"you? And me? ”

No matter how the eyes of the ancient eyes are so disdainful, he picks his eyebrows and gently nods his head and nods.

"Well, meet you, what time?"

"just now."

Ye Zichen's nephew is full of anger and war. I don't know why, as long as I see the emotions of the ancients, I want to be angry and uncontrollable.

"Now, you and me, no one else will intervene."

The sudden scene made the people around me a glimpse, and the niece squint squinted and looked at the two of them.

Originally she wanted to discourage, but noticed Ye Zichen's eyes, but she swallowed the words to her lips.

"Listening as if it is good for you, but I agree."

With his hand licking the lower corner, the ancient hair will open his eyes, and the dark pupil will be accompanied by a sinister smile.

"If you can solve it here, the future development will be much easier."

"When you can solve it, let me talk."


The long sword in his hand came out of his hand, and Ye Zichen was screaming at the same time as he was running away from the ancients. His spiritual power was also madly venting to the outside.

The violent spiritual power rolled up the snow on the ground, and the suffocating spiritual power was centered on him and released to the outside.

"When was he so strong?"

Su Liuer, standing at the back, supported a barrier without any hesitation, wrapping Su Yan and Su Zhu inside.

Under such pressure, such a level of immortality, they will definitely die.

"Don't worry about the snow sword."

Snow fluttering.

Like the snow and ice of Su Liuer, the snow flakes in the air.

The blade on the top of the head rotates to create a vortex. The snowflake is coiled over the vortex, and an ice crystal sword will appear from the vortex.

"Six roads away from the fire sword."

At the same time that the ice crystal sword appeared, the skyfire fell from the sky, and a flame sword broke out.

These two swords are skillful in geography and are also acquired in the memory of the Yellow Emperor. But because the two sides can cooperate, its true power is not weaker than the heavenly spirit.

Although used for the first time after reincarnation, Ye Zichen is still very comfortable when using it.

"Yin and yang poles are interesting."

Not far from the ancients, he stood up with his hands, and he looked at the two extremely aggressive swords with his appreciation.

From time to time, nodding and laughing, I am calm.


Ye Zichen smiled the same when he saw the appearance of the ancients.


Body setting.

Not far away, the ancient separation suddenly fell in place, and Ye Zichen was no longer hesitant, and the already good swords were shot at the same time.

call out.

There are two blue and red lights on the void, but at this time…

The ancient smile.

"I thought you could use what tricks to do, set your mind…ridiculous. ”

It was supposed to let Ye Zichen settle down and smiled and shook his head. He was very calm and stretched out his hands.


Hold the ice and fire swords with both hands and squeeze them hard.

Ice crystals fell on the ground with sparks. Gu Zi also looked at Ye Zichen with a playful look, but saw that the other person was smiling at him.


The ancient centrifugal head is inexplicable, Xuanyuanjian…

Looking at the head of Ye Zichen, Xuanyuanjian has long since disappeared.

At this moment, he discovered that he did not know when, there were many irregular snowflakes falling in front of him.

"Thousands of mysterious swords!"

Ye Zichen, who was not far away, suddenly burst into the air. In an instant, the snow in front of the ancients turned into a sword and shot toward him.

"Seventy-two changes."

The ancient centrifuge head roared, he did not expect Ye Zichen to use the seventy-two change here.

Because this sword shadow is too close to him, it is too late for him to completely retreat. In desperation, he can only protect the vitality, and hardly eat all of this set of Xuan Xuanjian.

Puff puff.

Jianying kept stabbing his body, splashing blood on the snow surface and turning it into a blood flower.

But this is not over yet.

"Canglong went out to sea."


A dragon roared and shook the valley, and a dragonfly shadow appeared suddenly on the Xuanyuanjian sword hanging on the void.

Longkou big Zhang, roaring from the void.

Candidly block the ancient separation of Qian Xuan's sword, and eat this sword skill hard, he can no longer hold back the sweetness between the throat, after a suffocating, blood squirted from his mouth uncontrollably .


The painful and ancient hands are squatting on the ground, and the big mouth of the eyeball vomits blood.

"Is this really him?"

Su Liuer couldn't help but feel sad. At the beginning, she was afraid that Ye Zichen would suffer, and she told the son-in-law that if she really couldn't beat it, they would go on.

At this moment, Ye Zichen has an absolute advantage.

Inexplicably, she and her son-in-law both set their sights on the opposite zombie ancestor. Since they would think of helping, then the opposite…


There is no meaning in the opposite direction.

From their look, Su Liuer saw what they saw…


A set of combos hit all, Ye Zichen did not say anything ridiculed.

If you say it now, it is giving the ancients a chance to breathe. The villain died in words. This is the experience he has summarized over many years of TV dramas.

He is going to kill the ancients, not to tease him.


A golden glow appeared around Ye Zichen, and a golden dragon illusion appeared from behind his back.

The dragons are vain, and the arrogance of the world is involuntarily radiating toward the surroundings.

In a short time, Canglong sent a sorrowful voice to the Xuanyuan sword. The Xuanyuan sword that stopped on the void was instantly golden…

“Xuanyuan Longyan!”

This sword technique was created purely by Huang Dixuan, and the reason for this sword technique was to comprehend when he was forging Xuanyuanjian.

When Xuanyuanjian was cast out, there was no sharpness.

At that time, the dragons learned after all kinds of research that the only way to get the Xuanyuan sword to be edged was Xiaolong.

With the blood of the dragon to pour, the blade is edged.

The dragon dragon must also be the holder of this artifact. As long as the holder is really a dragon, then this artifact will always recognize only one master.

This is also the Yellow Emperor regardless of the reincarnation of the world, Xuanyuan sword no longer how long…

In the end, it can only be the weapon of the Yellow Emperor.

It only recognizes one master, and that person is the Yellow Emperor.

The sorrows of the dragons are screaming, and Ye Zichen’s voice is also shining with golden light.


Xuanyuan Longyan.

The strongest sword skills.


The ancient pupils on the ground violently beat, and the Canglong’s going out to the sea has already caused him serious injuries. Now…

The roar of the dragon, the blade of sorrow.



The bloody hole with a large bowl of mouth appeared in the chest of the ancients. He squinted his eyes and was unwilling to lick the chest that kept bleeding.



everything is over.

The release of high-intensity release sword skills is a great test for both spiritual and spiritual.

Ye Zichen took a sigh of relief and thought that when everything was over…


Suddenly, the pupils of the pupils suddenly grabbed the shaking Xuanyuan Jianfeng, and the chest of the hole kept drilling purple mist.

"You really annoy me."

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