"Buddha, what do you mean?"

The golden light of the Buddha in the void erased his offensive. This is obviously saving the thief lying on the ground, and he could not help asking questions.

The same is true of Fuxi around him, and the rest of the immortals are even more puzzled.

Why did the Buddha want to save this thief?


The Buddha on the rosette is still holding the Buddhist scriptures. He immediately picks up the fingers, and the ancient detachment on the ground and the ancestors of the zombies lying next to him, but fall to his rose seat.

"I am compassionate, this child has a sigh of relief, but there is repentance, this seat is willing to cross him once."

"Buddha, this is a blackmail, you must not believe him."Ziwei Emperor cried.

"No need to say anything, this heart has been decided."The Buddhaโ€™s answer is undoubtedly, and Ziweiโ€™s hate sighed with a sigh. Even if he heard Wen Fuโ€™s opening, โ€œThe Buddha did not know that he could leave the beast to me, and he was in danger from the ancient times. The beasts of the beasts are not to be restful, and millions of beasts have made them harmless. Is this a great sin, does the Buddha have to cross it?"

"To be crossed."The Buddha still answers in an unquestioned tone.

"Buddha!"The female niece also frowned at this moment, and the Buddha looked at them with a faint look. "Itโ€™s all scattered. These people will bring back the Western bliss for 30 years and wash their sins. People are not sages, and there is no end to it. They have the heart to repent, and this seat naturally has to cross. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, the Buddha in the void disappeared.

"Why did the Buddha believe in them?"

The Ziwei Emperor shook his fist and angered him. Even if he felt that there was no repentance at all, why did the Buddha believe?

The same is true of Fuxi and Nuwa, which is the best time to solve the problem, but…


Just a quarter of an hour after the Buddha left, the general trend came to the Bodhisattva from the void.


All the immortals leaned toward them, and Ziwei Emperor saw him after locking his eyebrows.

"Buddha, you must not let the Buddha believe in them. The thieves have determined their minds, and they will certainly not have a remorse."

"The emperor is a little bit safe."The general trend to Bodhisattva raised his hand to indicate his anger, and smiled. "The Buddha's heart has long been fixed."


Ziwei Emperor and others frown, said.

"What is the meaning of the Buddha?"

"The Buddha's message, there is less than a month is the time when the three worlds compete for the first place, and I hope you will go back to good life."

"That said…"

What did Fuxi think of?

Before the Buddha said that they would let them add to the Buddhist scriptures for 30 years, can they say that the Buddha is afraid that they will be destroyed when they fight for hegemony?

Itโ€™s not right, if you worry about killing it directly.

Even if the people of the Buddha domain never like to kill, but those people are full of evil people.

"Why did the Buddha still want to bring the fierce beast?"The son-in-law opened the door at this time.

"This Buddha naturally has his deep meaning. Don't try to figure it out." As long as you are ready to fight for the hegemony, it is good for the Buddha to speak. The Buddha has a saying that this hegemony will not be too safe. โ€

The general trend to the Buddha faint smile, and immediately opened to Fuxi.

"Fuxi Emperor, when the Buddha left, let the barren go with you to the fairyland, see the Shaolin Emperor, and you will lead the way for poverty."

"Buddha please."

"correct."The general trend to leave, to the Bodhisattva at this time, said again, "There are many wounded in the animal domain, there are people who have worked Heavenly Court and the land."

As soon as the voice fell, he nodded toward Fuxi and walked away from the clouds.

"This Buddha…"

The heart of the Ziwei Emperor circulated, constantly trying to figure out what the Buddha might have.

But as the general trend to Bodhisattva said, the Buddha's ideas are really not what they can figure out. Rao is the cultivation of the Ziwei Emperor, and I canโ€™t think of it.

"You will stay here to help the reconstruction of the animal domain. The Buddha said that he wants to prepare for the three worlds. He will go back to Heavenly Court to prepare for hegemony."

"Give me the Emperor."

Nine-tailed Fox family secret land.

The stream of light inside the secret land lingers on the body of Ye Zichen.

The mysterious goddess has been leaving Ye Zichen's eyebrows, and the whole person has vacated.

"to make!"

With a pampering, the magical charm is hidden into his eyebrows.

The mysterious woman who was covered in sweat and sweat fell from the void, and she was soaked and tired.

At this time, Su Yan's face is already rosy, but as long as she can observe it carefully, her vomiting and Ye Zichen are natural, and the spiritual power is constantly flowing around the two, like the spirit of yin and yang.

"This is also your great creation, with its ninth, this seat is also willing to send you this creation. Now the two of you are connected, as long as you donโ€™t…"

Halfway through the words, Xuanjiโ€™s maiden suddenly trembled and hurriedly slammed.

For a long time, she stopped to look at the two on the bed.

"So what is the blood of the dog, Qiong Yao drama!"

At this time, the mysterious goddess still has a little bit of a man's gesture. She stared at the two people and couldn't help but marvel.

Not long after, she is indifferent to shrugging.

"What is the relationship with this seat? I can do it anyway, even if I go back to my close friend, I can't say anything about me."

Another look of a funny look for a while, the mysterious goddess is also turned into a blue smoke disappeared from this secret land.

Some of the women who left the secret land did not leave, and they stayed outside the secret land.

Xia Keke kept pacing outside the secret land, playing with his fingers while muttering from time to time.

"You can never have anything to do with your child."

Xiao Yumei and Chang'e are much more stable. They just stand and don't speak, but they can't help but look at each other.

When the eyes are staggered, they will regain their gaze from each other. It will not be long before they are staggered.

Among these people, Su Liuer can be said to be the most secure. She is sitting on her back, but her heart is not as flustered as she was at the beginning.

When Xuanji Niangniang reborn her arm, she felt that this high man could definitely save Su Yan.

Of course, she can only believe and expect Xuanji Niangniang.

"Speaking sister, Chang'e sister, can you not sneak a shot? If you want to see each other, you can look at it generously."

When Xiao Yumei and Chang'e looked again, Xia Keke couldn't help but speak.

"If you are comparing, let me give you a review." Well, they are all very beautiful, but they are still a little bit worse with me. โ€

Xia Keke Some arrogant and delicate chins, Xiao Yumei and Chang'e can't help but smile.

"But why are you so two!"Xia Keke muttered again.

"Cocoa said it was good. You two are indeed very similar. It is not similar in appearance, and the temperament seems to have some differences, but it is very similar to people. โ€Su Liuer could not help but shook his head. "This is strange."

Just then, there was a chuckle at the door in the secret land.

"What is strange about this."

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