Even if it was hidden in the clouds, the heat waves from the pavement made Ye Zichen and others amazed.

"This fire unicorn is also awkward."

Yuan Hong’s speech was accompanied by a dialect. He stared at the group of zombie roads that turned into gray.

"This was just a spray, and I said that I have died a few thousand. This is much better than the three big brothers who made my big brother."

"Three real fires?"

A sly came out from him, and everyone looked back and saw the disdain in the eyes of Yin Fatzi, which was very ostentatious.

"The three fires are just the flames used by your immortals. The fire unicorns are ancient animals, can you compare them with the immortals?"

"Tell you, this fire unicorn is just a young age. If the adult fire unicorn can spur the five red lotus fire, it is really destroying the earth. The flame just was purple, it was just a four-pointed flame. The three fires are the double flames, and there is no comparison with the fire of the unicorn. However, the general fire unicorn used in the early years is indeed the three 昧 true fire, this fire unicorn can use the four magical flames, it can be regarded as a genius stunning generation. ”

When talking about this, Yin Fatzi’s eyebrows have always been tilted. In particular, the hands behind him, the look of the show, he can also use the four flames.

"Bamboo, how can you look at this fat man?"Su Liuer is speechless.

Suzhu is also covered with hands. In fact, Yin Fatzi is very good, that is, sometimes she likes to show off especially, she can't stop it.

"The fire unicorn can kill the ancestors."Ye Zichen was questioning at this time.

They are far away from the battlefield below, but they are so hot that they still have to resist with spiritual power.

If the flame of the fire unicorn is directly sprayed on the first ancestors, I don't know what the result will be.

"I am really not sure about this. However, the fire of the unicorn can burn everything, even if the ancestor of the zombie is overpowered, it is also to avoid it. ”

Yin Fatzi’s words obviously have no emboldened spirit, and the flame of the fire unicorn does burn the existence of all things.

If it is an adult fire unicorn, he absolutely does not want to say it. But this fire unicorn is only a young age, even if it uses a four-point flame, it can be worse than the five-point flame.

In his heart, he hopes that these first ancestors will fear the flame, or

With only one enthusiasm and the belief in the heart, it is only a child's play to deal with it.


There was a purple-red flame in the mouth of the fire unicorn, and none of the zombies could stay in its flame for a second.

After a while, this unicorn is just like playing.

The squirting of the scent of the scent, the moisture in the surrounding air causes the flame to evaporate and the mist is filled.

"This fire unicorn is a problem."

The minister who had never spoken before, although the surrounding is filled with fog, this degree of fog does not affect the vision at all.

"Would you like me to kill it, the fire unicorn of my childhood, give me a three-point meal."Winning the hook in the air.

"No, even if it is a young fire unicorn, it is also a four-fire flame, which is also a threat to us."Hou Qing returned.

"Then let it go so far, the number of our children is not particularly large, but the boss has set the number."

"What is it, she is not here yet?"

"Wow, so cute unicorn baby."

A loli sound suddenly appeared in the fog, and the stranger could see the nakedness through the mist, and walked in the flame of the fire unicorn.

Lying fire unicorn also noticed this scene, it twisted its head and did not hesitate


A fuchsia flame hit the comeer, but the flame hit her but only a few sparks.

"Kirin baby, let your sister touch you."

Suddenly, the Lolita woman appeared directly in front of the fire unicorn, and the white palm of her hand touched the head of the fire unicorn.

"I really want to die, even if it is a young fire unicorn, the flame on the body is also untouchable, especially the head. Didn't let Qilin recognize the Lord, she wanted to touch the head of Kirin, she did not need this hand. ”

Yin Fatzi smiled, he seemed to think of the fire of the fire unicorn, burning her hand, just

The woman's hand was indeed placed on the head of the fire unicorn, but her hand was still intact.

"How can this be!"Yin Fatzi shouted out directly.

"Kirin baby, you should not have adulthood now. I especially like Kirin. You don't want to be a son-in-law's mount. How about my mount? I can give you a lot of delicious food, how? ”

The woman is like a pet dog, so I touch the flame of the fire unicorn, and the sound is sweet.


The flame on the fire unicorn suddenly rises a few centimeters high, and the surrounding temperature becomes hotter as it rises.

"Woman, take your hand off."

The woman in front of the fire unicorn flaming red scorpion, the mouth spit the truth.

"You will actually speak."The woman was very surprised and raised her eyebrows. "So how do you answer what I said, when is my mount?"

Under the woman's expectation, the fire unicorn is two hot air.

At the same time, the head was turned to another place, and it was clear that the woman’s proposal was very disdainful.

"You actually refused me, really sad."

She was very heartbroken, and she stepped back toward the back, suddenly


The beast fire unicorn turned the woman directly on the ground, and the loli sound became cold and cold.

"But it is a beast, but still picks the owner? I am giving you now."


A flame was sprayed from the fire of the ground, and the woman in front of it was horrified, and the flame was swallowed in an instant.

"I dare to touch my head, my head can only touch the maiden, you also match?"

The fire unicorn turned around with disdain, but


In the fire, the smile of the woman’s haze was heard, and the fire unicorn that had just turned around was also stopped.

Just now it spit out, but the life is really hot, even if it is young, the flame is almost five points, but this woman

"It's really a disobedient unicorn baby, little baby, you may not know, my sister has a bad habit, that is, I can't get it, then it will be ruined."


The woman's fingers were pressed hard on the top of Kirin's head, and the fingers pierced their skulls in an instant.

Blood penetrates the ground and dyes the piece dark red. The red scorpion of the fire unicorn gradually became dim, stumbled on the ground, and was completely angry.

Putting your finger into the mouth and sucking the smell of the unicorn blood, the woman also got up at this moment and looked at the void.

"I still want to hide on it for a long time. If you see enough, come down. Your son-in-law is now very lonely. You need to come down with her."

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