"Chang'e fairy."

"It's Chang'e Fairy."

When the group of immortals saw the coming, they could not help but look at it.

Heavenly Court The first beauty is not a singular name. When you see the Chang'e fairy in the plain skirt, some of the giants in the fairyland can't help but jump.

Chang'e flew down and bowed to the mysterious goddess. Then she fell to Xiao Yumei.

Coincidentally, Xiao Yumei is also looking at her…

"Speaking sister, you seem to be oh."

Xia Keke squinted her eyes. In fact, she had seen Chang'e Fairy before, but she didn't find any clues at the time.

At this time, both of them appear at the same time. Although the looks are not the same, they always feel a similar feeling when they look at the two.

"Is it."

Xiao Yumei smiled a little, but didn't say much, just looking at Chang'e from time to time.

This woman…

Somehow, when she saw her, there was always an indescribable incitement in her heart.

As everyone knows, the same is true of Chang'e Fairy.

"Predecessors, you have to wait, but wait, are we…"

Some eager Su Liuer couldn't help but open their mouths. The mysterious eyes of the mysterious girl swayed through Xiao Yumei and Chang'e's body for a few laps, and they stopped their eyes somewhere in the void.

For a long time, she just nodded and smiled.

"I want to come almost, then let's go."

A careful person can detect that the mysterious goddess is talking about the same, not a positive tone.

At this time, everyone paid attention to Ye Zichen and Su Yan, and no one cares about these details.

"There is Lao Buddha here."

At the time of leaving, the mysterious girl opened her mouth again.

"Amitabha, it is here to give it to you."

"There is Lao Buddha."

As Su Liuer left from the back hill, it was not long before they left, but there was a shadow in the clouds wearing a black robe.

Put the hat down, this person is just a daughter.

The people under the black robe look down, and from time to time they will sigh.

"The sage of the saint, it is not early, we should leave."

The old man with the white long beard smiled awkwardly, and the man in the black robe nodded unanimously, but there was a long sigh in the mouth.

"The saint, you are my saint, this life has no chance." I also hope that you can focus on the community and let the children in the red dust fall down. What's more, this son is broken, and this life is unable to set foot on the world. But you don't have to worry, this life should be able to stay. Xuan Ji personally shot, there will be no worry about life. ”

The old man seems to see the saints think, can not help but speak out.

The saint did not respond to the old man's words, she just stared at the figure of the mysterious goddess gradually drifting away.

for a long time……

"Let's go."

From this low-pitchedness, she could hear her disappointment, and suddenly she turned her head over the top of her head.

Quietly go.

But I don't know, in her position, a tear fell from the sky.

The mysterious maiden left, and the celestial beings felt that the pressure of the impression disappeared.

At this time, Fuxi of Xiannian took a step toward the front and made a slight stance toward the Buddha.

"This seat knows what you want to say."

Not waiting for its opening, the Buddha has already indicated that it does not need to say much.

Fuxi knows that the Buddha’s means of passing the sky is not a mouthful, just standing by and waiting.


There is no end to one sentence, but it is the ancestor of the zombies that was destroyed by the squad, and the ancient ancestors appeared in front of his rose seat.

At this time, several of them were all in a state of coma, and the Buddha looked at the general trend to Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva knew the meaning of the Buddha and went to the top of their heads and took a picture of them on their heads.


In the ancient screaming, he screamed and woke up. When he saw that Su Liuer was no longer around him, and in front of the famous Buddha, he quickly fell to his knees on the knees.

"Thank you for the help of Buddha."

"No harm."The Buddha is faint.

"Buddha, you may not know. There is a witch here, that is, he seriously injured me. I am compassionate and hope that you will severely punish the witch. The witch fell into the heart and became bloodthirsty. Let her stay in the world will plague the world, but also hope that the demon will be severely punished. ”

The ancients began to smash the dirty water of the train, but I did not know that Su Liuer had already let the Buddha remove the demons.

He is now smashed and destroyed, and if he succeeds, it will be good for him.

"This seat is already known."The Buddha is still indifferent.


The ancient thoughts were active, and at this time his mind had been calculating something, and he immediately saw the zombies ancestors around him.



"I also hope that the Buddha's ancestors, the villain did have a cooperative relationship with the ancestors of these zombies. In fact, the villain simply does not want to pay attention to these few dirt, but they have eyes on the sky, not the villain can cope. In order to leave their lives, the villain can only think of them as snakes. This is also a helpless move. ”

The Buddha domain is extremely mysterious. It is said that the Buddha of the Buddha domain is a person who is ceremoniously convinced by the power of the gods.

In the face of such a big man, he did not dare to clear the relationship with the ancestor of this zombie.

But, splashing dirty water is ok!

"Women Mingjian, when the villain and these people think of the snake, the villain has no poison for any poison. From the beginning to the end, they are doing evil. What the villain can do is to eat the Buddha at home and wash his sins. ”

"This seat is already known."

Also know.

Ancient can't help but frown, what does this old vulture want to do?

Say everything is ok!

If he says a few more words, maybe he can guess what is in the line between the words. Can you flip through these four words and let him guess a hair?

But looking like it doesn't seem to kill him, so it's fine, you can't die.

"A few of you have cholera, and your sins are sinful."At this moment, the Buddha suddenly took such a sentence.


The ancient thoughts don't want to be a bang, he doesn't want to die like this, he has to excuse himself.

"Buddha Mingjian, villain…"

"All right."The Buddha directly interrupted his words and said, "This seat knows that you have never poisoned all beings, but these people can't get away with you." I am compassionate, and I am going back to the shore. I am here to give you a chance to rehabilitate. ”

"The villain will eat the Buddha in the future, and will spread the goodness and support the people."

If you don't die, you can't die!

This sentence has been repeated in the ancient centrifugation, for him to stay in the green hills, not afraid of no firewood, nothing is more important than life.

As long as he can live, everything is possible.

"It is good to have this heart."The Buddha is very satisfied with the dagger. However, he turned his face and looked sad. "You can have a heart in your heart, let the seat know you!"

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