestor of Huaguoshan, Baihu and Suzaku. However, just the group of zombie ancestors turned out to be inexplicable! ”

"Have you ever played?"Su Liuer raised her eyebrows, "When did they cultivate so superbly?"

"Do not!"Ye Zichen shook his head. "It’s not a fight. It’s the ancestors who are at the most critical moment, ran!"

"If I say this, I think about it…"Yuan Hong interjected in the side. "The same is true of Huaguoshan. The eldest brother can't see his enemy. The ancestor seems to have received any orders and forced to withdraw."


At this moment, Ye Zichen’s knowledge of the sea was a scorn. In an instant, his face was a change.

"Go to the back mountain!"

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