This red glamorous, this red dazzling.

In the heart of Su Liuer who fell into the demons, there was only hatred and resentment. In her mind, she kept replaying the scene in which Su Yan swallowed the thunder.

again and again……

She hates her own powerlessness, and she has already decided.

Determined not to let such a scene happen again, but when this scene really appears, she still can't do anything.

She can still watch the thunder and devour her sister…

ice King?

The ninth fox chief.

The eternal worship of the beasts, the three worlds courtesy.

But how can this be? Today, he still can only stand in the distance and cry, repeating the scene of weakness at that time.

"you guys……Damn it. ”


The violent breath is released from her body, and its spiritual power becomes blood red at this time.

Locking her niece maiden is too late to prevent the violent violent vomiting.


Su Zhu shouted and ran over, lifting the son-in-law from the ground, and she looked worriedly at Su Liuer and Su Yan who let Tian Lei swallow.


"Brain brains, the power of the thunder is the resistance of the gods."

Gu Yan was disdainful and looked at Su Yan, who was swallowed by Tian Lei. When she was going to use the flesh to resist the thunder, she had already given her a dead pit in his heart.

And Ye Zichen, who has been arrogant, is going to die.

Heaven does not allow him.

Then he can only die.

"You just smashed my sister."

I do not know when, behind the ancient departure, there is a cold contempt.

Suddenly looking back, it was a fascinating red heart.

"It's you?"

When the eyes are fixed, Gu Gu will recognize that she is just Su Liuer.

"Red, it seems to fall into the demons? The nine-tailed fox family is really miserable. One is to bury a chase, and you don’t know the rest…Well, it is not a climate. This is also good. If you solve it, I will collect all the nine-tailed Fox people as blood stasis, but it will also strengthen my many forces. ”

Fall into the heart.

This situation has not been encountered before, after many analyses, after the chasing into the demons, the strength will be multiplied, but the price that can be paid is the loss of reason, and no ability to think.

In other words, Su Liuer at the moment is a killer machine in his eyes.

People are good and not good.

Wisdom is in front of strength.

Dealing with this kind of abandonment of reason and pursuing power does not pose any threat to the ancients.

"Is it?"

Unexpectedly, the succulent Su Liuer actually used a playful tone to speak.

When this is the case, the ancients feel that the situation is somewhat wrong…


The fist was printed directly on the ancient chest, and the power of this punch directly sagged his chest.

"Destroy my sister, damn it, it is not good for my family, damn it. However, I will not let you die until I have made up for the crime of slandering my sister. ”

Stretched out his hand and pinched the ancient arm, and immediately she lifted her foot and stepped on the ancient legs.


The ancient mouth and nose are suffocating, but the fate is that the injured tissue will heal quickly because he has merged with the demon.

"All right? That's great! ”

The arm was crushed again and the legs were again broken.


Break again.


Break again.

Because of this damn self-healing ability, the ancients are constantly suffering from this pain.

This pain has eroded his spirit and even eroded his survival.

"Please give me a good time."

Now he is bent on death, he does not want to suffer this kind of inhuman torture. He asked himself that the city is extremely deep and very forbearing.

In the face of this pain, he can't stand it.

"I want to be happy?"

The fascinating Su Liuer bent down, and the slender advice crossed the ancient cheeks. Suddenly, she raised her hand and smacked him, swelled his face, and the teeth were scattered with blood.



"Kill you, my sister, can she live?"


"Kill you, can you start all over again?"


"It’s not good to kill you, smash my sister and my family’s account. How can I kill you?”

"You are this witch!"

The pain of the heart made Gu screaming, and this name was called Su Liuer’s eyes and smiled.

"You are right, I am a witch. In the moment when you guys and my sister died under the thunder, I am the devil! ”


A punch broke the ancient chest, and Su Liuer put his gaze on the body of the zombie ancestor.

"And you guys…"


The back hills of the Jiuwei fox family can only see a red light and shadow interlaced, but the ancestors of the zombie corpse are gradually showing a scar.

"I am going to bury my sister."

After the mountain continued to scream the explosion of Su Liuer, the zombie ancestors struggled to survive, facing Su Liuer after falling into the demons, they…

Also helpless.

At this moment, no one stopped her, and no one could stop her.

"I want to run."

The drowning drought is only feeling the shadow of a big hand behind her, and the next moment she has already blocked the neck.

"The armband has not been counted with you, my arm…It’s you pulling it down! ”


The right hand of the drought and flood gave Su Liuer a hard pull, and the same as the ancestor of the zombie's ancestors and the brow of a brow, also gnawed his teeth.

"court death."

Deftly leaping toward the rear to escape the winch and the back of the sniper, Su Liuer turned back and swept.


Win Hook and Hou Qing all plunged into the mountain wall of Houshan.

"And you, is there a wing that is amazing?"

Will win the hook to solve them, Su Liuer jumped to the front of the minister.

He will blow his wings and want to dodge, but how can his speed compare with Su Liuer.

"You just fly by it."Locking the hand of Su will be holding the wings behind him. "I don't know if I pulled it, you can't fly!"


A few meters long wings let Su Liuer pull out the roots, and blood sprayed on her face to make her more demon at this moment.


Heavy will be on the ground…


The thunder in the void was blasting.

Su Liuer, who is afflicting the ancestor of the zombies, suddenly turned back.

"The bottom line is that you killed your sister this day."


The fist went to the sky and the red thunder was instantly infused into her body. After a brief convulsion, a large mouth of blood spurted out of her mouth.


The blood of the corner of the mouth was wiped off by hand, and Su Liuer looked at the void.

Under the thunder, she smiled.

She used to know how many times she looked at the sky above her head.

From young to old…

As long as there are thunder, there will be Su Liuer smashing the thundercloud.

Million years…

The animal domain has never been thundered!

Everything she has to do is to prepare one day.

That day, it is today.

"Give me away."

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