On the emptiness of the Nine-Tailed Fox family stood in front of a sly scorpion, and the mysterious maiden was now in front of him.

"Female Donor, you have stopped me here for half an hour. I wonder if you will let me go?"

"When the time comes, this seat will naturally let you go, but it is not the time."

The mysterious girl's eyebrows are accompanied by indifference. From their position, they can see the situation of the Jiuwei Fox family.

"I follow the life of the Buddha and come to assist the niece, you block me, and it is not the same."The monk frowns.

Before half an hour, the Buddha asked him to come here, and he was about to go to the place to let the woman stop.

At this point, the situation below is very anxious, and he is eager to help. But before the Buddha came, he warned him that if someone stopped him on the road, he would not rush to provoke each other.

Could it be said that the Buddha would stop someone before he let him come?

The monks are puzzled.

"If you don't let you go down, there is a reason that you won't go down. There is a big chance waiting for the people below." If you go down and destroy this chance, you can't afford it. ”

Xuanji Niangniang's faint opening, immediately raised her eyebrows.

"I don't know the Bodhisattva."

"Da Yong."The monks spoke.

"It turned out to be the big trend to the Bodhisattva, and the disrespect and disrespect."Xuanji Niangni smiled at the monk's money. "The Buddha of the Elysium world sent you a favor, but please wait for some time, the time is ripe, this seat will let you go."

"I am compassionate. Do the donors want the poor to watch them die?"

"Buddha looks down."


The ancient separation will spread Ye Zichen's sword away from the fire sword and the residual snow sword. His face is very playful laughter.

"You thought I would lose before eating."

The palm of the hand is caught in the front, and a huge palm appears in front of it, crushing the swords of the thousand Xuanjian swords.


Ye Zichen certainly doesn't think he will still be like this. All he has to do is just want to delay the time.

The niece said that the Buddha field would send people over, and Ye Zichen had no doubts about her.

It’s only half an hour before this, why can’t I still see the shadow of the Buddha. Can it be said that the western bliss world is too far away from this side, and it will take some time to fly?


The bang came to the attention of Ye Zichen, and when he turned around, he saw Su Liuer falling straight from the sky.

The drought and drought that is not far away directly rushed to her in the moment she landed.


The arm is broken directly.


Su Liuer, who did not hold back the pain, shouted out, and Ye Zichen saw the scene blinking red.


When he was angry, he wanted to help in the past, but the ancients left him in front of him.

"Get out of the way, the sword is eight."


The sword fell on the wings of the ancient leaves without leaving any traces. Ye Zichen bit his teeth hard and his heart was horizontal.



When he was ready to seal, his chest suddenly shrank.


Heavy gas whipped out from his nose, and his body began to sweat uncontrollably toward the outside.

After a while, his body made the sweat soaked, and the whole person was just like fishing out of the water.


Fall to the ground.

Ye Zichen locked his eyebrows on his chest, and his heart is now like a hard-pressed pinch. It is very painful.

The body kept rolling, Xuanyuanxiang saw this scene also detached from the blade and ran to him.

"Ye Xiaozi."

"Xiangxiang sister."Ye Zichen's eyes are covered with bloodshot eyes, and the blood vessels he stretched out of his neck are also violent. "I feel so uncomfortable."

"Just fine, how come"

Halfway through, Xuanyuanxiang stopped, and the pupil jumped.

"Is it true that the fire of the life was just burned, and Shouyuan has done it?"

I thought of the Xuanyuan incense here and hugged Ye Zichen's head and shouted.

"Ye Zichen, you hold on. You are the Yellow Emperor, you can't just die. ”

"I feel terrible."

Ye Zichen's voice has become hoarse at this time, his heart is like to be crushed, this feeling is about to kill his life.

Breathing also became very urgent at this time, holding his Xuanyuanxiang face full of anxiety, but I do not know how to be good.

"Don't die, don't die."

"Oh, it seems that the deadline has arrived."

The old man in front of him smirked, and he saw Ye Zichen burning the fire of the life.

"It’s burning to kill me, but I didn’t expect the last person to die to be you. It’s really pitiful.”

"you shut up."

Xuanyuanxiang was angered, but now she is only a state of sword spirit, and she can't see her at all, and she can't hear her.

"Now you are limited to the situation, and we can't let you go so painfully. So, I will give you a good time, don't thank me. ”


Just as the ancients stepped forward, the Xuanyuan sword lying next to Ye Zichen suddenly flew up.

The current Xuanyuan swords are all controlled by Xuanyuanxiang, and she will not let Ye Zichen harm the ancients.

"It's very loyal."

Ancient and disdainful, he licked his mouth and reached out to grab the sword front of Xuanyuanjian.

"If there is no master, 10% of the power can play a few. Now you are in front of me, but it is just a pile of scrap iron, and I want to stop me. But your master is going to die. It is useless to keep this sword. Just go with him. ”


Sword broken.

The sword of Xuanyuanjian makes the ancients into two segments.

"A pile of scrap iron."

The fragments of the blade let the ancient hand throw it on the ground, and Ye Zichen witnessed this scene with his own eyes.

"Sweet sister"

"The female donor, the poor can't wait."

The general trend to the Bodhisattva is going to go down. The mysterious goddess is pointing his finger to the front, and a wall instantly blocks the way of Bodhisattva.

"When it is time to go to a critical moment, how can this seat let you destroy?"

Immediately, she fell on Ye Zichen's body and frowned.

"Kid, this is your chance, you must catch it."

Seeing Xuanyuanjian's sword broken, Ye Zichen's heart is more prosperous.

Under the anger, the pain in the heart became stronger.

Use force.

In exertion.

The invisible hand squeezed his heart hard until



At the moment of heart breakage, Ye Zichen's pain disappeared.

The hands fell weakly on the ground, and the scorpion became dull.

"Female Donor!"The general trend to the Buddha is furious.

"Give me honestly here."

The mysterious goddess is also open-mouthed, but his gaze is a distant look

"Come on, it's time to come."

"died? It’s really pitiful. ”Looking at the already irritated Ye Zichen, the mouth was accompanied by sarcasm, "But you thought I could make you die so happy, or divide it into pieces."

When you talk, you will reach out and you will be at this moment.

Ye Zichen, who suddenly grabbed his arm with one hand and fell to the ground, was also blinking at this moment.

"What do you want to do?"

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