Although the person who came in was wearing a coat, he could not see his appearance.

But this tone Ye Zichen is so familiar, he doesn't have to guess at all, and someone's shadow will appear involuntarily in his head.

"Ancient away."

The Xuanyuan sword on the top of the head creaked, and the sword shadow of the thousand Xuanjian swords around him was also shaking, sending out a sword.


The person under the coat faint smiles, and the right hand pulls off the coat.

Without any accident, it is the ancient separation that stands in front of everyone.

At this time, Su Yan and Su Zhu were also held in his hands. The two women did not know what method they had left. All of them were closed and their breathing was gone.


At this time, the minister was also heading towards the ancients. Seeing this scene, Ye Zichen was a brow.

The ancestors of the zombies turned out to be the hands of the ancients.

"I really regret that when I was in this world, I didn't kill you directly."

Ye Zichen's chest is violently up and down, with so many things in the middle, more than half of which are ancient and behind.

If he was to rid himself of the roots in the present world, there would not be so many incidents.

The resentment of resentment was also passed on to his sword. The sword of Qian Xuanjian’s sword trembled more and more, as if he might be out of his control.

"How can you say this now? There has never been a regret in this world. ”

Gu Gu’s mouth smirked and smirked, and immediately glanced at the courtier.

"Let our female emperor let it go. There are these two girls in my hand, and I want to come to the female emperor will definitely have a choice. ”


Forced to push Su Liuer on the ground, she was released, and she looked calmly at the ancient departure.

"what do you want?"

When she saw Su Yan and Su Zhu for the first time, she didn't have any emotional changes, or she was too energetic and she was used to the mood.

However, the calmer she is, the more anger in her heart is.

Can bully her, but can not bully her sister, this is her bottom line.

When the ancients used Su Yan to threaten her, she had to compromise, but the anger of his heart was constantly accumulating.

There is no fear of smirk from the corner of the ancient mouth, it is this smile

No matter when, he is like this.

As if anyone had let him play between the applause, this smile Ye Zichen was awkward from the heart.

Just to make him crazy is that every time he is letting Gu lead away from the nose.

"I just said that I have already said it. I want to use the life of these two girls to change the life of the drought and flood that you have sealed. If you change one, you will not lose money."

β€œIt’s really a good deal.”Su Liuer answered as usual.

"You think so too, that's great."Saying that the ancients will put Su Yan and Su Zhu in the next step, said, "This is my sincerity. Should you also release the drought?"

call out.

At the moment of the ancients, Ye Zichen was surrounded by Su Yan.

"Ye brother, we have all played back so much, how do you still have a little memory." If your sword is ruined by drought, then this girl will not want to wake up in this life. Besides, the tiger poison is still not eating, and the drought and the sorrow are all your daughters. Are you so anxious to kill her? ”

Just as Ye Zichen was preparing to release the Qian Xuanjian sword, Gu Yu suddenly said faintly behind his back.

"What did you do to them?"

Forcefully grabbed the collar of the ancient, and took a step toward the front of the brow, while the female niece was in front of him.

Although there is no speech, it can be seen from her actions. If you want to move Ye Zichen, you must first move her.

Shaking his head toward the minister, Gu smiled slightly at the corner of his mouth.

"Ye brother's temper is as hot as ever, but the impulse can't solve the problem. If you still want them to live, they will spread the sword around you. My courage is very easy to be nervous. Tension will do some extreme things, um, you should understand what I mean. ”


Pushing the ancients, Ye Zichen also dissipated the sword.

"The strength is not small."

Finished the bottom of the placket, the ancient twisted twisted neck, smiled.

"Ye brothers don't need to be nervous, they just let me have a soul curse. As long as the female emperor can liberate the marmot from the ice, then the two naturally do not have any danger. ”

"Do you think I will believe you?"Ye Zichen Road.

"You don't believe it either."The ancient look suddenly sinks, said, "Don't hold the luck, I am very afraid of death, then since I dare to come out at this time, naturally there is a perfect grasp. Even if the niece is here, she can't break my sorcerer's spell. I don't believe you can try it. ”

Concealedly glanced at the niece, and Ye Zichen and Su Liuer received her voice.

"This requiem is very weird, I really can't solve it."

"Okay, we promised you, but you must let my sister wake up first."Su Liuer opened the way.

"That's impossible, but I can wake up one of them first. As for the other women, the female emperor will release the drought." I have absolute sincerity. What do you think? ”Gu Li lightly smiled.

Silence for a long while, Ye Zichen, several people nodded.

To Su Yan, they walked over and Ye Zichen stood in the middle to block the way away.

"Let's leave, you block my way."


The hand under the sleeve concealed the fist, and Ye Zichen walked silently to the side, and saw the ancient eyebrows in Suzhu's eyebrows.

"Small smoke, leave me alone."

Su Zhu, who woke up, shouted, and immediately she saw the ancient departure in front of her.


With a smile, standing up from the ground, Gu Li also put his eyes on Su Liuer.

"Look at you"

The ice-faced Su Liuer did not hesitate any more, and the right hand waved, and the condensed ice sculpture melted rapidly.


The ice sculpture is broken.

The drought and drought that escaped from it ran to the front of the ancients.

"Thank you for your boss to save."

Slightly nodded, Su Liuer also said at this time.

"Come to you, don't want to play tricks with me, I can freeze her once, then I can freeze her for the second time."

"Smelly woman, you just don't want me."

The dry and dry eyes roared, and the ancients reached out and stopped them. They smiled and nodded toward Su Liuer.

"Of course, I believe in the means of the ice emperor. I never thought about playing with you." Since you have released the droughts and floods, will I naturally wake up the sisters? ”

Walking slowly to Su Yan is still the same action before.


On the ground, Su Yan had a cluster of Liu Mei, and at this time a sword was held in front of him.

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