Su Zhu heard a sigh of relief.

"At the time, I was deeply suppressing the spiritual power of the body, but a voice was present in my knowledge of the sea."


"Would you like to see your sister again?"

The deep meditation of Su Liuer knows the sudden appearance of the sea, she subconsciously spread the spiritual knowledge, the brow is deeply locked in the knowledge of the sea.


"You don't need to worry about who this is. This is just asking you, would you like to see your sister again?"

"Itโ€™s ridiculous, everyone knows that this emperor is the owner of the nine-tailed fox family, and he talks about his sister."Su Liuer replied in a tough way.

"Yes, it can be known according to this seat. When you were still young, you still have a sister. This seat is not your enemy, you don't need to be so vigilant. This is to ask if you want to see her side, if you want, then this seat will point you to some. โ€

"who are you!"

"Think or don't want to."

Su Yan is silent, chaotic knowledge of the sea is a fragment of memory.

Slowly make a fist, Su Yan is in the sea.

"miss you."

"Then you go to the dragon now and look for the child named Su Yan."

After this voice, no matter how Su Liuer asked to ask questions, there was no response.


"At that time, the predecessor asked me to go to the dragon to find a child named Su Yan. When I arrived, I really found her and brought her back. In fact, at the very beginning, I was dubious, I didn't expect her…She is really a sister. โ€

The powerful Su Liuer was voiced at this time and even accompanied by a faint whimper. Others may not understand it, but only when she really experienced that scene, did she know that her sisterโ€™s return is more important to her.

The scene in which Tian Lei swallowed Su Yan, tortured her for a hundred years…

A hundred years!

She has always resented her weakness at that time. If she was as strong as she is now, wouldnโ€™t her sister not die?

She has been thinking like this, always resentful.

It can be said that her tough appearance is actually just to arm her fragile, she wants to let her people forget everything at that time through her strongness.

In this way, her heart may be better.

Suzhu is a brow with deep thoughts. For a long time, she only talked again.

"The old man at that time could have left a name?"

"No."Su Liuer replied.

"Then you know that she is a man or a woman…"

"If I remember correctly, the voice at the time was a woman."

"Then we can use some exclusion methods. I can know that my sister's existence is at least tens of thousands of years old." Looking at these three realms, who does the sister think will be? โ€Su Zhu asked.

"There are indeed a lot of old antiques in the past, but they don't have to say that they have never had a fight with the world. Let's have a nine-tailed fox family as a beast, and they will not pay attention to us. Besides, they have no such talent in deriving this aspect. It should be no one! โ€

"No, there is one more."

Suzhu is a very open mouth, Su Liuer thought for a long time.

Suddenly, she looked at Su Zhu.

"Is it…Mysterious girl. โ€

Xuanji Pavilion.

"Who is calling the name of this seat."At the level of the mysterious goddess, someone who calls her name will have subtle feelings.

However, she was not in the mood to pursue her temperament. She lazily stretched out and reviewed all the documents in front of the case and opened her way to the woman in front of the temple.

"Calculating time, your son should also be back to wake up, this movement is not small, you should be a mother to make a little noise, give your son a cover!"

"This point does not require you to say more."The woman is indifferent.

"If you are doing this to me, then our sisters should not be taken."

Mysterious girl licked her mouth, but the woman did not care about her, the body flashed around.

In an instant, the dress on her body was replaced with a blue GI, and there were seven big stars on the back of the GI.

"Oh, it seems that you have been prepared. Also, how to say that it is your flesh and blood, you do not care when your mother's mouth does not care, my heart must be concerned about the tight. โ€

The mysterious girl smiled and the girl glanced at her.

"Don't talk nonsense, help me."


As soon as the voice fell, the mysterious goddess also put away the lazy look, and the eyebrows condensed, pointing to the change of the heavens and the earth.


The white dragonfly twisted into the night, and when the people of the gods panicked, the air dipper was particularly dazzling.

"It hurts, it seems that this mysterious machine will leave me alone."

The mysterious girl who is leaning on Erlang's legs sits in the courtyard, and the seven big stars at the top of her head can't help but sigh.

In the center of the courtyard, the top of the woman wearing a blue robe is at this time with seven big stars, and the Big Dipper in the air shines.

"Seven stars, Yao Shi."

As soon as the voice fell, the Big Dipper and the Big Star flashed above the void, and its dazzling starlight eclipsed the stars of the Xinghai.

Then, the seven stars of the Big Dipper are also seven stars, which are connected to the seven-star star at the top of the woman's head.

The power of the starlight is topping, and the seven big stars on the top of the head are also more dazzling.

"The Seven Stars are coming to the world."

At the same time, the upper three worlds and nine continents are either hidden or high-ranking, and the starlight of the Big Dipper is a shock.

Immediately, each convenience begins a crazy deduction…

The Lord of Seven Stars must be a saint.

This kind of qualification, no matter what family it gets, can make a qualitative change for the family.


The saints here refer not to the saints at the spiritual level, but to the sages.

The sage not only has superb savvy and speed of practice, but her presence can also change the qualifications of the people around him, and follow the saints for a long time, and even break through the embarrassment that can't be broken for a long time.

The status of the star master is even higher than the saint.

And the more the main star, the higher the status.

At this moment, the womanโ€™s Big Dipper and the Seven Stars will even throw olive branches for them.

Three hours passed.

The woman in the courtyard also receives all the power of the stars. At this time, she will feel when she looks at her, and her body has more ethereal and awkward stars.

Even if she absorbed the power of the stars, let her strength reach the level of half-step dominance, but she is still indifferent, as if she is a person without expression.

"Half-step master, not bad."

The mysterious girl was amazed at the side, but the woman just nodded faintly and said nothing.

Seeing her like this, the mysterious mother-in-lawโ€™s heartfelt mention, she thought that she has been like this for so long, and thatโ€™s it.

"Really…Forget it, don't bother to take care of you. But when it comes to time, itโ€™s almost time for someone to come to marry you. Iโ€™m going to look at some of the people who come here. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, the mysterious goddess Shen Dan opened the way.

"Come in!"

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