The voice did not fall, and a Hongqiao fell from the void and was built in this beast.

On the Hongqiao, a man with a folding fan was standing. He walked slowly down the Hongqiao and fell into the sight of everyone.

"The Yellow Emperor, how is it considered?"

The man who walked down the Hongqiao folding fan opened in such a way that the man in the royal robe was locked and frowned.

"God makes."

The person who called the Yellow Emperor the gods nodded a little and took a few steps toward the front.

The people around him are all kneeling, respectfully calling them God-giving adults.


The folding fan man's right hand is lifted up, and the surrounding monsters or mortals are all lifted from the ground.

"Before the lower bound, I didn't expect to encounter the big wedding of the Yellow Emperor. It was too damaging to the scene. but……Although it is very bad atmosphere, this seat still has to ask, what is the consideration? ”

The red-haired woman who started the yarn at the opening glance looked at her. In the suspicious eyes, she was obviously unclear. What happened between her man and the special envoy of the realm.

The Yellow Emperor was also silent for a long time, and sighed.

"God makes the adults, you are pushing the king."

"Oh?"God made a faint eyebrow, with a smile in his eyes. "It seems that you don't want to agree, then I don't know if your words and deeds can represent Xianyu?"


"It’s not a special letter to see you."God made a faint smile, saying, "It happened that I had spent some time in Xianyu before the lower bound, but I also brought a part of the high-level of your fairyland."


God made a fan of the fan, and in the eyes of everyone there were seven or eight men and women.

Seeing these people, the Yellow Emperor's brow lock is more serious, and there is a bad feeling in the inexplicable heart.

"Yellow Emperor."

Several men and women appeared all toward the Yellow Emperor.

"If it is a gift, wait in Xianyu." This wedding banquet is also to be held in Xianyu. Why bother to leave the people far away. ”


Feeling the deep gaze of the Yellow Emperor, the men and women suddenly could not speak.

They subconsciously glanced at God, and the god made a sneer at this moment.

"Tell me what you said in Xianyu before, and don't worry about how he will treat you." There is a seat here, even if he means the sky, but also the ants. ”

"Can you say that again."

The brawny man wearing armor screamed, and the punishment day also took a step in the darkness of laughter.

"Be bold, often, do you want to be rude to God?"

"Criminal days, do you know what you are doing now?"

Always angry, he has been following the Yellow Emperor, knowing the inside story that many outsiders don't know.

The people of the gods are the life of the Yellow Emperor.

After anger, he fell his eyes on the top of the fairy field.

"You said, what did you say to the special envoy before, if you said that I am not satisfied, you will need your head."

Often it is not a rough person, but when the Yellow Emperor is threatened, his loyalty can no longer make him calmly talk to this group of people.


One of the high-rises in the fairy field was surging, and he secretly aimed at his eyes and found that the other side’s afterglow was also watching him.

When the heart is horizontal, it opens.

"please……Please ask the Emperor of the Yellow Emperor for the Taiping era. ”

With the beginning of the people, the other few people are also daring to swear.

"Please ask the Yellow Emperor to change the position of the Zen Emperor."

"Please ask the Yellow Emperor to change the position of the Zen Emperor."

"Please ask the Yellow Emperor to change the position of the Zen Emperor."



Not only them, but the people of the guard of honor are long-slung. These people shouldn’t have known this, they can say this now…

"God makes!"

The tone of the Yellow Emperor has become fierce at this time, and God is still a light smile.

"The Yellow Emperor, the general trend, what else do you have to say. With your understanding of your fairyland, you have always been paying attention to democracy. These are more than half of the top decision-makers, you must be a Zen. ”

"The trend of the times."

The indifferent gaze swept through the crowd, and Huang Di’s mouth was accompanied by a playful smile, watching the high-rises of Xiannian that he pulled up.

"To tell the truth to Ben, it is God who forces you to say so, or the result of your deliberation."

"Yes……It is the conclusion of deliberation. ”

"Jun Shang, this is the conclusion of these soft eggs. It is impossible for people in Xianyu to ignore them."Always rush.

"It is not."The Yellow Emperor’s serious bitter bitterness, “God has given the lower bound for a quarter of an hour, and they cannot be perceived by the immortal. But they still didn't come over and the conclusion was obvious. Ben Jun…In the future of Xianyu, let them give up! ”

"Jun Shang!"

"Don't say it anymore."The Yellow Emperor reached out and interrupted the words of the first place. He laughed. "They did a good job. Xianyu was just formed, and it was especially small in the mainland of Kyushu. This arrogance is arrogant, and it is the fault of the king. If the previous breakthrough is good, can…But never broke. In this case, Ben should pay the price he deserves. With the life of this prince, to change the fairy tales of the celestial world, it is not a loss. ”

"Jun Shang!"

The first face was full of anxious look, and the Yellow Emperor reached out and patted his shoulder and shook his head.

"The battle of Chi You was five hundred years ago. At that time, the generals who followed me to fight for the eight-year-old were left alone. I think about the scene when we were fighting in the Quartet, and it was still yesterday. ”

"It is a blessing to follow the monarch."Always first.

Smiled and nodded, the Yellow Emperor turned back to look at the red dress woman around.

Reaching out to rub the woman's prosperous face, his deep-eyed scorpion is full of petting love.

They have never spoken, but they are more than a thousand words.

After a quarter of an hour, the Yellow Emperor’s hand left the woman’s cheek.

He was very solemn in tidying up his royal robes, his eyes as a sword, and his face turned deep toward the special envoy.


Behind the gods, there are endless wild beasts, and the beasts of these beasts are filled with blood-red light.

The large opening of the blood basin, a drop of viscous liquid dripping from their mouth.

Indifferent from the group of high-level immortals passed by, passing by the special envoy's side, passing by in front of everyone around.


Xuanyuan Huangdi.

Step by step, moving forward, every step of his life reveals decisiveness, but the back of the bleak reveals the sorrow and grief that makes people unable to speak.

After all, he was abandoned.

At this time, he stopped and stared at the group of fierce beasts.

The group of fierce beasts also felt the breath of the Yellow Emperor, roaring and flocking.

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