Endless beast outside the domain.

The thundering thunderclouds disappeared, and all the immortals outside of them felt that the boulder that was only pressing in their hearts fell.

The thunder of this thundercloud is too strong, especially the last day of thunder, even if they are separated by thousands of miles, they are still stunned and frightened.

"The great emperor, I don't know if the little immortals might go in and see God's respect."

It is the land of one party, and his fairy is actually only the last of Heavenly Court.

It is only that he is a land of the animal domain, and has the advantage of geographical advantage. This can be followed by the Ziwei Emperor, to go to God to respect.

The rest of the immortals are also bright-eyed, God…

This kind of existence has only been seen in the ancient books of Xianjia, and it is absolutely a blessing to witness this life.

"How about Fuxi Brothers and Tibetan Bodhisattvas?"

Ziwei, the emperor of a purple robe, asked sideways, and the three realms descended, and the three high-rises did their best.

Heavenly Court is headed by Ziwei, and Fuxian is headed by Fuxi. It is reasonable to say that the local government should be the Emperor of Heavenly Qiren, but these times the Great has been seeking a breakthrough and has never appeared.

When Jade Emperor soared, the local government once asked about the situation of the Holy Emperor.

Jade Emperor is just an inscrutable smile, never spoken.

In desperation, the Tibetan king had to come to the temple with ten temples. Originally, the Tibetan king did not want to come, and could not stand the rumors of the ten halls…

Seeing God, it is not enough to qualify for several of their leaders.

The Tibetan king can only go out of the mountain.

"Seeing God is not you. I can assert that the Bird Sanqing will guide us."

The opening of the king of the Tibetan Mastiff, he converted to Buddhism for many years, in fact, these are not particularly valued.

"The Tibetan king said it is good. Let's follow the three blue birds."

Fu Xiaozui smiled, he actually flew up to the gods with his son-in-law in his early years, but he couldn’t let go of Xianyu and asked for his return.

In order to prevent Fuxi from breaking the balance of the Three Realms, the people of the Divine Realm also sealed his divine power.

Even so, he has been to the world of gods, his vision is still far beyond others. It is not so urgent to go to see God.

The Ziwei Emperor looks dull, these two people…

As a result, he was in a hurry.

This can't be done, so he is the Lord of Heaven, and he must always live steadily.

They said that they would wait for the three blue birds, and that would be the case.

However, the heart of the Ziwei Emperor is suspicious, and the animal domain is flying up to God…Who is going to fly?


A loud tweet came out and fluttered its wings toward the beast.

"The three blue birds are moving."There are fairy openings.

"Come on."

The voice of the Ziwei Emperor, who could not wait for a long time, fell, and the three youths who led the way suddenly stopped.


A sorrowful voice came from its mouth, but…It is not moving forward.

"What is this again?"


At this time, a thunderstorm blew, and the red thunder thorns were hurriedly avoiding.


The three blue-green birds that stopped stopped screaming, and the scorpion turned into a blue light and flew toward the beast.

The immortals who stayed in the rear all looked blank, and the Ziwei Emperor was also a brow and locked, watching Fuxi Road.

"It's not that the strongest Thunder is only eighty-one, Fuxi brother, have you been to the realm of the gods, have you ever known that there are days of thunder after the 81-day thunder?"


Fuxi shook his head slightly, but somehow his heart was a little panicked at this time.

"Follow the Three Blue Birds, since it has entered, then we can naturally go in. By then, all this will be seen."


Knowing that the sea is under the thunder, the cracked godhead can no longer withstand the erosion and fragmentation of Lei Yuwei that day.

The broken godhead is not as serious as Ye Zichen's, and a burst of blood is broken.

He looked at the void, still in the clear sky.

But why, but there is a thunder.

No, it’s already over?

"God world, you are so resistant…I……What? ”


Xiao Yumei, who is knitting clothes in Hongfeng City, suddenly sharp needles pierce her palms, and an unspeakable heart rises from her heart.

"Zi Chen."

Throwing the clothes on the floor, Xiao Yumei stood at the door and hurried.

"Send me to the foxland, the nine-tailed fox, fast…"

Dragon family.

As the strongest race from ancient times to the present, the dragons can say that when the zombies invade, the damage is the lightest.

Due to the previous thunder, Xia Keke left the elders of the family in the hall. She is so happy that she has been squatting to see, and when she and the elders spoiled, her chest suddenly hurt.

She looked at the void in vain…

"Zi Chen brother."


A golden dragon phantom appeared from behind, accompanied by a bright dragon.

The elders in the hall saw that this scene was all stagnation, and immediately shouted.

"Follow the lady, can't let her have any mistakes."


"Zi Chen."

This time, Su Yan did not care about the blocking of the son-in-law, and cried and ran over.

"Zi Chen, Zi Chen…"

Tears and tears.

A drop of tears fell on the face of Su Yan and fell on the clothes of Ye Zichen.


I thought that the ancient dying to see this scene, after a moment of sluggishness, laughed aloud.

The godless scorpion is also revived, he is not dead…

The death is Ye Zichen.

"Hahaha, I am the son of destiny. Ye Zichen, even if you are down and how can you, 81 days of thunder, how can you resist the past, the realm of the world can not allow you, the realm of the world can not allow you! ”

The old man was laughing and laughing, and at the same time, Xiao Wei in Leichi also opened his mouth at this time.

"Father, do you see?"

"In the fall, you can resist the 81-day thunder, his god can not be so fragile. Just in case, fall in one. ”

"But there is a woman next to him…"

"How can that be, but the grass mustard." Since she wanted to stay there, she was stunned together. ”



A red thunder was again from the air.

"Little girl, let go."

Su Zhu burst to remind Su Yan to leave, but she could see the thundering thunder with Ye Zichen, but the light in the eyes was flashing.

"I can't make you hurt in the morning."

Her eyes filled with tears and looked straight at the thunder, not waiting for any dodge, so straight and straight face to thunder.

"Little girl!"

Su Zhuqian yelled, Broken Arms Su Liuer woke up at this time, saw the thunder of the void and Su Yan standing still beside Ye Zichen…

"Little girl!"

The screaming screams came from the mouth of the Sisters of the Sue, and they did not hesitate to rush to the thunder.

It is too late.


The thunder swallowed Su Yan, and Ye Zichen was also swallowed. On the way, Su Liuer and Su Zhu were all unable to kneel on the ground.

Suddenly, a familiar one once flashed through Su Liuer’s mind.


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