The Shang Dynasty was destroyed, and Shangyu Wang became the last emperor of this dynasty.

When Zhou Wuwang hit the palace, the palace of Shangyu Wang was burning with raging fire. No one found his corpse, nor did he find the corpse of the rumor that confessed the heart.

Similarly, Xia Liuli disappeared from then.


After Xuan Ji wakes up, she has been looking for a hundred years.

She found the whole world, and even she went to the dragons personally, but she did not find a trace of Xia Liuli.

Sometimes she thought about it, maybe Xia Liuli was also buried in the fire.

I also thought about whether she saved the merchants and they saved them somewhere she had never found.

But she has no way to confirm it, she is flying.

After she was promoted, she was more hard-working. She studied the number of days and learned the mystery, because she remembered that she had told her before Xia Liuli…

When her strength reaches a certain level, she can use the heavens to spy on his life.

During this period, only the bells were accompanied by her.

"Sister, sister?"

Outside the secret, Xia Keke couldn't help but reach out and touch the shoulders of the mysterious goddess. The sky is already dark, but for a long time, the mysterious goddess has not said anything after that sentence.


Under the touch of Xia Keke, the mysterious girl was awakened.

Especially when I saw the face of Xia Keke, it was as if the memory was still yesterday.

"Sister, you are finally awake. I havenโ€™t talked for so long, I thought you were wrong. โ€Xia Keke hee a smile, will hand the bell handed back, "just sister said this bell is important to the sister, then this bell will return to you, but you can let me go to pick a sparkling stone." โ€

At that time Xia Keke Choose this string of bells, just feel the bell for her a strange feeling.

However, in the silent half of the mysterious maiden, her mind has been echoing the pile of gems.

The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was not worthwhile, she thought about returning the bell and re-selecting it.


Mystery Empress Chuckle A smile, Xia Keke bite lip, small face some hair red but still secretly nodded.

Immediately, she seemed to be a little embarrassed, and opened her mouth.

"I think this bell is so important to my sister, then I will not be very upset when I bring my sister?" Just want to…Just think…"

"Since you have chosen this bell, it is with you. Even if she is as life-saving as this seat, then the seat will not go to it to return. โ€

Xuanji Niangnier held her hand and smiled.

"You are the owner of this bell."

"it is goodโ€ฆโ€ฆOk. โ€

In hesitation for a long while, Xia Keke can only accept this reality. Although she still had some pity that she didn't choose the sparkling stone at the time, the bell seemed to be close to it, leaving it good.

In this way, she was not as painful as she was to Fang Fang, and her face was full of smiles.

Seeing the smile on Xia Keke's face, the mysterious goddess couldn't help but smile.


Su Liuerโ€™s mind is active, and this mysterious girl and cocoa are definitely a bit of something. In particular, she also said Xiao Yumei and Chang'e fairy, but only half said.

Itโ€™s hard to guess the mind of God, at least she canโ€™t think of anything.

But after thinking about it, why did she think so much?

In the end, she is the savior of Su Yan. At least on this point, it is worth her wholeheartedly to repay.

Dispel the distracting thoughts, Su Liuer opened the way to the mysterious girl.

"The maiden is too late, and you have spent a lot of effort to treat Ye Zichen and my little sister. There are also sisters, you have been working here for a day, and I have arranged for you in the room. It is better to take you to rest in the past. โ€

"Yeah, oh, Liu's sister doesn't say it, but I am really sleepy."Xia Keke is also on the sidelines.

"I want to stay here and wait for the morning to wake up."

"me too."

Xiao Yumei and Chang'e open the way.

"Good intentions are in this heart."Xuanji Niangniang also said at this time, "But this seat is not here to stay here. There are still many things on the top of the gods waiting for the seat. This is not a good time to delay here, this will be back. The gods are out."

"such."Su Liuer nodded, but in her heart, there were some words that wanted to open but did not know how to speak.

"They will not wake up within three days of the accident, so you don't have to worry about it."

Seeing what Su Liuer thought in his heart, Xuanji Niangniang said with relief.

"Ok."When the voice fell, the mysterious goddess also took a jade slip from his arms and placed it on Su Liuerโ€™s hand. "This jade slip can be directly connected to this seat. If they do not wake up within three days, you can pass This jade slip found me."

"There are troubles for the maiden."

Put Yu Yu in his pocket, and Su Liuer completely let go of his heart.

At the same time, Xuanji Niangniang also looked at Xiao Yumei and Chang'e fairy.

"Itโ€™s not bad for you to stay here, but you can get close to them in the future, which is good for both of you."


Although she didn't want to express what the mysterious goddess wanted to express, Xiao Yumei and Chang'e Fairy still responded at the same time.

"Sister, are you going to leave, cocoa can't bear you."

Xia Keke squinted with a big eyes, her palms licking the silver bells, and her eyes were full of disappointment.

Although this sister just got to know, this sister is really good to her.

Itโ€™s only a short time to be separated, she is very reluctant.

"I want to go back."Xuanji Niangniang sighed a sigh of relief and reached out and squeezed Xia Keke's little face. "Sister is also very reluctant to you, but the squad of the gods needs the sister to go back and host the overall situation." But don't worry, wait for your sister to have time to come back to see you. Of course, maybe you might fly to the realm at that time, and you can go to the inspection department to find your sister. โ€


Xia Keke whispered her mouth with a small mouth, and Xuanji saw her look and smiled and licked her head, and then her fingers screamed, and the pillar with the door appeared outside the secret land of the nine-tailed fox.

"Don't go over this."

Open the door and the mysterious girl steps into the door.

The women around were all respectfully moving towards their shackles, and Xia Keke muttered a small mouth, waving a small hand.

Suddenly, the spiritual column disappeared.

Xia Keke's face was more frustrating, and a few women outside the secret land looked at each other differently. As everyone knows, the lost mysterious goddess is looking at them through a mirror…

Or maybe watching Xia Keke.

"Sister Liu, I haven't seen you for a long time."

A faint whisper came from the mouth of the mysterious goddess, she was very lonely and broke the influence on the mirror. Just then, a majestic voice appeared in the sea.

"Mystery, come to the temple."

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