"Sparkling crystal."

As Su Liuer thought, when Xuanji Niang asked Xia Keke to pick her baby, her eyes filled the pile of precious stones.

A small little hand has been holding it inside, and will take a look at the gem and look at the gem.

Her heart is also very entangled, in the end what stone should be good.

She really wants the stone here.

"Really not saved."

Looking at the treasures of disregard, Xia Keke, who only wants gems, can't help but support.

Obviously there are so many powerful treasures beside the gem, but she can't see it.

But what makes her even more weird is actually this mysterious girl, whether it is her appearance, or she suddenly sent Xia Keke Lingbao.

It makes her feel weird.

The cute Xia Keke is of course very flattering, and she is happy to see that Xia Keke has become so popular with this predecessor.

But this love is too inexplicable.

From the beginning to the end, they only said a few words.


Just then, there was a wave of volatility in the secret land.

The people standing outside are looking at the secret land, and the eyes are about to fall on the mysterious girl.

"I will go in and see."

Turned into a blue smoke, Xuanji Niangniang disappeared from the secret land.

As for Xia Keke, I am still immersed in the ocean of gems.

Su Liuer intended to remind her to pick some treasures. Even if their dragons have a rich heritage, she also believes that the mystery of the mysterious goddess is not worse than that of the dragon.

But when she wants to speak…

"Don't interfere with her choice and let her choose."

In the sea, there was a voice of the mysterious goddess, and Su Liuer, who was preparing to speak, closed her mouth.

His eyes fell on the bright and bright Xia Keke, and there was something in this little girl that deserved the attention of the predecessor.



The fluctuations in the secret land did not stop until the mysterious maiden came to the jade bed, and she saw that the fluctuations appeared from Ye Zichen.

The roads are undulating, and they are constantly released to the outside.

The finger sneaked into the eyebrow, and an energy suddenly bounced her hand.


Xuanji Niang's brows were clustered, and the whole hand was pressed against Ye Zichen's eyebrows.

The energy in the eyebrows is still resisting, but how can it be the opponent of the mysterious goddess of Shenwei.

As soon as the divine power penetrated his eyebrows and explored the sea, the mysterious goddess discovered that there was a light ball in Ye Zichen's sea. This light ball seemed to be gestating something.

Inexplicably, the mysterious niece smiled and left her hand from his eyebrows.


A chuckle appeared from her mouth, she was very satisfied with the dagger looking at Ye Zichen lying in bed.

What is nurtured is the godhead.

The sacred thunder of Xiao Yu’s fall ruined Ye Zichen’s deities to broken, and the broken eyes and the heart of Ye Zichen caused him to seriously stun.

Since the birth of the gods, it will be inextricably linked with the body. Now, Ye Zichen’s knowledge of the sea is the birth of the godhead.

Looking at Su Yan next to him.

Ye Zichen is the best beneficiary when she releases the power of God.

Because of her lifeline, her strength is also rising. Now she has reached the realm of half-step fairy king, it should not take long to lead Xiaguang into the body, step into the fairy king.

It is always a feeling that it is still worse.

The mysterious girl who stayed beside them was lightly locked. At this time, she was hesitating whether she should send this woman a make-up.

Lightly pinch…


Just as she was preparing to calculate the secret, a bit of hard work was broken.

She looked at Su Yan, who was leaning against Ye Zichen, and wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. The pupils are lightly jumping, but they are not rushing to play the fate.

"When I was connected to the lifeline of this little guy, I couldn’t even push it."

Amazed, Xuanji Niangniang also shook his head.

In the future, this Qiong Yao drama, the two protagonists, she can't calculate now, I don't know how they will be in the future.

"Little guy, you are really a long way to go."

Laughter and left again from the secret land, Xiao Yumei, several of them are welcoming, from their eyes, the mysterious goddess knows what they want to ask.

"The situation inside is very stable."

"That is fluctuating…"Su Liuer raised her eyebrows. "I don't know why the fluctuations infiltrated my body, actually…Very comfortable? ”

"now it's right."The mysterious goddess smiled and said, "This road seems to be fluctuating, and many gods are asking for it." If you hold your breath and practice for a few days here, it will be impossible to break through. ”

"The fox clan's seat is not mentioned. When you are ready to put this group down, let go of some cause and effect, you are flying to the realm of the gods. At that time, you will only go to the mysterious hall of the gods to find this seat. This seat will arrange for you. ”

As soon as the voice fell, she smiled again at Xiao Yumei and Chang'e fairy.

"But this seat wants to talk about you, Ye Zichen. The kid is now condensing the godhead, and the release is also the power of God. If you both absorb, maybe you can recall some of the past and you are not sure. ”

"What is the intention of the girl?"Chang'e fairy does not understand.

"The intention is that there are some, but this seat can not vent the open air. I will ask you in this seat. Your path of practice is very smooth. There has never been any embarrassment from the refining body to the fairy. Even if there is no dragon pulse, you still have reached the step of Xian Wang. I am not saying it? ”

"The niece is talking."

"But in this year, your cultivation is stagnant. No, it is not going backwards, it is not. ”

"Yes!"Chang'e fairy stunned, said, "The goddess knows why this is the case, the little girl is also a diligent practice. These three circles also have the blessing of the Dragon Pulse. Anyone's practice speed is multiplied, but the little girl is more and more serious. At first, I thought it was a problem with the Queen Mother's remedy. I also asked about it…"

"The mother is telling you that it is not a problem with the drug. Right? Her medicinal herbs are strong, and it is impossible to make a fairy king out in more than ten years. It is impossible to let you return to the fairy from the fairy king after 10,000 years. ”


"That's it."Xuanji Niang showed a wise smile and looked at Xiao Yumei. "If this seat is not wrong, you should have just practiced for less than a year. Is it a fairy now?"

"Yes."Xiao Yumei is open.

At the moment when the voice fell, she casually glanced at Chang'e and found that the other party was also watching her.

The mysterious goddess is just a faint smile, but she is not talking to the two of them, but instead is opening to Xia Keke.

"Little girl, how is it chosen?"

"I have chosen."

Xia Keke, who buried her head in the crack, was full of nostalgia and turned her hand away. In her hand was a string of small silver bells.

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