The tough, mysterious goddess looked coldly at the scholars in front, and everyone in the courtyard could feel that the anger of the sissy at this time was absolutely true.

In the face of such an oppressive scholar, the involuntary fall of sweat on the head, I can think of the task given to him by His Highness three times…

"Mother, are you not putting my square in your eyes?"

Scholars have no other way, they can only use the flag of their scalp to make the mysterious girl a little jealous.

As everyone knows, when he said this, even the messengers around him could not help but shake his head.

What is the temper of the mysterious goddess, definitely belongs to the strong attack system.

This whole three interface is welcoming to her, he is so good, he wants to use her knees to press her.

"Hehe, are you using your cock to pressure your seat?"The tone of mystery has become more and more embarrassing.

This feeling of dignity made the scholar unable to bear the madness of his heart, but at this point, he had no choice but to continue on this road.

The only thing that is expected is that the mysterious goddess can look at his face.

Give him a life.

"Don't dare."The scholar owes a sin to the mysterious maiden. "In any case, I am the person of the Sifang Pavilion. I came here to represent the Sifang Pavilion. The maiden is saying this to me. Isn’t this a contempt for my Sifang Pavilion? ”

"There is a fang, but you represent the Sifang Pavilion. Are you also worthy?"

Mysterious girl is very disdainful smile, said.

"If you have a big career in the Quartet, this little Xuanji Pavilion in this seat really does not dare to provoke. Can you say that you represent the Quartet? Do you have it? However, it was a small donkey sent by His Highness who was not in charge of the house. But I dare to be in front of this seat. Are you provoking your seat? Or do you think that the Highness you are following is very powerful around you, will you be an enemy for his little book boy and his seat? Or is it that your Quartet is ready to be enemies with the mysterious cabinet of this seat? ”


The young man who was born in the book was kneeling on the ground, and he shivered and kept his dagger.

As an enemy of Xuanji Pavilion, he is not afraid to do so.

"The maiden is angry, it is a small mouth, no words…"The scholar shook his shoulders and kept the dagger. Xuanji looked at him faintly and said, "Roll."

The scholars who are kneeling on the ground are afraid to have any disobedience, and they are really born from the courtyard and rolled out of the Xuanji Pavilion.

"The mysterious goddess is really a big gas field."In the void, there is a sudden smile.

The messenger in the hospital couldn’t help but see who the man was, and dared to go to the Xuanji Pavilion.


There is no hesitation in Xuanji. The Yuanshen virtual shadow is turned into a handprint and the photo is taken to the void.

When the handprints are out, the world is changing.

The surrounding rules were all turbulent under the palm of your hand, and the wind was rolling with gravel and the mountain shook.

Being able to come here to recruit the stars is also a relatively status-oriented existence of the various ethnic groups. Of course, the bookboy who is the only one is not counted.

Standing here is at least the strength of the heavenly supreme, but the moment when the mysterious hand prints out, they all look pale, and the use of all the power is just to resist.

"Is this the strength of the mysterious girl?"The messengers were shocked.

This is just Yu Wei. They can't imagine the person who faces this handprint. How will it be?

"Mother, why are you?"

Suddenly, nine stars shine on the sky and build a star mountain river map.


The fingerprints are annihilated and the star map dissipates.

"Thank you for your kindness."There was a faint chuckle in the void.

"I don't think you came in person."

In fact, when the handprint was taken down, the mysterious machine had already received a few percent in advance, and the other party could not say so much. Only her heart is clear, even if she really used a 10% force to shoot, it will not cause any harm to the coming.

"Don't hide, let's go down."

Until then, the talents in the void have really appeared.

His fingers were pinching the two horns, and the angular faces were accompanied by a faint smile.

"See the mysterious girl."

There is a kind of book in the body of the comers, and it is very elegant to raise their hands.

"You can't afford this."Xuan Ji leaned to the side and side, and let the one worship away, said, "You are right, Chaofeng Emperor."

The waiter in the hospital began to have some strange mysterious attitude towards the man, but when she said the wind…

"See the emperor of the wind."The messengers are all hurrying.

The nine sons of the dragon are ranked third in the wind.

After the Demon War, the nine sons left by the Dragon God occupied the nine continents in the realm of the gods. There are also emperors, there are also idle clouds and wild cranes, of course, there is also the establishment of a party.

This wind is a party that has established a party, but it does not have the heart of the emperor.

No matter who it is, whether it is the emperor or not.

When the people of the gods and the demon world see them, they will honor their emperors and respect them.

"You are excused."

As the wind moved to the right hand, everyone felt a gentle wind holding them up. While sighing in the heart that the emperor is approachable, their hearts are all sudden.

At this time the great emperor came here…

"You should all come to recruit talents, but I hope you can withdraw from this."


The messengers sighed in the heart, but the emperor came in person, and the star master would follow him without accident. In any case, the emperor himself is the owner of the nine stars, and there are countless stars and stars in his power. Let the new descendant of the star choose, by heart…

The star of the Chaofeng Emperor is her good place.

Besides, the emperor has already given them their face, and they can only push the boat.

"That is to congratulate the Emperor of the Stars and one more star of the seven stars in advance."

The messengers all thanked and left, but they were very sensible when they left, and they all left the meeting.

"The imperial monarch is not ordinary, so I will mix this son of this seat."

Xuan Ji blame said in a strange way, she is this temper, no matter who it is, she is an absolute storm. Even if she was standing in front of her, she couldn’t help but run a few words.

The wind is always smiling with awkwardness, and this is not put on the heart.

The other party did not pick up the move, and Xuan Ji only felt that the punch was on the soft cotton, which was very boring. She is not going to run, straight to the point.

"I don't know why the Emperor of the Winds, you come to recruit the close friend of this seat, is it sincere?" You may not know that all the people left just now are the Terran, the demon and the saint. You can say goodbye and drive away all those competitors. Since only you are present, please take out some sincerity that will satisfy your seat, or else…Even if you are the great emperor, this seat can only say sorry. ”

"Sincere?"The wind faintly smiled. "Of course, there is this."

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