The small silver bell fell on Xia Keke's palm, and the rest of the people couldn't help but look at it, only to find that there was nothing special about the bell.

Not as shiny as a gem, not as good as a treasure.

Look at its plain look, it seems like a bunch of ordinary bells.


When I saw this bunch of bells, mysterious girl looked at me, but she still asked.

Bite bites his lips, and Xia Keke licks his mouth and looks back into the crack for a long time. These gems are so beautiful, she really wants it.

Looking at her little mouth, she was very tangled in her heart…

"I……I still want it. ”

Said, Xia Keke will hold the bell in his hand tightly.

People next to smell words are unable to help Yizheng, to tell the truth, even if it is Xiao Yumei can see out, the value of this string of bells is not as much as the mountains of gems, as for those treasures are no way to compare.

But after she asked the mysterious goddess, she insisted on the bells.

The others couldn't help but say, "Is there anything special about this bell that attracts Xia Keke?"

With the affirmation of Xia Keke, the mysterious goddess also nodded and smiled. She was not asking, and she gathered the crack.

Xia Keke's big eyes looked pitifully as the crack became smaller and smaller until the jewel disappeared from her eyes.

"In fact, the meaning of this series of bells is very important to the seat. When I got this bell, this seat is still a child. At that time, it has not been turned into a human form."

A few women in the vicinity were shocked. After the mysterious goddess saw their look, they could not help but laugh.

"Yes, in fact, this seat is also a demon. It is actually a little related to you."

"I?"Su Liuer raised an eyebrow.

"The body of this seat is the fox family, but this seat is only the most common fox demon. It is better for you to be the ancient god beast. Our ethnic group has never been transformed into a human form for thousands of years. It is a blessing to live to death in the end of life. Most of them are actually letting hunters catch them, become pets of wealthy businessmen, or strip them into those noble ladies. Decorations. ”

"Some people are really swearing!"Su Liuer said very arrogantly.

"The weak meat is strong, there is nothing to blame. At that time, our race was weak, not to mention the fact that at that time, even the demon and herd were not counted in our family. At most, it was a beast…That fate is naturally to let mortals bully. ”

At these times, the look of the mysterious goddess is indifferent.

"The beast eats people, and people eat beasts. Heaven is reincarnation, this is normal. For example, if you are a nine-tailed fox, can you say that you are eating fast every day? ”


"The difference between the beast and the demon beast is a thousand miles apart. The difference between the demon and the beast is the same. Some races are born to let people or demon hunts and eat and play, this is life! However, this seat does not believe in life! ”

When Xuanji Niangniang said this last sentence, the body involuntarily exuded the majestic momentum.

Now she is no longer a weak fox demon. She is the lord of the Six-Branch patrol department. She holds the power of hundreds of millions of creatures.

She is supreme, and her ethnic group has been very good in the realm of God because of her existence.

Even if they are the most common foxes, they can see her people in the realm of the gods, and they must be polite.

Because she is the mysterious goddess of the gods!

The number one red man beside the gods, whether it is the gods, the demon world, the devil world must be treated with care.

Her appearance has made her once a weak race sublimate, its ethnic group is not an ordinary monster family, is a holy beast!

In the demon world, there is a transcendent position, and it can almost keep pace with the ethnic groups of ancient sacred beasts.

"However, this seat can have today's achievements, in fact, we must rely on a noble person. If you don't rely on the temperament of the fox, you can't believe in it, it's just a joke. And the tall man is the master of this string of bells, and her appearance, so that I should have changed my mediocrity. ”

The mysterious girl looked at the bells in the hands of Xia Keke, and the look was full of memories…

"In those days, this seat was to escape the pursuit of the Terran…"



"Where the little fox ran, I gave it to me." This little animal bite our county owner. If the little fox runs away, you will all wait to drop your head. ”

There was a sharp shout in the woods. Thousands of people in the forest were carrying arrows, and the servants in the green clothes carefully walked in the woods, and the eyes kept looking around.

They are chasing a fox, the fox is the name of the county lord.

Their county owner was deeply loved by the emperor, but his temperament was quite tyrannical. If they let the fox run, maybe it’s just like the maid who just said, they have to be separated from their heads.

For the sake of their lives, they must also go to the little fox with a twelve-point spirit.

At this time, in the weeds between the trees, a small fox, which is only about 30 centimeters long, was hiding inside.

The white hair was stained with blood, and the red pupil shone with fear. The little body shivered under the cover of weeds.

It is very scared. Before that, there were many uncles and aunts in the ethnic group who let these people take it.

The elders within the family told him that if they saw this costume, they would run. Falling into their hands, it will be ruined in this life.

It has always kept this sentence in mind until today…

It met this group of people.

There is a long, pretty woman who wants to catch it. It doesn't, and bites the woman.

The woman screamed wildly, and it ran away, but the group of people in the green suit shot the leg.

It can't run.

"There is blood here."

Suddenly, the servants of the forest yelled and the surrounding servants all ran over. One of the older servants squatted down and wiped the blood on the ground with his hand. He looked and sniffed.

"This blood is still very fresh. In the middle of our arrow, the little fox is definitely not far away. It should be hidden in the nearby grass, and don't let it run. ”


The servants of the public should carefully explore the surrounding grass, and their steps are getting closer and closer, and the little foxes hidden in the grass are becoming more and more scared.

"At this……"

The hidden grass was found to be found, and the servant shouted to call the people around him. The little fox saw his life and ran towards the distance.

"Get the arrow."

With the old servants, the young servants around them put the feathers on the bow.

The little fox returned to see the bow and arrow, scared like a bird of surprise, it desperately wants to run farther…


"Hey, good little fox."

Running it was hitting a woman's lap, the woman smiled and hugged it, and its fate changed in this moment.

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