"Anniling, you are sure to make a point with my spiritual array, can you have an effect on that?"

In the voice discussion group, Yin Fat was unable to resist the retreat in the way of getting the maiden maiden.

Let him arrange the spirits to trap the zombie ancestor, this is definitely the biggest joke he heard this year.

"Can you be hard-pressed, how is it always so embarrassing? It’s just that you have to arrange a spirit to come out. It’s us who really fight with them. Just make sure that the safety of Xiaozhu and Xiaoyan is good. Can’t this be done? ”

Su Liuer couldn't help but frown, and all of them came to this point. This fat man was still afraid of the tail.

"Sister, you didn't see how the fire unicorn died?"Yin Fatzi’s voice accompanied by anxiousness, said, “I am not jealous. I am really afraid that the spiritual array will not work for them. Isn’t that pushing you into the fire pit?”

"This is the only way at the moment."

The girl-in-law is voiced, but she can’t help but sigh. Fat people worry about it is not unreasonable, but in this case, they can only be so pinned, the fate of the fat man can have some effect on the zombie ancestor.

"The eight-figure picture of the Yuan Yuan is in your hands. You have no confidence in your own spiritual array. You must also have confidence in the artifacts in your hands. It is the artifact that the spiritual elite of the gods dreams of, and its power is absolutely beyond your imagination. Four poles, as long as you can arrange a four-pole lock soul array, then we may have a battle. ”

At the time of the exchange of the niece and the goddess, the woman of Luo Liyin also went to Houqing and others.

When I saw the woman, I won’t be able to hold back my throat, and the swearing-minded minister was also a brow.

This scene falls in the eyes of Lolita’s woman…


Ice-faced smiled, winning the hook and the minister some unnaturally nodded to her, and Hou Qing came out and laughed at this time.


"If I don't come, are you going to let those children, let the fire unicorn burn?"

Lori voice woman's look is not happy, after the mouth of the mouth whispered.

"But you can't still come, and kill the beast." Only a few of us are not afraid of its flames, and I am also helpless. ”


A faint glimpse, Lori Yin woman no longer cares about Hou Qing, back to God and laughed at Ye Zichen and others.

"I don't know if you are talking."

"You are in a hurry…Wow, ghost! ”

The fat man who was already nervous was urging the woman of Loli, and couldn’t help but look back at her. I can see the woman's face, but he jumped a step toward the rear as a means of extreme fright.

The rest of the people heard his exclamation, but also looked back, when I saw the face of Luo Liyin’s woman…

If she was looking at her back, she could use the country to describe it. The positive side is definitely worrying about the country and the people.

Ordinary looks are her biggest compliments, her face…It can only be described as ugly.

The woman’s face will be amazed by anyone who sees it. It’s the time that the son-in-law’s maiden was pinching her, and she couldn’t pinch it with her feet!

"This is really thrilling."Yuan Hong sighed.

"Brother, what you said is really creative and thrilling. This word is really just right."Yin Fatzi is also owed.

“It’s okay, people always want to innovate, right?”

The old brother talked to himself, and the face of the Lolita woman standing in front of them was more and more gloomy.

The other three zombie ancestors behind her are also gently hanged…

This woman, most hate others talking about her looks.

She has tried many times to change her appearance with spiritual power, but because she is already a dead person, she is only left in the form of zombies, and her face cannot be changed.

Since then, as long as anyone talks about her looks, or is not talking about just a look of horror.

Those people are dead.

"Hi……Quite modest. ”

Yin Fatzi still sang in the double spring, Loli Yin woman gently touched the white jade in front of the purple shirt, a gloomy smile.

"Is that enough?"

"I can't help but can't help."Yin Fatzi quickly yelled at her haha, "I don't care about your feelings, but to be honest, your face is really thrilling. Nothing less in my life, hahahaha…"

Yuan Hong also laughed happily. The laughter of the two people was to make the Lolita woman unable to bear it anymore.

"court death."


Suddenly under the right foot, the violent spiritual power was compressed at his feet, and she was turned into a streamer.

"I remember what I just said, follow the original plan."

At the same time, the niece is also a voice.

The colorful Tianshi stone was thrown into the air, and the glare of the seven-color light made the loli-sounding woman under the galloping body shape.


But it was just a meal, she did not pay attention to the colorful stones in the air, her eyes now only Yin Fatzi and Yuan Hong, even dare to laugh at her appearance.

They must be killed.


The right fist waved unrelentingly toward the fat man's head. Since she had completely locked the fat man, she was sure that a punch would definitely be in the middle.

The head is the most vulnerable place, and he will die.


Just then, a long sword with a cold light blocked her fist.

When the fist touched the long sword, the wind whistled.


The squally winds of sand and gravel made Su Yan and Su Zhu unable to blink, and the niece hurriedly placed a barrier around them, which made them a little more comfortable.

"These two people are the most disturbing factors in my heart!"The niece couldn't help but sigh in her heart.

Su Yan and Su Zhu are both not good at fighting. In the face of this top strength collision, the existence of both of them can only be delayed.

"Wow, you are saved."

Yin Fatzi took a sigh of relief. Just now he really felt that the distance between death and him was only one inch.

"It's you!"

Lori Yin woman jumped backwards and smiled at Ye Zichen holding Xuanyuanjian.

"Ok."Ye Zichen faintly said that Xuanyuanjian was received behind him.

"What else is hidden at this time, you don't think I can't find it?"

Yes Zichen’s fist was indeed blocked, but the tyrannical force was to shatter his tiger’s mouth through Jianfeng.

At this time, his hand holding the sword was shaking slightly…

This woman is really tricky.

"But I can take a punch and it is worthy of your pride."Lori Yin woman laughed.

"We can't let the drought and drought deal with a group of people, let's go, let's take it."

After Qing’s eyes blinked, the win and the ministers also nodded, but they have not yet taken a few steps…


The body suddenly fell uncontrollably, not just him, but also the winning hook.

"what happened?"

The two men who looked at the fallen down were screaming, and immediately he turned his head and saw Yin Fatzi standing upright, his eyes and nose were bleeding, and a figure depicting the eight-figure picture hung over his head. Figure…

"Six-pole lock soul array, Cheng!"

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