The beast domain Jiuwei Fox National Gate.

The entire nine-tailed foxes were dressed in red ribbons, and the honor guards boasted drums. At this time they had been blowing outside the gates for three days and three nights.

The head of the patriarch’s room was red, and a woman in a red dress was sitting in front of the dressing table in the boudoir.

The woman’s face is peerless and she smiles.

The pale pink lips licked the lip balm, and two middle-aged women stood behind her, dressing up for it.


The girl who ran into the room for about a year, was very shouting, and she was holding a little girl who was only four or five years old.

The dressing woman smiled and looked back, waving at the girl and laughing.

"Second sister, little sister. You are here, my sister is still looking for you. ”

"What are you looking for?"The girl's incomprehensible opening of the cardamom, she immediately waved her hand, "Let me first say that people in the family have rumored that you want to marry the Yellow Emperor, is it true?"

"Yes."The woman gently touched her cheek.

"But we are not a demon, my sister told me that she was going to marry someone, why is my sister going to marry?"

The girl is still puzzled in her eyes, and immediately seems to think of what is open.

"Is it because he helped us before, is my sister paying for it?"

"There is part of the reason, but more is that my sister really loves him."The woman grinned and turned back to the two middle-aged women behind her. "Let's go down, I want to talk to the two sisters."


The waiter retired and the girl politely nodded towards them and watched them leave.

After that, she did not like the frown, looking at the woman.

"I have taught me to be a demon from a young age…"

"Emotional things are so easy to say."The woman touched the girl's hair, and she had some love in her eyes. "When the two sisters grow up, they will understand."

"I don't want to grow up. How good is it now, there are sisters in the family…I just have to take care of my little girl. ”

The girl smiled and touched the little girl's little head around her, laughing.

"Small bamboo, you said that your sister said yes?"


The girl was full of childish nodding, and the woman smiled and looked at it all.

After a long while, she seemed to make up her mind and took the sandalwood box that had been placed on the dresser.

"Second sister, reach out."


Although the mouth is a questioning tone, the girl still stretched out her hand.

An ice crystal jade is placed in her palm, and the coolness of the ice crystal follows the palm of her hand.

"this is……"

"My sister will marry, and this patriarch's position will naturally fall on you. Ice crystal jade was handed down from generation to generation of my ancestors of the nine-tailed fox family, which can make the ancestors shameful. My sister’s accomplishments in the ice system are not amazing. On the contrary, your sister-in-law is extremely strong in the ice system. This ice crystal is passed to you, and the position of the patriarch is also passed to you. I hope that you can let the nine-tailed foxes continue. ”

When the voice fell, the woman stood up from the chair. In a red dress, she picked up the red yarn on the table and put it on the top of her head.

"Please forgive your sister's selfishness, and the ninth-tailed Fox will be handed over to you."

The drums rang and the firecrackers played.

A fairy beast squats at the gate of the Jiuwei fox, standing next to the fairy beast.

The yellow robe is added, the depth is like water, the thick eyebrows are like ink, and it is not angry.

As long as he stands there, there are mortal beings, and the emperors of the sentient beings are surrendered.


When the expressionless man came out and saw the woman in the red dress coming out, the face suddenly smiled and greeted the past.


The girl in the mountain gate was tearful and her eyes were tight, and her hand was tightly attached to the ice crystal that she had given her before.

"Second sister, why are you crying?" Big sister, she is doing it, she is not the patriarch of the nine-tailed fox, can't she leave the fox mountain? ”

The girl's tender face was full of doubts. The girl reached out and wiped the tears from the corner of her eye. She smiled and licked the girl's head.

"The big sister went after what she wanted."

"What do you want from Big Sister?"


The girl's gaze fell on the man wearing a royal robe at the mountain gate. Her look was very complicated and she didn't know how to be at home.

"Smoke, this time, have you really let go?"

When holding the woman's hand, the man under the royal robe could not help but ask.

The woman looked back at the girl in the eye of the mountain and felt the gaze. The girl quickly turned her head to the side.

At this time, the woman grinned and said.

"The second sister she grew up, she can be alone."


"Killing, killing…"

Suddenly the horror of the horror of the guardian squad, the man in the royal robe browed and shouted at the armor.

“Often, let’s see what happened in front of you?”


This person has not yet gone a few steps, a pot of red liquid was poured in front of the emperor robe.

The man used a robes to block the red woman from him, and the red liquid fell on his robes.

A bloody sigh of relief came.


The red liquid that spilled over was blood.

In an instant, the emperor’s brow was locked.

Marriage is a big joy, but seeing blood is extremely embarrassing.

"Who would dare to let go of this emperor's wedding."

"I haven't seen you for a long time. Can you say that the Yellow Emperor has forgotten me?"

A screaming laughter came out. In a few moments, in front of them, it was convenient to walk out of the brave man with a long horn on his head. He also held a musician of the honor guard in his hand.

The letter squeezed the musician's neck, and the strong-horned strong man on his head opened the door again.

"The combination of Huang Dixiong and the female emperor of the Jiuwei fox family is a top priority in this world. I am here to congratulate the Yellow Emperor, but my family is very good at life, and I don’t know how to celebrate. I can only congratulate the Yellow Emperor with our most loved blood. ”

"Hey, you are looking for you."Wearing a armor often angered, "Is Yan Emperor let you come over?"

“It’s often not rude.”The Yellow Emperor extended his hand and stopped it first. He said, "This is the brother of Yan and Yan, and this is a brother. How can the Emperor Yan find me on my big day?"


The punishment day spit on the ground and shouted.

"Fake 惺惺, with the same gas? I bother! This day, the next unified version should be called Emperor Jun Yan, what is your Yellow Emperor? ”

"You especially have been removed. In order to be in the fight for the great emperor, we are very admired for his profound meaning. The punishment day is the Yandi personally said, the place of the world is sitting by the Yellow Emperor. You are talking about this now, too shameful to your master. ”

The woman under the red dress smashed the opening yarn, and the wedding made people splashed with blood. This kind of suffocating woman was also very angry.

"Hey, the Yellow Emperor is a villain, everyone knows. The female emperor, I’m looking at you as a female emperor when you’ve been fighting in the fight. You are going to marry this despicable villain now, and naturally speaking will be directed to him. ”

The punishment day sneered at the words of the red woman, and laughed.

"But I am not coming to see you this time, someone is going to see you."

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