A few people outside the secret land greeted almost at the same time. The mysterious maiden was still the body skirt. The tiredness in the secret land just disappeared, and the face was full of light smiles.

"I don't know how people are inside?"

"They should say that it is no longer a problem, and they should wake up in a few days."Mysterious girl smiled.

"Predecessors are great, and Liu Er is unforgettable!"

The female emperor Su Liuer is kneeling directly on the ground, knowing that she has never married anyone in her life.

But this time the mysterious girl saved Su Yan's life, but let her do this gift.

"How are you!"

Lifting it from the ground, the mysterious girl opened the door.

"This seat has not introduced yourself to you. This is mysterious. People in the realm of the world call this seat a mysterious goddess. You can do the same. Itโ€™s always a bit of a disappointment for seniorsโ€™ predecessors. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, the mysterious goddess smiled at Su Liuer.

"Actually, my years of practice are not as good as you. It is really strange that you called my predecessors."

Su Liuer heard a slight glimpse, but more is nothing.

Still not her long?

But this niece is already flying up the gods, and it is absolutely powerful to see his words in the realm of God.

But she…

"You don't have to think too much. The situation in this work is quite special. Even in the realm of the gods is the odd number in the plural. In fact, your talent is not bad, but the red dust cause and effect involve too much, this pulls you can not fly. If this place thinks well, in fact, you have been pressing on your own realm, worrying that this family is unattended after the ascent. โ€

Xuanji Niangni smiled.

"Anniling eyes."Su Liuer does not deny that "the nine-tailed fox family is different from other peak ethnic groups. Today, the prosperity of the family is supported by me alone. Although there are several people in the family who are strong enough to serve as patriarchs, the mentality is insufficient. The two sisters are exquisite, but their strength is slightly lower. I can only stay here, wait for the second sister to grow up, and think about other things. โ€

"In this seat's view, even if someone can inherit the Datong, you will definitely not go to the realm of the gods."

When the words came out, the rest of the people were a glimpse.

Flying up the gods can not be said to be the common desire of the three worlds, but also the wish of 99%.

Take Ye Zichen as an example, how he can rise more than once.

Xuanji Niangniang actually said that Su Liuer would be able to fly, and would not fly?

"Yes."Su Shier was unexpectedly nodding his face and saying, "The gods and my enemies don't wear the sky together. Even if I fly, I will not disturb the gods."

"It seems that your resentment against the gods is really deep."Xuanji Niangni smiled a little, "but this seat tells you, in fact, your hatred comes from the day of mine." And Tian Lei is actually not a god, but a family of the gods falls. If you want to find trouble, you can find the trouble of the family. Maybe, this seat can also give you some help. โ€

"What family."

"The god of the world Xiaojia."The mysterious goddess flashed a glimmer of light in his eyes. "The deity of the gods, from the beginning of the birth of the gods, will control the thunder and punishment of the six realms. It is also one of the most prosperous families in the realm of the gods. It is the Emperor who wants to give his family some face."

"Xiao Jia!"

Su Liuerโ€™s face suddenly sinks, and the mind canโ€™t help but emerge from the road.

"Now you don't have to care too much, just rely on you now, and you are a banyan tree to the gods. Anyone in their family who has a shackle can suppress you. After all, your strength is still too weak. โ€

Xuanji Niangniang made a speech, and then she stopped her eyes on Xiao Yumei and Chang'e.

"This is also the reason why I let you both come with me."


Xiao Yumei and Chang'e looked at each other and their eyes were filled with inexplicable colors.

Xia Keke, who hadn't talked to the side, stared at the big eyes and kept gesturing his fingers, and immediately exclaimed.

"Xiao Jia, Xiao Yumei…Yeah, is it true that the sister of the language has a relationship with the Xiao family of the gods? But Chang'e sister, she is not a surname? โ€

"Actually, my real name is not Chang'e. It was only in the Western Han Dynasty, in order to avoid the shackles of Han Wendi Liu Heng, and renamed Chang'e. No matter what, the little girl is not related to the Xiao family. โ€Chang'e said in a gentle tone.

"You don't want to figure it out. I have never said that you both have a relationship with Xiao."

The mysterious goddess smiled and reached out and licked Xia Keke's small head.

"You don't always guess this little guy, you look at you and forget what you want to say."

"That sister is slowly thinking about it."

Xia Keke grinned with a grin, and the mysterious girl looked at her smile and couldn't help but reveal a touch of love.

This kind of beloved gaze is only the love that the sister will bring to the younger sister or the parents to the children, and this kind of love will also be there directly, which will be generated by long-term contact.

If she did not always have such a look at Suzhu, she would not be aware of it.

However, the mysterious girl and the cocoa have just met each other and should not make such a gaze.

Xia Keke was also very enjoyable to let her touch her head. At this moment, the mysterious goddess made a snap, and the space in front of her was tearing apart.

The people around them are subconsciously withdrawing one step toward the rear. The space will be broken and there will be a tearing force. If they are sucked in, even if they have thousands of lives, they will not die.


There was no tear in this space crack, and everyone waited for it to look like a treasure house, and piled up a dazzling array of treasures.


Su Liuer and Chang'e can't help but take a breath.

The treasure in this crack is comparable to the treasure of the Nine-tailed Fox or the baby of Heavenly Court…Oh, there is no way to compare.

"Wow, it's beautiful."

Xia Keke is a smiling clap, with light in his eyes.

The favorite of their dragons is to collect rare treasures, especially like gems and gold. There are many treasures in this crack, and the gems are piled up in a mountain.

"This seat likes you little girl, just send you a baby here."Xuanji Niangniang grinned, "This is the treasures that have been acquired in this seat for so many years. There are also some artifacts in the world of the gods. You can choose what you choose."

To be honest, even Su Liuerโ€™s heart is somewhat envious, and she has seen a lot of treasures that she can use to win the title in this three worlds.

It is impossible to say that she is not motivated, but the mysterious goddess only sends Xia Keke, and there is nothing to help.

Just as she was expecting Xia Keke to get a good baby and look towards her.

She is holding a jewel in her hand, and her eyes are shining!

"Where is the baby in Cocoa? If she is, she will definitely choose the gem of sparkling crystal!" They don't have this problem with the dragons! โ€

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