The woman who walked from the void in the sky was like a picture.

The white clothes are dancing without wind, and it seems that she is walking in the lotus step, but in a flash, from the distance of 100 meters, to the place where the thunder is.

“Thank you for the help of the female donor.”

The Buddha's glazed jade body is fluorescently flowing, and the one who comes from it laughs.

"The Buddha is serious, and the glazed jade body is the master of the lord. Even if this seat does not come, this day will not be how the Buddha will be. ”

The slight dagger seemed to agree with the woman’s words, and the woman smiled and looked up.

"But some families in the realm do need a good life to beat."

"Father, is a mysterious girl."

Xiao Yan outside the thunder pool, the whole person's mood is a bit bad, he kept swallowing his mouth, and he could feel the tension and worry in his heart from his eyebrows.

I don't know that Xiao Wei is also a brow and a deep lock. This woman appears, and the situation is not good.

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Wei opened the road to the thunder pool.

"I don't know if the mysterious lady is driving, and she is disrespectful and disrespectful. At the moment, Ben Jun is falling into a thunder, but I don’t know why the mysterious goddess erased the thunder of the Lord’s fall. ”

The roar of the emptiness of the air, the outsiders are standing in the distance.


What I just spoke was the power of the gods.

There is also the ability to call that woman a mysterious woman, can she say that she is also a god?

Xuanji Niangniang chuckled and said: "Isn't you knowing what you are in your heart?"

"I don't know."

"Ah……"At this time, the mouth is still hard, and the mysterious goddess is helpless and laughs. "It seems that you refused to plead guilty."

"This monarch does not know what sin is."Xiao Yu’s eyes gaze at the picture inside the Leichi. “It’s the responsibility of the family to control the people’s responsibilities. Now that someone has lowered the gods, this is the truth.”

"What are you going to drop?"


Xiao Yan’s eyes, sure enough, this woman was on the scene from beginning to end, but why he did not find it when he was thundering.

The position of this woman is super-detached from the six worlds. It is somewhat annoying to let her grasp the handle here.

But there is no need to worry, he already has a saying in his heart.

"What is the meaning of the girl?"

"Tian Lei has a total of eighty-one for the number of poles. After these eighty-one thunder, you are thundering again. This is to disobey the Father. That's all, you still don't know sin? ”

"The niece is laughing."Xiao Wei’s look is full of indifference. “From the beginning of the realm of the gods, the thunder penalty is controlled by my Xiao family. The goddess said that the 81-day thunder was robbed, but only seeing someone spend the most of the 81 days. Thunder. But my history of the gods is far away, and people can be more powerful. ”

"What do you want to say?"Mysterious girl's face is also not very good looking.

"This is the king who wants to tell the goddess that this day is not a pole number. In fact, there is a 99-day thunder on top of this day. There have been many amazing people in the history of the Protoss who have survived this robbery. ”

"Why didn't you know why this seat?"

"How have you been through the goddess?"

Knowing this, Xuanji Niangni couldn't help but smile.

This is a good statement, and this Xiao Wei really deserves to be recognized as a savage generation of the gods. If other emperors see her, maybe they will be confused for a while, and there will be some flaws in their speech.

But Xiao Xiao, from the beginning refused to plead guilty, relaxed and clear.

In particular, this last death is not the opposite, but it is the crowning touch of this series of prefaces.

"A good death has no evidence."

"The mysterious motherland is going to talk about it. From the beginning of the realm of the gods, the family of the king will control the thunder of the people. The middle knows more than the mother. This day Leiben is the secret of my family. Now the niece wants to set the sin of this prince, and this prince is forced to say it. However, I still hope that the goddess can keep her mouth shut, and don't spread the news out. Otherwise, this monarch is hard to redeem. ”

"Well said."Xuanji Niangniang smiled, and immediately she was not entangled in the problem of the robbery, said, "That is also a curiosity, why your thunder penalty will fall on others."

"The girl is laughing again."Xiao Yan in Leichi smiled indifferently. "There is only one place in the Tianlei that has fallen from the beginning to the end. It is the position of the robbery. Tianlei has no eyes. These other people enter the thunder and are attacked by the thunder. How can this be? Tianlei is a quenching person for the gods who descended. They rushed to resist the thunder. The monarch did not blame them. Why did the goddess come to blame Ben? ”

"Is it?"

"Mother, you don't want to talk to Benjun here. In fact, before the thunder fell, Benjun felt a wave of space. The man who robbed the ignorant little hoe for his thunder, in the hands of your niece. ”

Everyone's eyes fell on the mysterious girl, the most hot one is Su Liuer.


A chuckle cocked from the mouth of the mysterious girl, she did not deny that there were two shadows in the space in front of the right hand.


"Zi Chen brother."

"Zi Chen."

Almost at the same time, the surrounding population exclaimed.

"It makes you aware of it, but people just let the seat take it away. Now this seat will release people, how, you still have to continue to thunder? ”

"This king does not dare."Xiao Wei smiled faintly. "How can the gods want to protect the people? What's more, this robbery has not passed, and the gods are broken. Even if he wakes up, he has no chance to enter the realm of the gods. Since he can't step into the realm of the gods, there is no need for him to pay attention to it. ”


The mysterious girl's brow suddenly collapsed, and Ye Zichen's godhead was broken.

"Xiao Wei!"

"What is the matter of the girl who calls you?"Xiao Xiao’s mouth is slightly squinted. “This broken personality can only say that his mind is not strong, which has nothing to do with this monarch. There is also a niece at this time in the Xuanji Pavilion, but why is the goddess appearing in this lower bound, and the relationship with this mortal? These monarchs will be reported to the Emperor and let him decide to take it. ”

"You are threatening this seat?"

"Don't dare, this monarch is dedicated to the life of the gods, and the nature of the hearing is to be reported to the gods."


Simply, the mysterious goddess is no longer entangled with him.

Just as she apparently felt that Ye Zichen's breath became more turbulent, she had to hurry to deal with the injury.

As for Xiao Wei, when she returns to the realm of the gods, she is slowly looking for trouble.

It seems that Xiao Xiao has always been humble and courteous, but from one of his words, one can see that he has never put the mysterious girl in mind.

"Then the king will retire."

Just as Xiao Xiao was about to leave from the Leichi, the mysterious queen of Houshan suddenly opened his mouth.

"And slow!"

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