Spirit world.




Residents of the gods who have been active as usual have stopped after hearing the distant bells.

They stared and looked at the same position.

In a luxury home, two men wearing purple and blue attire are talking.

"This bell is heard from the mountains of the gods. Someone has fallen."

"know."Among them, the old man wearing a purple Chinese dress slightly decapitated, and the turbid scorpion flashed a sharp light. "Can you know which side of the person is descending?"

"The people who are not in our gods are the people in the lower bounds."The middle-aged man in the blue Chinese costume opened his mouth.

"Lower bound? let me see. ”

Said, the old man's hand waved on the stone table.

The clean stone table suddenly became a mirror, and the mirror was now mapping the situation of the nine-tailed fox.

Suddenly, the dazzling purple light rushed out of the mirror.

For a long time, the old man came back to God and frowned.

"So good luck, the gods must not."

"Father, aren't we…"The middle-aged man wants to stop talking, and the old man hesitates to speak for a long while. "The gods can't do too much, but we are the descendants of Lei Di. Control the thunder and punishment of the six worlds, drop the gods…Always have to robbery, but the number of thunder…"

"Children understand."

"It is necessary to blast its godhead."

"Got it."

As soon as the voice fell, the middle-aged man left the courtyard.

The old man also sighed a sigh, said.

"Fortunately, fortunately, it is your fault to fly up at this time, childish, don't blame the old."



Let Ye Zichen hold his neck, this single word is already extruding from the scorpion.

He grabbed Ye Zichen's arm in his hands, but his arms were like iron tongs, and his neck was suffocating, giving him a feeling of suffocation.

"Putting out the filth and the monster is my own responsibility, but…"


Suddenly there was a thunderstorm in the void, and Ye Zichen gave a faint look at it, and it was about to fall on the ground.

"After I am robbed, come back and take your dog."

When the words came out, it seemed as if they had thought of something else, and Ye Zichen spoke again.

"Don't want to run, you…And you guys. Even if I am in a robbery, pinching you is like pinching an ant. ”

The holy white wings fluttered in the air, and when the gods fell into the sea of ​​Ye Zichen, he knew that there was a saying about crossing the gods.

The existence of the god robbery is only to wash the godhead, the essence of the divine power, there is no threat to the gods themselves.

In my heart, Ye Zichen has no vigilance in watching the thundering thunderclouds in the void.

call out.

God is in isolation.

A pale gold sleeve sword floated over his head.

"Into the sword with a sword?"

Xuanji Niangniang nodded with a smile, and the number of sword gods in the gods is extremely rare.

The sword god is also considered to be the most aggressive god in the realm of the gods. It's just that there are still some gaps compared to those special godheads.

However, Ye Zichen can become a god with a sword, but it is not bad.

Just, this thundercloud…

Even the swordsman of the gods today, when it was in the same year, Lei Yun did not.

"Mother, what is this in the morning?"Su Yan opens the way.

"It should be a thunder, and there will be a thunderstorm after it becomes a god." But don't worry, the nine-day thunder is actually just tempering his godhead and does not hurt him. ”The niece replied.


Even though the son-in-law said this, Su Yan couldn't help but worry about him.

This thundercloud, looking really terrible.


At the time when the mysterious girl was frowning, the thunder in the void was already falling.

The thunder of the shooting fell from the emptiness of Ye Zichen's godhead, and the dim godhead also dazzled at this time.

As he knows, there is no threat to this thunder, but the power of the gods.

There are a total of nine Tianlei.

If it were all such attacks, then Ye Zichen could resist it without any effort.


It is also a thunder, it still does not hurt.




A ray of heaven fell from the air, and the sleeve sword at the top of the head became more and more dazzling at this time. Under the essence of the gods and thunders, the area has expanded.

Seeing the normal size of the Xuanyuan sword.

"It seems that this day Lei is really a welfare mine. After eight passes, it will be the last one."

Looking up and looking at the thundercloud, the white light flashed in the thunder, and it was also the last thunder.



Ye Zichen rushed up to the sky and thunder.

The golden blade is straight into the thunder, accompanied by the unfavorable spirit…


Thunder broke off.

"It’s finally over. I’ve resisted nine miles. Now I’m a real god. With a sword into a god, what kind of title is better? ”

Laughter Ye Zichen wants to take back the godhead, but he finds…

Thundercloud has not disappeared.

After the thunderclouds on the emptiness of the sky, the thunderclouds became thicker.

The silver light flashes, and the clouds are like thick ink.

"No wonder."

At this time, Xuanji Niangniang could not help but whisper. At that time, she also thought about why the nine-day thunderbolt, the thundercloud would be that color.

It turns out that Ye Zichen’s thunder has more than nine…

Nine words are actually ordinary gods, and after that there are eighteen, twenty-seven, thirty-six…Until the left back of the nine hundred and eighty-one.

Nowadays, the strongest person in the realm of the gods, he was suffering from the 81-day thunder.

I don’t know, Ye Xiaozi’s thunder…






Thunder has been falling towards Ye Zichen's deity, and it has reached 72 in a short time.

Ye Zichen, who stood in the void, was not as calm as before.

The golden face that was originally shining was especially dim at this time. He himself was also bathed in blood, and the white feathers kept falling down.



This thunder directly penetrates the godhead and falls on the body of Ye Zichen.

A golden blood sprang from his mouth.

At this time, he had some disengagement. It is reasonable to say that after the 54th Thunder, every Tianlei should give him a breathing time.

But his thunder is no time to breathe, one after another…

This day, it is not like tempering his power.

Is asking for his life.

"Want to play, OK, then I will play with you!" Tian Lei has a total of eighty-one roads. I have smashed seventy-three roads. I don’t have those few thunders left. Come…"




Thunder phagosomes.

Ye Zichen red eyes and teeth will block this thunder…

Suddenly, the thunder stopped.

Still the last day of the thunder.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Zichen quickly took the remedy out of his pocket, and whatever he was doing was stuffing his mouth.

Quickly adjusting the interest rate and restoring spiritual power, Ye Zichen looked up and looked up at the void.

"bring it on!"

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