Chapter 801, the third year of the year

The hundreds of millions of beasts are alone, and this kind of pride is no longer comparable to others.

The Yellow Emperor wearing a royal robe holds a silver long sword, and the sleeves are windless and automatic, and a spiritual cyclone surrounds him.


The god behind him made a brow, and immediately he angered.

"Yellow Emperor, do you still want to bear up against it?"

"Oh, this monarch is appointed to heaven. I want to let this lord abandon the death, this can not be done. Jiuli, the gods are very likely to pick people. ”

A dazzling sword light rose into the sky, and in an instant, tens of thousands of sword blades fell on the body of the beast.

The painful cockroaches came out of the beasts, and the bright red blood sprinkled over the earth, but this bloody temper was even more stimulating to their bloodthirsty nature.


The orcs roared, even though the swordsmanship killed tens of thousands of orcs.

In front of this sea-like orc, it seems so insignificant.

"Jun, I will help you in the end."

call out.

A bloody armor appeared in front of the bloody Yellow Emperor.

“Often, isn’t this the Lord not letting you stay still?”


The trenches pierced the orc's chest with force, and a sweep around the circle would cause the orcs to break the throat.

"The end will follow the king for so long, and Jun has seen the end and will abandon the monarch."

Just then, a dark shadow flew to the back of the Yellow Emperor.

"Just, be careful."

"Ice thorn."


An ice thorn was drilled out of the ground and the beast was turned into a shadow.

"Smoke, how are you?"

Above the void.

The woman in the red dress swayed nine white tails behind her, and when the Yellow Emperor looked over, she smiled at him.

Four eyes are opposite.

Without too much words, from this gaze they all read what the other party wants to say.

"This monarch is not alive in this life."

"Nine-tailed fox girls, you dare to participate in it, are you not afraid to let the nine-tailed foxes rob themselves?"God made a burst of drink.

"God made it serious. At the moment when the Emperor stepped out of the mountain gate, it was no longer a nine-tailed Fox people. The patriarch’s handprinted Emperor was also left to the second sister. Now the Emperor is in a state of sorrow, so let’s talk about the ninth Fox family. ”

The red-haired woman grinned and looked at the Huangdi Road with attachment.

"I decided to be with him, then I am his person. He gave birth to me, he died and I died! ”

"There is a tooth decay, and the seat is going to see when you can thrash!"

"I am going to help my sister."

The girl in the gate shouted and rushed out. The maid around her was holding her and shaking her head.

"Missy Miss has already passed, this matter, my nine-tailed Fox family is not allowed to intervene."

"Can her sister not be a nine-tailed fox, she is still a patriarch!"

"she is not."The maid condensed her face. "Missy said, she was not a nine-tailed Fox when she stepped out of the nine-tailed Fox Gate. The patriarch is also your second lady. ”


The girl is still struggling to go out, but the waiter is screaming at her and biting her teeth.

"Miss Miss, just listen to Missy." If you go out too, then the nine-tailed Fox is really finished! When you go out to help, it means that the nine-tailed foxes are standing opposite to the gods. Do you want to see the nine-tailed foxes dying? Miss Two, you are no longer the second Miss, you are the patriarch of the Jiuwei fox, and the words and deeds determine the future of the Jiuwei fox, please also mature, think twice! ”


Even if there are hundreds of millions of animal soldiers, but three people can not.

Stay up all night.

This kind of bloody battle is a full day, even if they are superior in strength, they can be exhausted under the inexhaustible attack of the other side.

Gradually, their bodies began to leave traces of the other side of the beast.

But each of these traces must be tens of thousands of them, even hundreds of thousands of beasts.

The corpse is horizontal.

A hundred meters away, the people standing in the gates of the Jiuwei Fox Nationality can smell the pungent and bloody gas within ten steps.

The passage of time made the gods not as indifferent as before, even though the beasts caused damage to the three in the field, but the number of their beasts also dropped sharply.

As for their injury

Everyone knows that the nine-tailed fox female emperor is not good at fighting, and as long as they give them a chance to breathe, the scars on them can be cured.

"Can't go on like this."

God makes a brow, the body is high


Just as he was ready to start, suddenly there was a naked Lolita girl in the void.

"Who would dare to use the spiritual power of the Sayādaw here."

The look of Loli is the voice of the royal sister. The god who is preparing to do so, after seeing her, panicked and fell to the ground.

"Participating in the rule of the Lord."

"Is the rule you want to provoke me?"Lolita’s girl did not sneer at the opening, and God shook her head quickly. “The little god has no intention of provoking the adults, but the Yellow Emperor in this area is provocative. The little god was ordered to deal with this matter, but he did not want this thief to be superior in strength. The means of the little god was afraid that he could not be sanctioned against him. This is a bit confused, I want to solve it myself. ”

"The deity does not care about the contradictions between you, but whoever dares to use more than the spiritual power of the king in the deity, kill innocent!"

Lolita’s face was condensed, and she felt the gaze of the gaze, and hurriedly screamed.

"Little gods don't dare."

"This time, I have to warn that I have to be next time,"

As soon as the voice fell, the Lolita girl disappeared from the void.

"Don’t dare not dare."

For half an hour, God did not dare to get up on the ground.

The people around me looked at this scene with a blank look. The girl who was just now, was so afraid of God.

Without paying attention to the eyes of the people, God made the teeth look at the battlefield ahead.

The number of orcs is getting less and less, and the Yellow Emperors are more and more comfortable. If they continue this way, even if the orcs are all killed, they cannot be killed.

I must think of a way.

Suddenly, God made his eyes shine. He took a quaint coin from his arms and placed it in his hand.

Coins and gold are flourishing. When this golden light appeared, there was a deep answer in the sea.

"what happened?"

God made a look of joy and responded in the sea of ​​knowledge.

"The emperor, the task of the little god in the lower bound has some problems."

Saying, God made all of the current situation in the sea.

"This Yellow Emperor is also considered a hero, but the gods can not be invaded, and he is able to provoke." Say, what is your request to contact this time? ”

"Small invites the emperor to drop the punishment of the thunder, to be disciplinary!"

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