The Seven Stars are especially shocking to the Upper Three Realms, and the results of the ancestors of all ethnic groups…

This person is in the Xuanji Pavilion.

What is the place of Xuanji Pavilion, the house of mysterious mother.

This group of lobbyists who sent out the family all had hardships, but they could only rush over the scalp. However, when I went to the front of the Xuanji Pavilion, even though the gate was wide open, no one dared to rush into the pavilion.

The earliest one to say has been waiting for an hour outside the door, but he can only wait outside and wait for the wait.

There is no mysterious goddess to speak, even who dares to chaos Xuanji Pavilion?

"Come in."

A sly voice appeared in the ears of everyone, and this group of lobbyists heard that they dared to walk into the mansion.

The more people in the spacious courtyard, the more they gathered, but they stopped after entering the hospital, and looked at the mysterious girl sitting in the courtyard pavilion.

"See the mysterious girl."

All the people turned to the mysterious maiden in the long pavilion.

"Itโ€™s all excuses."The mysterious goddess who cocked Erlangโ€™s legs was very impatient and waved at them. โ€œThis seat knows that you are here for the Seven Stars, but she is not here. You don't need to worry too much. This seat is a close friend with the Seven Stars, and naturally it is necessary to help him screen a good place. โ€

"Yes Yes Yes."Everyone does not dare to have any derogatory remarks. They can only smile and not fall.

"Then…They all talk about where to come, and they have prepared a meeting. โ€Xuanji Niangniang smiled a little, and immediately followed her fingers. "Just start from you."

"Mother, I am the elder of the Iron Bear family, this is…"

"The iron bear is just a second-class monster group. You don't have any dominance in your family. Do you want the star owner to go to you?" Woke up? I really don't know how you pushed the stars to where they left. I got it, I eliminated it, but I gave it to me. โ€

"Girl, I am…"


"Girl, I am…"


However, at half an hour, the mysterious maiden has screened out more than half of the people, but only two families can be left behind.

One is the long-established Divine gods, of course…The history of this tribe is too far away, and no one knows. Xuanji Niangniu left him, simply to give his family an ancestor face.

Secondly, it is the Suzaku family of the demon beast, the invitation of the sacred orc group, which is to be left behind.

"This seat is strange. You don't know what the status of the Seven Stars is. Isn't the tribe wanting to come and try your luck? And the nine-empire family nowadays, how can you not see this seat until now? โ€

Xuanji Niangniu squinted on her shoulders, but the other ethnic messengers outside were not half-flat.

"Okay, this seat is too lazy to screen. If the Terran is not a tribe, the demon and the non-saint are all gone, but the meeting is left to the seat. โ€

"What on earth?"At this moment, the group of messengers came out and shouted, "Even if you are a mysterious goddess, a red man next to the Emperor, you can't ruin us. Inviting the star owner to see sincerity, why do you not let us see a star owner, we will all eliminate us, and let us leave the meeting ceremony? Are you a bit too much, do you say that? โ€


The bird is silent.

This thorn is also thought to be able to evoke the echoes of the surrounding messengers, but does not know that the people next to them are all respectful and distant. The people around them have moved their bodies to the side, for fear of standing with them and involving themselves. .


In the long pavilion, the mysterious girl clapped her hand and smiled. Suddenly she turned into a blue smoke, and when she appeared, she came to the messenger.

"Itโ€™s good to say, very courageous."


The messenger swallowed involuntarily, and he heard the mysterious girl smiled.

"Do you know what resources are needed for the Stars' practice breakthrough? Injury Zhongyong can learn, the star owner is indeed the qualification of the saint, but if there is no supply of resources, he will only be degraded. These small forces want to change the qualifications of your people through the star owners. Premise that you need to have enough resources to support the consumption of the stars. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, she looked at the messengers around.

"As far as you guys are concerned, the family's heritage is not comparable to my mysterious character. Do you dare to come over and invite the star owners to join the family? This seat and the star owner are close friends. Should the star owner be the most reasonable with this seat? But why didn't I stay with this seat? That is, this seat knows that the foundation of this seat is not enough to support her future road, then this seat will choose a good place for her. Good birds have chosen to live in wood. Have you heard of it? โ€

"As for you, kid…"The mysterious goddess once again set her sight on the body of the thornhead. "Why did you want to leave your face to see you?" Tell you, the geese have plucked hair, the beast has left the skin, my rules, understand? โ€


The messenger could no longer resist the pressure of the mysterious machine and fell to the ground. The mysterious goddess also shouted at the neighbors.

"The level that I did not reach the level of the seat, roll."

Oh, la la la.

The messengers in the courtyard will all stay in the face and immediately flee.

In a short time, only ten people were left in the courtyard.

"you guysโ€ฆโ€ฆ"Mysterious girl raised her eyebrows.

"Where do you need to be tempted, you have already said that the people of the non-prehistoric, demon and non-saints have left. They have already left, and we are naturally left with the Terran and the Kazakhs. I think no one should dare to deceive you. โ€

The opening is a young man with a famous book, his smile is accompanied by self-confidence, even if it is facing the mystery is also indifferent.

"So where are you from?"

"Sifang Pavilion!"The youth of the book is full of light smiles.

The Sifang Pavilion is the power of the Emperor, and it is also considered to be the strongest force of the Terran. Whether it is the foundation or the reputation, the Sifang Pavilion is top-notch.

In his view, it is inevitable that the master of the seven stars will go back with him.

The rest of the remaining men are also looking very moving, but only one of them has a faint disdain.

The mysterious girl did not pay attention to the look of the messengers. She just grinned and looked at the youth.

"Whose of you is the Highness of the Sifang Pavilion?"

"The niece is laughing, how could I be the Highness of the Sifang Pavilion, I am just a bookboy under the Three Royal Highness."

The young man smiled and smiled, but his heart was still somewhat proud.

The third temple is the only one who is in charge of his power, and his book boy can be absolutely a person.

"Book boy?"Xuanji Niangniang smiled and smiled, and immediately shouted, "Roll!"


"Ok?"Xuanji Niangniangโ€™s face was heavy and said, โ€œWhat is your little bookboyโ€™s count, and your Highness is not even dare to talk to this seat?โ€


"Let's say it again, roll! Don't roll, die! โ€

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