When Ye Zichen under the last handprint, the flame on his body became a little bleak.

The sorrow of the dragon, Xuanyuan sword is also sorrowful.

"go with."

With a weak force to reach out, Xuanyuanjian's sword spirit Xuanxiang Xiang, looked at him with a heavy eye.

Immediately, a drop of tears fell uncontrollably.

"I follow the guidelines of Jun, Xuan Xiangxiang performs sword skills…Xuanyuan Longyan! ”


The sorrowful sorrow came out from the blade, and the shadow of the dragon in the sword of Xuanyuanjian also appeared in the front of the ancient roaring away.

"you……Give him a funeral. ”

The sword spirit Xuanxiang scented and screamed, and the blade was also a scream.

Wherever it went, the wind swelled.

A golden light passed away, and it was almost like the ancient departure from the front.


If you want to open the heavenly golden light out of the blade, the golden light engulfs everything, and the inside of Baizhang is almost annihilated.

Jinguang dazzled, and everyone around him closed his eyes.

Only the ancient eyes are looking directly at the golden light in front, and the corners of the mouth are gently tilted upwards.

"The same move, but this time the blade itself is accompanied by grief and indignation, so that the power of this whole sword skill has been raised more than several times. The momentum is huge, and the power is also good. It seems that I want to use this trick to lay the ground. ”


Jianguang will engulf all of the ancients, not only that, the entire back of the nine-tailed fox family is to let this Jianguang to flatten.

The violent spiritual power is raging, this time…

Even the ancestors of the zombies laid a defensive barrier around them, this collision…Let them also have to be careful.

"ended."Xuanyuanxiang said.

"Yes, it's over."

Ye Zichen also nodded with a chuckle, and after Jianguang swallowed the ancients, he could not feel his breath.

All of this is indeed over.

"you……How long can I still live? ”

"I don't know how long it will take to live."Ye Zichen smiled very carelessly. "It depends on when God will accept me."

Feeling the indifferent tone, Xuan Xiangxiang could not help but cry.

The explosion of Fangcai also blows away the magical spirit of the ancient discretion, and the female niece also ran out at this time.


"Don't talk, take medicine."

The niece niece couldn't help but take out a medicinal herb and stuff it into his mouth. This medicinal drug is worth a lot, even if she feels some pain.

Yes, Ye Zichen can only burn the fire of the life, and she has no way to worry about it.

"Zi Chen."Su Yan's eyes continued to shed tears, and Ye Zichen grinned at her, tearing her eyes.

"Cry, what am I still alive? Finally, it is the death of the grandson, but it is a matter of my heart, you should be happy for me. ”

"Well, I am happy for you."

Su Yan nodded sobbingly, holding Ye Zichen's big hand in her hands for a long time.

"That one……I am coming out now is not a bit of a bad atmosphere. ”

Just then, a lazy smile appeared in the ears of everyone.

Ye Zichen slammed his eyes and looked away.


"Sorry, is it that I should pretend to be dead, and wait for you to come out after you left. This will also give you some comfort. But, I am this person…I just like to see the desperate look of a nasty person. ”

The pair of gray wings behind him kept smacking, and the ancient eyes were rubbing their hands on the chest.

Xuanyuan Longyan really hurt him. The most invasive wound on his chest is the most direct proof.

But his wound did not have a drop of blood, and the wounded position healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"you are not human."Ye Zichen Emei Road.

"Hey, how are you still awkward?"Ancient to play with a smile.

"You are a demon."Ye Zichen took the Xuanyuan sword in his right hand and got up from the ground. "Do you merge with the demon?"

"Binggo, right. I didn't expect you to be smart, it made you see it. ”

The ancient eyes were full of smiles, and he waved his wings on the ground road not far away.

"This is the result of my research in the past six months. I have transformed my body into a demon body, and I have also strengthened my self-healing ability. How, genius."

"You go."

Ye Zichen voiced the maiden maiden and others when he was talking about it.

"Do you think we are the kind of people who are afraid of death?"Su Liuer replied, and the niece is also a voice. "There are four zombie ancestors on the opposite side. If we leave, you will die."

"Do you think that it is not a dead end now?"Ye Zichen Emei said, "The ancient metamorphosis has integrated the demon into his body. Now he is already half an undead body. Mad, if I knew it in advance, I wouldn’t ask him to be singled out. But now the situation is like this, the incident is caused by me, you go, behind my house. ”

"What are you talking about?"Su Liuer shouted.

"Let you…"Just when Ye Zichen was debating with Su Liuer, the old-fashioned wielding wings were at this moment, grinning and laughing. "You don't have to play bitter drama here, you can't leave it."

As soon as the voice fell, he made a snap at the zombie ancestor.

"You haven't always wanted to do it with the son-in-law, OK, then kill it here."

It is said that there are strange smiles on the faces of the zombie ancestors.

At the touch of a hair.

"Ye Zichen Ye Zichen, is your brain sick?"

Seeing this, Ye Zichen couldn't help but squirt his brain in his heart. At that time, let Gu leave, it is just to be singled out with him. This is good, and Nyima will throw this.

"Don't be a god, now is not the time to be in a daze."The voice of the niece's maiden appears in her knowledge of the sea. "The zombie ancestor gave us the deal, that ancient ……I will hand it over to you. I have already sent a message to the people of the Buddha domain, and they should be coming soon. ”

"Buddha domain? If so? ”Ye Zichen has a jump in the eyelids.

"I don't know who they will send. Anyway, as long as we are on for a while, we will definitely be safe."

"Then you don't say it early."

Ye Zichen yelled, and immediately he squeezed the Xuanyuan sword in his hand and looked at the ancient sampan road that was 100 meters away from him.

"The self-healing ability of the demon is not endless, right, even if it is strengthened, is it not the same?"


Gu Ruxiao nodded, but my heart was a little weird.

At this time, he still laughed out?

Is it true that the hope that there is no turnaround at the moment is disappointing to the extreme, crazy?

Don't swear, this kind of saying goes out that he doesn't believe in himself.

The only thing that can be explained is…

He still has a backhand.

In the case of their absolute advantage, what other backers can he have?


The whole three circles do not brag about it, absolutely no one is his opponent with the four ancestors of the zombies.


There is another place.

Buddha domain.

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