"Just, you see the expression that God makes you eat."

Under the golden armor, he often made a slap in the face of God. In this case, he could still distract him to see the gods. Obviously, the orcs here are already dispensable.

"Do not be careless."

The Yellow Emperor's blade flutters, and the sword light with the thunderstorm will kill the orcs who have swooped over them.

"Under the heavens, it is not the king's land. The people of Putian are not Wang Chen. He is just a small singer in the realm of the gods. He really thought that he could give orders to the shackles below. But the group of people in Xianyu, we have to beat and beat. ”

"It is to be beaten."

When I thought about the orders of those people at that time, my heart was somewhat sour.

Those who are immortal, more than half of them are pulled up by hand. Or he has the talent to rule the world, or the talent is amazing, and he has the talent of love, he will all share this group.

I wanted to rely on them to rule the world, and the battalion was too peaceful.

But it is so bright now.


Suddenly there were a few boring thunders in the void, and the Yellow Emperor and Chang Xian all raised their heads and found that their heads were covered with thick clouds of ink.

The lightning flashes between the clouds, it is very impressive.

"This cloud is weird, Xuanyuan, you have to be careful."

The voicer was a red woman on the void. Her nine white tails kept swaying, her eyes staring at the thundercloud, her face deep.

Subconsciously glanced at God, and the Yellow Emperor discovered that the tension on the face of the guy no longer existed.

"It seems to be the backhand of God. He is falling off the penalty." This gentleman wants to see, this is a powerful force. ”


The right ankle slammed into the ground, and the Yellow Emperor jumped into the void.

He indifferently looked at the thunderclouds of the void, his eyes accompanied by the arrogance of the world, his mouth curled.

"court death."

God made a squint, and the emptiness of the sky also dropped a thunder.


Thunder washes.

The Yellow Emperor will rely on the body to resist the thunder, and the thunder will overflow around the body.

The Yuwei of Tianlei alone, let the outside people see the scalp numb. But he was laughing on his back, and the disdain was overwhelming.



A series of thunder and quenching, this one after another, even the gods are blind.

The Yellow Emperor on the void was allowed to fill the top of the thunder, and did not retreat in half.

"It’s just a generation of heroes!"

God can not help but sigh, this kind of thunder is generally only falling when the gods are lowered. This Yellow Emperor is a hero because he blocks a few thunders.

But even if he is a hero, the gods want to erase people…

He can't live.


The thunder is endless, and the Yellow Emperor, who is dismissive of Tianlei, is finally weak.

Without the recovery of spiritual power, the thunder was a strong one. At the time of the seventieth, he was finally spurted out.

Another heavenly thunder fell, and the Yellow Emperor on the void directly fell to the ground unsteadily.

"Jun Shang."


The orc who did not move suddenly suddenly became troubled. He often used the body to protect him, and his back also left the scratches of several orcs.


The boring cockroach came out from the mouth of the first, and he endured the sweetness of the throat, biting his teeth back and piercing the orc's chest.

"The beast, roll."


The red-haired woman in the void was also nervously falling down to her side, and she reached out and flashed her hand, pressing it at her eyebrows.

"I will treat you this."


"The thief is in heaven, I want to hurt my monarch."

call out.

Holding the golden trenches often jumps directly to the front, and the warfare refers to the void.


The weak Yellow Emperor saw this scene, and it is obvious that it is necessary to treat himself as a lightning rod and help him to block this penalty.

After seeing him who has been punishable, how can he not know that he can’t keep up first?


The power of the Thunder was instilled in his body along with the usual trenches.


The power of the thunder that vents in the body constantly destroys the internal organs, and the blood in the body rushes.


The blood of the throat can't stand it, and it breaks out.


The void in the sky is another thunder.


One more.

One more.

The hand-held trenches often make the last lightning rod in front of the Yellow Emperor, and use their own lives to resist the sky-thunder.



At this time, the first breath was already inaudible, and the yellow Emperor, who was covered in blood, grabbed his hand.



In the air, it was a thunderstorm, and this thunder brought them…

It is despair.

"God, I promise you! Ben Jun promised your request from the realm of the gods, and now the king only asks you to put a small cigarette and often first. ”

"This can't be done."God shook his head. "They both openly confronted the majesty of the realm of God."


"Jun, he is just a running dog, what about him?"

Hehe, who kept bleeding in his mouth, smiled first, and immediately he saw another thunder in the air.

"I want to hurt me."

He did not know where he got the power from the oil, and he leaped with a trench.

Tianlei body.

The first thing under the convulsions was also to shout out the last sentence of his life.

"Big brother is fast!"

β€œOften first!”

The Yellow Emperor shouted exhaustedly, and he looked at the top of his head with his blood red, and directly turned into a light spot to dissipate in the heavens and the earth under the thunder.



The thunder is still more than that.

A red shadow swept past the Yellow Emperor…

"Smoke, don't."

"It seems that the rest of the thunder is for me to stop you."The red-haired woman grinned and said, "The day is going to kill the king, and the slaves are with the king."

Immediately, the red-dressed woman rested her eyes on the girl in the nine-tailed Fox Mountain Gate.

Her lips are creeping…



After the nine-tailed Fox family, Su Liuer shouted and stretched her hand. She wanted to grab Su Yan, who had swallowed the thunder.

"Can't pass."

The maiden maiden locked her with spiritual power, and Su Liuer could only struggle, and her eyes shed tears.


It’s this scene…

That was the case at the time.

She hated her for thousands of years, hated her own weakness, and could not help her when her sister resisted the sky.

From that moment on, she worked hard on ice spells.

Three hundred years…

The ninth-tailed fox chief, trusting the fox emperor Su Liuer was born.

She is overwhelmed and the people worship.

She hates the fairyland and never believes in the sky.

She is looking forward to one day breaking the day with her own hands and stirring up the world.

She is eager to stand in front of her sister one day, not the child, but her right arm.


This is another scene.

She had awakened her scene in a hundred times in her sleep, and at this time she reappeared in front of her eyes.

It is like a demon, swallowing her heart and engulfing her soul.


Su Liuer’s yelling gradually became awkward, and her ice-colored scorpion gradually turned into blood red at this time, and the white nine tails also turned into blood.

"Yellow Emperor, all this…Blame you! ”

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