The ancient cockroaches burned purple flames, and the pierced chest was not bleeding at this time.

The purple mist that makes people feel unbearable and vomiting vents from the chest to the outside. In a short time, this mist will wrap all the backs of the nine-tailed fox family.

The fog is still spreading, cleaning up the battlefield at other locations or the nine-tailed Fox people who encircle other zombies.

After inhaling these mists, all the pupils became dark. The position of his eyelids also climbed the long black line, bloody drums, suffocating like a chest, pain fell to the ground.


The Yin Fatzi who was taking Su Yan and Su Zhu’s care, and Yuan Hong, who was seriously injured and comatose, all showed painful color after inhaling the mist. The body kept turning over, and the situation was very bad.

"This is not an ordinary evil spirit."

The girl-in-law is setting a vacuum space between the waves and giving the other people a voice.

"All come in."

The Sisters of Sue rushed to the scene with the wounded, and the niece also took two medicinal herbs from their arms and stuffed them in the mouth of Yuan Hong and Yin Fatzi.

"Nvwa Niangniang, this fog"

Su Liuer just opened her mouth, and the niece was interrupted by her, and she was handed to her and Su Yan and Su Zhu each.

"Don't talk, eat this."

A few women nodded and threw the medicinal herbs into the mouth, and immediately Su Liuer turned her gaze to the niece.

"This fog should be the unique demon of the devil. The demon spirit does not have any special damage to the practitioners. At most, it will feel resistance." It’s just that the magic of the young man is poisonous. ”


Su Liuer looked a glimpse, and then she had to run outside.

"What are you doing, now that all of this has been wrapped around this magic, but this is the safest place."The niece grabbed her and shouted.

"My people, my people"

Su Liuer’s emotions are very anxious, and the evil spirits have spread to the outside world, and her ethnic group must have inhaled this magic.

"What about that?"The voice of the niece is very decisive, said, "You have already inhaled the evil spirits, you can stand here safely, but the medicinal medicine is hanging, now I am here to give me the spirit, the poison gas in the body . As for your people, they can only ask for more happiness. ”

When the girl-in-law is saying this, she looks a bit stunned. The people of the Nine-tailed Fox family can detect the toxicity in this magical gas in advance, and hold their breath in advance.

If not, then it can only be said that their lives are so.

"It is my patriarch who did not protect them."

Su Liuer sat on the ground with her gums, and Su Zhu hugged her shoulders and comforted softly.

They have been living together for so long, and their sisters should be the ones who are most familiar with each other. As a family leader, Su Liuer has always been very tough in the outside, in fact in her heart.

Sometimes it is more vulnerable than anyone.

She has always placed the nine-tailed fox family in the most important position, and everything she does is for the ethnic group.


"Nvwa Niangniang."Just then, Su Yan came over and looked worriedly at Ye Zichen, who was standing in the middle of the fog.

The niece also looked at Ye Zichen outside and sighed.

"If he is aware, it should be too late. Now we can only believe in him and have a solution to it. ”

"I really can't think of it. If you don't see you in a few months, you can achieve this."

The ancient deviance of Xuanyuan Jianjianfeng stood up from the ground, his double-purple purple flames burned, and his eyelids also climbed a black line.

The skin became dark and the pierced chest was now fully healed.

Now he looks like a demon at the time, but he has the same reason to control his own consciousness compared to the demon.


Xuanyuanjian violently trembled and wanted to break free, and the old faint sight took a glance at the sword in his hand.

"It's really a loyal blade. If you can have a little loyalty, you can do it."

With a light smile, he released his hand. At the moment of disengagement, Xuanyuanjian turned into a light and returned to Ye Zichen.

The blade kept ringing around his circumference, and the sword that kept swinging seemed to be asking him about the situation at this time.


A suffocating sound rang from Ye Zichen's mouth, and then his nostrils kept bleeding toward the ground.




Ye Zichen hurryed out and covered his mouth. When he spread his hand, his palm was pale blond blood.

"Ye Xiaozi, how are you."

Sword Ling Xuan screamed anxiously, and for a quarter of an hour, Ye Zichen stabilized his situation and reached out to grasp the hilt of Xuanyuanjian and propped up his body.


This time, there was no cover-up of a golden blood spurting out, and Ye Zichen was red-eyed and his body was crumbling.

But in this case, he throws up the Xuanyuan sword and his fingers begin to print.

"Ye Xiaozi, you are crazy."

The Xuanyuan sword in the air screamed, and this was the case. He was still printing.

The handprint of Xuanyuan Longyan.

"I really don't know who to give up. Don't you know, I want your life now, just move your finger?" Besides, in your state, what do you think can be used? ”


The seal of Ye Zichen suddenly rose, and the shaking body became tall and straight.

A golden glow from its eyebrows, seeing this scene

"Ye Zichen, stop."

Almost at the same time, two voices sounded in his mind at the same time.

One of them is from Xuanyuanxiang, and the other is the son-in-law who has been paying attention to the situation.

Why should he be as good as the light, and it will be like a recovery. How did the flame that his eyebrows come from?


Burning your own life is really a fire.

"Ye Xiaozi, you can't do this. I have been waiting for ten thousand years. Do you want me to have no master, do you want me to wait for you? Don't you know that a woman's youth is priceless? You hurry to stop. ”

The Xuanyuan incense above his head shouted in his mind, but Ye Zichen grinned at this moment.

"Sister Xiang, help me once."


Xuanyuanxiang, who had been shaking and bursting, suddenly stopped, and she stared at Ye Zichen’s praying eyes.

That was the case.

"You are the master, you are counting. Anyway, I have waited for half a year, and I am also a sunset yellow flower. It’s a big deal, it’s just waiting for you for ten thousand years. ”


The golden fire that burned in the eyebrows suddenly filled the body of Ye Zichen, and the golden flame was so dazzling at this moment.

The purple mist around it is engulfing the golden flame, and the shadow of a dragon is drilled into the sword of Xuanyuanjian.


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