"Strange things, the road can not see the zombies."

On the way to the back hill of the Jiuwei fox family, Yin Fatzi looked at the nine-tailed Fox people who were still worried about the surrounding look.

"Don't it be handy when you come?"Su Liuer grinned.

These zombies that evolved from the nine-tailed Fox people are easy to handle even if they are treated with Su Liuer.

It’s just that she didn’t put up with it. When she went to save Su Zhu, it was always Ye Zichen’s cleaning.

Yin Fatzi is the supreme deity of the gods, and it is a breeze to dispose of those zombies in the hands.

The ghost knows if he deliberately wants to win some exclamation, so he can satisfy himself.

"I thought about it, but I wanted to save my little bamboo. I have time to manage so much."Yin Fatzi explained.

"Hey, then you want to see my nine-tailed fox family?" I still can't see the zombies. Do you want to see the nine-tailed Fox people all become zombies? ”

This dead fat man refuted her face several times, Su Liuer can not have a good impression on him, so that he speaks a bit thorny.

The big scorpion of the future is so swearing, Yin Fatzi is quite helpless. Facing the bamboo beside him, he spread his hands and did not touch the Ye Zichen.

"Brother, why are you rushing to the back of the mountain?"

"I just said that the ancestors of other zombies have ran away inexplicably?"Ye Zichen locked his eyebrows in the forefront, his face dignified. "If there is no accident, they should all go to the back of the Jiuwei Fox." The niece is very dangerous now, we must hurry to help. ”

"Not it!"Yin Fatzi also blinked at this moment, and immediately chased up and ran to Ye Zichen, his eyes nervous. "Brother, this can not be a joke." If they really ran the nine-tailed foxes, then we should not go to help, but should hurry! ”

"Why do you run, before you said that the whole body of the scorpion has let the niece singer draw the soul into three?" Now even if they are all coming, they are definitely not as strong as before, and the niece can still solve it. Are we just smashing in the past? ”Su Zhu does not understand.


Who knows that Yin Fatzi in the rush has smashed his mouth directly, and he blushes and opens his mouth.

"Before, I was a little suspected of holding a female niece. When she was able to deal with swearing, she and Fuxi teamed up to attack…Sneak attack, do you know? Besides, who said that they are not together before, have you ever understood the history of zombie ancestors? ”

Everyone shook his head.

They may indeed know something, but whoever has the mood to understand is so detailed.

"The soul of the cockroach is drawn into three parts, which are attached to the body of Houqing, Drought, and Win. But why is the ancestor of the four major zombies, who will merge with the god tree resin and occupy the ambiguous body. To tell you, if the four zombies make a piece together, they say that they are son-in-law. Even if Fuxi comes, they are both capable of playing. ”


Su Zhu and Su Yan are all covering their mouths and exclaiming, even if the female emperor Su Liuer is the color of the face.

At this time, Yin Fatzi had time to control their expressions. He now only wants to determine whether Ye Zichen is telling whether it is true or not.

"Brother, what you just said is coming, is it reliable?"


Ye Zichen replied deeply.

Just now, a word appeared in his mind.

"The four ancestors of the zombies have gathered in the back of the nine-tailed fox family, and the son-in-law is in trouble.

As for the person who gave him the voice, he was very convinced that it was a mysterious woman.

Xuanji Niangniang will never play such a joke with him, then there is only one possibility, that is, the zombie ancestor really went to the back of the nine-tailed fox family.


Ye Zichen suddenly felt the arm stunned. He looked back and saw Yin Fatzi glaring at him, his eyes rolling round.

"If it is true, don't go, do you want to die?" Hurry and run, let's just rely on us, do you really want to fight with the fierce beast? From long-term planning, from long-term planning to brothers! ”

"Let go!"Ye Zichen shouted.

"What to put, let me let you go to die?"Yin Fatzi stared at him and said, "Hurry and run with Laozi. This is not a hero."

"I let you let go!"

The spiritual power in the body suddenly released the hand of Yin Fatzi, and Ye Zichen also frowned at this moment.

"If you want to run, then you run yourself. The niece is now fighting the zombie ancestor. Do I have to abandon her? ”

"She is a god, she has an incarnation. Maybe this is an incarnation. If you die, you will die! But you have a life, you have to think clearly! ”

Yin Fatzi tried hard to comfort him.

"I decided, no one can change."

When the voice fell, Ye Zichen ignored the fat man's comfort and galloped toward the back hill.

Yin Fatzi hates his teeth and tickles, and he is about to turn his eyes on other people's bodies.

"Where Ye Zichen goes, I will go there."Su Yan said.

"This is my place. I can't give up my family's only son to escape. Even if it is dead, I will die on the holy mountain of the nine-tailed fox. My Su Liuer is not a person who is afraid of death! ”

Su Liuer’s words were powerful, and her steadfast inner heart could be seen from her look.

Staring at the mountain, this is where she has been growing for tens of thousands of years.

In order to protect the ethnic group, her strength has been constantly rising, and it has repeatedly repelled the people who have tried to misbehave the nine-tailed Fox.

Female emperor!

This title is definitely not brought out by others, and she is hit by a fist and a punch.

As long as she tells her name of Su Liuer, the whole three worlds will tremble.

No matter when, she never flinched.

Not before, not now, not in the future!

The tribe trusts her, and she will never let the tribes down!

With her strength, the ancestors of the four zombies may really be hitting the stone by the egg, but even if they die, they will not hesitate!

Resolutely chasing the shadow of Ye Zichen, Yuan Hong is even more vocal.

"Liu, wait for me."

"Little bamboo, you…I tell you, I am really not greedy and afraid of death. Heroes are not chaotic, we must always be rational. That strength is definitely not a joke, even a hundred of your sister will definitely not beat it. Hurry with me, find a safe place, I go to the gods to rescue the soldiers! ”Yin Fatzi is anxious.

"I……I know that you are kind, I know that what you said is true, and I have no doubt that you are afraid of death. ”Su Zhu’s eyes accompanied a sigh of relief. β€œBut I will never let my sister leave it. Otherwise, you will go to the gods to find a rescuer. If you can catch up with us, it’s best if you can’t…Ok, don't say frustration, I am going. ”

Waving to Yin Fatzi, Su Zhu chased the back of everyone.

"How is this all…Not a long brain? ”

Looking at the back of the crowd, Yin Fatzi left his own anxious squatting, and then he hated and licked his fist.

"Mother's, that Laozi also spelled! Little bamboo, wait for me! ”

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