The sun and the moon are changing, and spring is coming to autumn.

It has been more than three years since the blink of an eye.

In the beautiful house, Xia Liuli was sitting in front of the stone table in a purple dress. She looked at the pleasant scenery in the courtyard, but the faint sorrow was accompanied by the look.

"Sister, I am a person."

Suddenly there was a delicate chuckle in the courtyard. Xia Liuli looked up and saw a girl with a cardinal age barefoot, and she was also wearing a purple dress and a long skirt.

Xia Liuli also grinned at the girl's face with a color that could not be concealed.

"The little fox has finally turned people."

This girl is the little fox that Xia Liuli saved at the time. In the past three years, the little fox has been with her. It is difficult to get into the sky with her qualifications, but the supply of the dragon medicine and the practice of the dragon lady is to let her out of this step.

"The little girl thanked her sister for her reinvention."

The girl suddenly squatted on the ground, and Xia Liuli chuckled and lifted her up, reaching out and rubbing her head.

"This is your creation, and it doesn't really matter much to me."

"No, if it is not my sister, maybe I have become a pet of wealthy businessmen."The girl shook her head. She was grateful. If it wasn't for Xia Liuli, her future would not dare to think about it.

Xia Liuli smiled and didn't speak. The little fox sat down beside her and blinked. She couldn't help but look at her eyebrows.

"Sister has something to worry about?"


The red dust of three years has made Xia Liuli a lot deeper. In the impression of the little fox, the sister’s smile has become less and less since the palace of the Shangyu King.

"Is my sister worried about the king?"


Xia Liuli nodded undecidedly. In the past three years, she has been following the original idea and has been observing in the dark to see what the rumored singer is doing.

But with the passage of time, she found out…

He is not as fascinating as the outside world said.

He has the talent of Anbang to govern the country and has ambitions. However, the party in the imperial court was mixed, and the courtiers were in the doldrums.

In the past few years, Shangyu Wang has talked to her house more than once, and she knows that there are more and more people who are suffering.

Gradually, he began to be disheartened.



The political affairs were all handed over to the national division to deal with, and his disposition became sinking.

Thinking of all this, Xia Liuli's face is also awkward. She wants to help him change all of this, but she doesn't know where to start.

"sister."The little fox whispered softly, and her little eyes turned two smiles. "Sister gave me a name, or did I follow my sister's name in summer?"

"Yeah, the little fox has not given you a name."Xia Liuli grinned and asked the little fox to say, "You don't need to be with my surname, I don't know what your family's ancestors are?"


The girl's finger touched the pink lips and opened her mouth.

"I used to hear from my elders in the family. The people on our ancestors are surnamed Xuan."

"Xuanzhi?"Xia Liuli blinked. "Then you are Xuan Ji, Xuan Ji, mysterious, insight into the sky, I think this name is good."

"Okay, then listen to my sister."The girl is also smiling.

Step on the step.

Outside the house, there was a footstep. After a short time, Xia Liuli saw a woman in her courtyard with a fascinating body and a enchanting look.

"Oh, my mother."

Xia Liuli leaned towards him, and the woman reached out and lifted it up.

"You and my two sisters are commensurate with each other, no need to pay more."

"I don't know my sister came to me…"

"I am here to let you leave the palace."The look of his own self is a little anxious. "The people of Zhou Wu have already reached Wangcheng. The king told me to come and tell you to leave here."

"The king and sister…"

"He didn't want to run, he decided that his destiny would be here. As for me, I would naturally stay with him."He did not hesitate when he said this, and his face was accompanied by a faint smile. "I decided that the king would follow him. Even if he is going to die, then I will die with him. ”

Xia Liuli looked at her face, but she grabbed her hand at this time.

"I know that my sister is also interested in the king. The king is not." But you know why the king has never given you a name, he knows that his destiny is coming, do not want to delay you. Now you will leave with your sister, and it may be too late in the evening. ”

"sister."Xuan Ji also came over at this time.

Looking at Xuan Ji next to him, Xia Liuli bit his lip and spoke to himself.

"that……I am leaving. ”

"Ok."I laughed at myself.

Reaching out to grab Xuan Ji's arm, Xia Liuli turned into a golden dragon roaring from the palace.

The king of the king who was sitting in front of the main hall was watching the faint smile on the face of the golden dragon in the air. Immediately, his face was once again sinking, holding the dragon chair and looking at the front.

Jinlong fell in front of the wooden house.

The surrounding of the courtyard was covered with bamboo, and Xuan Ji looked at the surroundings with his eyes open and could not help but raise his eyebrows.

"Sister, this is not the time…"

"Yes, in fact, my sister has been living here before."

Xia Liuli smiled and answered, a string of silver bells at the wrist was taken down and worn on Xuan Ji’s arm.

"You will live here in the future. The products around here are rich and there should be no shortage of food. This bunch of bells was worn on my body when I was born, with my dragon and pressure on it. You have to wear it all the time, so that no monster will dare to attack you. The dragon above will change your physique. ”

If you confess, Xia Liuli is careful.

The mystery was at this time a brow lock, reaching out and grabbing Xia Liuli's arm.

"Sister, are you leaving?" Are you going to find the king, Xuan Ji goes with you. ”

"Stupid girl, have you forgotten your dreams?" You don't want to be strong to protect your ethnic group. Now that you have become a person, having my dragon will make your body stronger. As long as you don't rush to become a fairy, it is easy to become an immortal. At that time, I am not afraid to bully your ethnic group. Do you know? ”

"All of Xuan Ji's are given by my sister. Xuan Ji wants to follow her sister. Even if it is dead, Xuan Ji will follow her sister. ”

"Okay."Xia Liuli reached out and tapped her little head. "Don't talk about sorrow, my sister is a beast dragon, my sister is a fairy, my sister is just going to save the king and my sister, how can I die?"


"Let's sleep."

With a gentle wave of his arm, Xuan Ji was sleeping.

Xia Liuli sighed and took Xuanji up and placed it on the bed of the wooden house. Stretched out his hand and pinched her little face, and placed a ban on the wooden house.

Confirming that there was no leak, Xia Liuli took a sigh of relief and looked at the location of the Shang Dynasty capital.

"Xin Wang, wait for me!"

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