For those who practice in the Three Realms, for a person who is going to retreat for months or years, three days is just the time for tea.

But it is the time of tea, in the view of Su Liuer, they are so tormented.

When Xuanji Niangniang returned to the realm of the gods, Ye Zichen and Su Yan would wake up within three days.

Right now, there are three hours from her three days.

"Don't always be so frowning, mystery sister said that she will wake up in three days, definitely will."

Among several people, Xia Keke is the most indifferent, not that she is not worried about Ye Zichen and Su Yan, but her heart is like this.

The rest of the women just nodded faintly, but the grace between the eyebrows was not reduced.

"how was it?"

Yuan Hong’s body bandage appeared outside the secret land, followed by Su Zhu and Yin Fatzi.

When Yin Fatzi came in, he let Su Zhuyu come over. The release of the six-pole lock soul array led to the exhaustion of spiritual power. Even if he ate a panacea, the source that could be hurt was not so easy to recover.

After the ancients let the Buddha take them away, the Old Lord Taishang of Heavenly Court called the Violet Emperor and healed them.

Don't look at them now, it seems that the injury is very heavy. Just give them a few more days, definitely more than anyone else.

"How come you come, isn't it for you to rest well?"Su Liuer brows a cluster.

"This is not to worry about Ye Xiong, my older brother has been always giving me a voice, let me tell him the first time when Ye Xiong wakes up."Yuan Hong, who was wrapped in a bandage and crutches, smiled helplessly. "Is there any signs of awakening of Ye Xiong and Xiaoyan?"

Everyone shook his head.

Mysterious maidens have less and less time left, which makes their minds more and more heavy.

Su Liuer’s hand has been holding the jade slip that the mysterious girl had left to her at that time. She wanted to ask through Yu jade a few hours ago.

It can be thought that the mysterious goddess had a lot of things to do in the realm of the gods, and she endured it.


Just then, there was a wave of volatility in the secret land. Everyone did not hesitate, and they all rushed into the secret land.

This secret land should not have been entered by outsiders, but at this time, Su Liuer did not feel obsessed with these things, let them all come in.


After entering the secret land, everyone was stunned.

Above the jade bed, Su Yan is attached to the chest of Ye Zichen. Her side is filled with a touch of green fluorescence, and the pure life is constantly released from her body.

The vegetation in the secret land is absorbing the power of this life, and all the anti-regular growth.

"sister."Su Liuer looked at this scene. This time she was not only her, but even Su Zhu around her covered her mouth. "Sister…"

Everyone knows that the Jiuwei fox family Su Liuer ice talent is amazing, the ice emperor. His sister Su Zhu is the strongest in the three worlds in terms of charm and illusion.

People from outside can think that their sisters have achieved the current nine-tailed fox family, but the older generation knows…

The patriarch of the nine-tailed fox family of that year had a cure for the six worlds.

The number of female emperors.

It’s just that this time is really too long. The world only knows Su Liuer and Su Zhu, but it is the female emperor who has forgotten the position of the six treatments.

"Liuer sister, is it really a big sister?"

Suzhu cherry has a small mouth, and the eyebrows are full of thoughts. When her eldest sister left, she was only four years old. She just vaguely remembered that during her childhood, there was a sister who always liked to hold her face and be very fond of her.

She is not sure if Su Yan is her, can…

This breath is really familiar and warm.


Su Liuer nodded her teeth and was filled with excitement in her eyes, as well as a faint tear in her eyes.

"Really a big sister!"

Su Zhu brows a pick, and immediately she thinks of Su Yan's first entry into the scene of the nine-tailed Fox.

There was an uninvited guest at the gate of the fox-like fox family at the end of the afternoon, and her dress was so out of place as the people here.

She stood weakly in front of the mountain gate, her eyes were very nervous and looked at Su Zhu, who was coming in for an inquiry.

"Big sister, who is she?"Su Zhu smiled at Su Liuer next to Su Yan.

Su Liuer did not answer her question, but extended her hand to hold Su Yan's shoulder and pointed her finger at Suzhu.

"She is the second chief of the nine-tailed fox family, Su Zhu, you will call her second sister later."

"two……Second sister. ”

Su Yan is still the cowardly, and there is no way. Everything here makes her feel strange. Especially just a few minutes ago, she was still with Coco.

There are so many dragons there!

Not long after, the sister around her appeared in the cocoa home, to take her away. Cocoa refused at the time, but the people in the family said that the sister is…

The patriarch of the Jiuwei fox family said that she had a relationship with her, and that was her creation.

Coco knew that she was not insisting, and she followed her sister around here.

On the way, the sister told her that she was a fox.

From childhood to large, she dealt with people. Suddenly there was a person who claimed to be a fox demon, which made her nervous.

Now the sister is still letting her call the second woman in front of her, then she is not…

It is also a fox demon.

"Little girl?"Su Zhu’s eyes burst into a smile, and immediately she went to Su Yan’s face and took out her handkerchief from her arms and carefully wiped the gray on her face. “What do I call you?”

"Su Yan."

Su Yan's answer was very quiet, but she was not so nervous at this time.

"Oh, you actually surnamed Su."Su Zhu was very gentle and smiled, and he heard Su Liuer open the door. "Second sister, afterwards, Xiaoyan is the little girl of the family."


Su Yan at the time just thought that there was a little girl who was also good, but then she found out…

This little girl turned out to be the fox family.

More importantly, Su Liuer’s favor for this little girl is beyond her cognition. The secrets of the family are used arbitrarily, and the elixir and the fruit have never stopped supplying.

Some people in the family have opposed it, but they have let Su Liuer suppress it through tyrannical means.

After that, she not only did not converge, but also increased her efforts.

Any tribe, even if it is Su Zhu, feels that Su Liuer has had a little over Su Yan.

At that time she did not understand, but now…

"Sister, have you already known?"I thought that this series of Suzhu couldn't help but open the mouth. Su Liuer in front shook his head and nodded. "In fact, I was not particularly sure before."

"You are not sure?"

"Yes."Su Liuer’s eyes stared at Su Yan on the jade bed. “In fact, the reason why I ran to the Dragons to pick up my sister was that I received a voice.”

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