"The blood of the fire unicorn is really a good tonic for raising the spirit."

In the blood on the clean fingers, the woman of Lolita sounds in front of the fire unicorn, and touches the blood flowing out of it by hand.

"Go away."

The female niece's palm was lifted lightly, and a ray of sunshine hit her, and the woman jumped deep into the ray of light.


Xiaguang fell on the ground and blasted a deep pit.

Looking at the deep pit that was still burning in front of the burnt black, Loli Yin woman took a sip of cool air and licked her tongue.

"The niece is not a goddess, and the spiritual skills released from the hands are so powerful. But since you are so strong, why do you have to watch your unicorn die? โ€

Loli Yin woman smiled and smiled, but the girl-in-law was ignored. She just glanced at her indifferently and walked to the front of the unicorn, her fingers in her eyebrows.

call out.

The fire unicorn on the ground turned into a little star, and the Loli Yin woman shrugged and shrugged at this time.

"Small, but the friends above, can't you still come down?" Do you want me to ask you personally? โ€

"Found us."

Yuan Hongchong raised his eyebrows and his throat was surging.

His hand has been licking his clothes, it is really too much sweat in the palm of his hand.

These people on the clouds can all witness the scene of the Lolita woman who will kill the fire unicorn.

"Don't worry."

Yin Fatziโ€™s face is also full of sweat, but in his heart, he has been comforting himself. This sweat is just that he is too fat. The fire of the fire unicorn has given him heat.

A quarter of an hour passed, and the woman below the loli sounded a grin.

"It seems that I really want to ask you to come down personally, but I have a special way of asking people, and I hope you can live with them."

As soon as the voice fell, she turned her fingers toward the clouds.


Several people hiding among the clouds were cold in the back, and Ye Zichen almost subconsciously hugged Su Yan and slid a hundred meters away from the side.

The same is true of the rest, at the moment they leave


The dark clouds explode in an instant, and the thick smoke enveloped everyone's eyes.

After a full amount of time, the smoke gradually dissipated, but they were also exposed to outsiders.

"This is not something they can handle. I hope they can be smart and run quickly."

The niece sighed in her heart, and she was aware of her strength as early as Ye Zichen. Only most of her attention has to be placed on the shackles, and there is no way to control them.

"are you OK."

Ye Zichen grabbed Su Yan's shoulder and looked up and down.

To be honest, although the two have determined the relationship of the couple in the present world, they are only in the flood season.

Because there are too many twists and turns in the middle, in fact, they are just empty couples, but even if there are few hugs.

So Yan looked at Ye Zichen's worried face, Su Yan's cheeks were inexplicably red.

The spin is about to bury his head and shake his head.

"I'm fine."

"That's good."

Ye Zichen smiled softly as he reached out and rubbed her hair.

"Friends above, let's talk down."Lori voice appeared again from the void.

Everyone in the void looks at each other.

I witnessed the womanโ€™s ignorance of the fire unicorn, and itโ€™s definitely a big talk to say that they donโ€™t shake their convictions.

If you are thinking about Yin Fatzi, that is


The fire unicorns are all dead. How many of them are still doing, giving them heads?

"What if you go on."

Ye Zichen fell from the sky with a faint smile, and saw that he was leaving, and the rest of the people followed. He left Yin Fatzi alone, and he followed it after hesitating for a long time.

"I thought you would run."

The woman of Lolita has never revealed her true content from beginning to end. Ye Zichen ignored her and walked to the side of the niece, but she received the voice of the other party.

"How did you come? Oh, definitely not what you can deal with, why didnโ€™t you just run. โ€

"Hey, big niece, you said this. When the uncle can throw it at you, are you not burying your uncle? โ€Ye Zichen voiced.

"Now there is no time to let you slip the oil, you really can't deal with you." If I am under the body, I may be able to protect you. But this time itโ€™s just a down-and-go god. After a while, my gods blew themselves up, and you rushed to escape. โ€The girl-in-law is screaming at her.

"Don't try it, no one knows what the outcome is!"Ye Zichen has a relaxed tone.

"This is not the time to be a hero."The female sighed.

"Then you think I should run?"Ye Zichen looked at the son-in-law in front and saw the other person nod to him. He couldn't help but convey the voice. "But you should have never thought about it. It is already the top three people in the three worlds." If we are not an awkward opponent, and you blew the gods again, what about the three worlds? โ€

The niece is silent.

She once put the world in her heart, she did not even think of it.

She has already made the worst plan, that is, the gods blew themselves up and gave up here. After returning to the realm of the gods, she opened the passage to take away the high-rises of Heavenly Court, the land, and the fairyland.

Waiting until she recovers the injury of the gods, she is in the long run.

It is fierce and does not dare to be fierce in the realm of the gods.

But she forgot that those who are at the bottom are also alive. The beasts of the animal domain are also living lives.

When did she start, she turned out to be like this.

Is it true that it is a long time, let her lose her heart?

Fortunately, Ye Zichenโ€™s phrase โ€œWhat is the Three Realms?โ€ wakes her up. Otherwise she may never notice that her heart has changed.

"Thank you."

The voice of the niece is very sincere, but Ye Zichen does not know what he said, and it has such a big impact on the son-in-law.

He also simply thought that the son-in-law was thanking him for coming to help, and he was stinky.

"What is the big niece, you are a family, don't go outside. Uncle, this is also to thank you. If you don't have it, maybe you can't have a little bit of fighting. โ€


The niece chuckled, but she did not believe it.

Those who can put the world in their hearts, how can they lose their fighting spirit in front of a strong enemy.

She just smiled but didn't say anything, and immediately she noticed that there was a special spiritual power on Ye Zichen's side to make it very care.

Looking at the back of Ye Zichen, Yin Fatzi also bowed his head at this moment.

"Yin Shang, when are you going to the lower bound?"

This sound is like pulling a discussion group, and everyone on Ye Zichen can receive it.

Yin Fatzi is also a smile, said.

"Mother, I will not say it at this time, don't ask."

"You can be better here."The maiden maiden glanced at the zombie ancestor and immediately talked in the group. "There are you, maybe we can really try."

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