There is something on the mouth, but the hands are still empty.

To be honest, when the wind came, the Xuan Ji had been looking at him invisibly, thinking about what the emperor could come up with.

When she wants to come, the Emperor’s shot is absolutely very broad.

After a long time, I didn’t see the wind and the treasure, and Xuan Ji was the embarrassing eye.

"That is to take the sincerity out and look at the sky."

As she said, she also raised her eyebrows on the ground.


"Are you taking this opportunity to collect money?"Looking at Xuan Ji’s sigh of faint smile, Xuan Ji does not deny it, directly responding to the question, “Yes, this seat is taking the opportunity to collect money, can’t it?”

I have a good girlfriend, and I won’t be able to touch it for years.

Do not take this opportunity to collect money, then when to collect money.

My girlfriend, it’s time to use it. It’s really not enough to divide her half.

This is the idea of ​​Xuan Ji!

See Xuan Ji so up-and-coming, the wind can only help but smile.

"What to shake, sincerity, sincerity to come out."

Xuan Ji will slam the hand, and the wind can only smile.

"The sincerity of this prince is not these kind."

"The wind is blowing in the wind, this is what you are wrong with."Seeing that the other party said that there is no real thing, Xuan Ji’s address to the other party has come down. “This seat knows that you are an emperor, and that the altar is also the best place for the star owner. To be honest, before you came, I thought about letting girlfriends go to you. But anyway, my girlfriend, she is also the owner of the seven stars, you want to empty the white wolf, this is not very authentic. Always mean meaning, is it, meaning…"

Going to the side of the wind, Xuan Ji sneaked into the eye of the house, and immediately squinted at him, deliberately suppressing the voice.

"The relationship between this girlfriend and the seat is quite good, you should not be stingy, give you a little benefit, then this seat will sell you this girlfriend."

Hearing the words, the wind is ridiculous.


"The relationship between this seat and the girlfriends will not bother you. Hurry, I will buy and sell a hammer, and give me three thousand gods to sell you."Xuan Ji still pressed the scorpion, "Three thousand gods for the seven stars, brothers, this sale is quite cost-effective."

"It is really cost-effective."Nodded to the wind.

"Then why are you still squatting, and give money quickly."Xuan Ji is anxious.

"But in front of her face, this is not very good."Smile in the wind.

"What is in front of her?"

Xuan Ji stunned, and immediately she looked back and saw that her girlfriend had appeared behind her, looking at her with a seemingly sweet smile.

"The wind is the emperor, this is your authenticity. The relationship between this seat and the girlfriends is measured by your money. This seat is choosing the right place for her. You want to buy me with money…"

"Okay, don't play."The woman turned her eyes blank without a word, and she succumbed to the wind, "the wind is the emperor."

"You don't need to give a gift for the Lord of the Seven Stars."

The wind and the good hand lifted it by hand, and immediately opened the way.

"I don't know what you call it."

"Ye Rong."

"Ye Xingzhu."The wind turned to nod and waved. "This gentleman sincerely invites Ye Xingzhu to join the star of the king. All the stars here can explore the understanding of the stars. This is just for the understanding of the stars. The star star of the falling star is absolutely beneficial."

"Ye Rong knows."

"Well, of course, this king does not force. However, when Jun came to the Star River to express it, I knew the distress in the heart of the Star, and I will help you here. ”

As soon as the voice fell, there was a star map at the foot of the wind.

The stars on the star map and the stars on the void echo each other, and the stars are also shrouded.


The power of the stars suddenly shrouded the three realms, and Xuan Ji also frowned at this time.

"What is this?"

"Ye Xingzhu has always worried that his son will attract attention from people here. She deliberately led the stars to fall at this time. It is indeed slightly effective. I want to get through everyone, but I still have a little worse. ”

The wind faint smiled, said.

"This monarch just used the Galaxy map, and the number of stars and stars reflected the sky. In this way, it is really a real day. ”

"Ye Rong is willing to join the Emperor Star."

Ye Rong, who was wearing a robe, was facing him at this moment, and Xuan Ji could not help but feel discouraged.

This has been added, and the substantial benefits have not yet arrived.

This is the emperor. It’s really uncomfortable not to slaughter him.

"Ye Xingzhu is willing to join this star, which is really good. As the owner of the seven stars of Ye Xing, he will become the elder of the Stars in three years without any accident. ”The wind was full of joy and said, then he was a face again. "But the star owner, you can only say that it is not a good time."


"Sister thought of it?"

Su Zhumei’s eyebrows were lightly heard. When the name appeared in his mind, Su Liuer thought for a long time…

"Second sister, why do you think the mysterious girl will tell me about those."

"I don't know about this."Su Zhu shook his head. "But from the few moves she came to our nine-tailed fox, she didn't have any malice against us."

"That is of course, by the means of mysterious goddess, if she is malicious to us, our nine-tailed fox will be destroyed in an instant."

Su Liuer’s tone is a bit of a dignified voice.

"Why can you…"

"Why do you have to worry about your sister?"Su Zhu smiled and said to him, "The goddess is not malicious to us, but also helps us find the big sister. These are good things, aren't they?"

"you are right."

Su Liuer can't help but nod. Since she became the patriarch of the nine-tailed Fox family, she will think about what the other party is doing, no matter what the person does.

In fact, this is also a helpless move, the human heart is separated from the belly.

No one knows what the other person is thinking, even if they are mutual cooperation, there may be some unknown things behind them.

As a patriarch, she is determined by the words and deeds of the future of the ethnic group.

She naturally has to think about it.

But now it seems that it may be that the patriarch has been a long time, and some things are not very clear.

"What's going on here?"

Just then, Xia Keke suddenly exclaimed that the Su Shi sisters who were talking to each other also looked around, but found the vegetation inside the secret land. Suddenly, at this time, the vitality continued to feed Su Yan.

In a short time, the vegetation in the secret land will wither.


I noticed that some of the clues of Su Liuer’s eyebrows had to go forward, but they had not left a few steps to let the Yin Fatzi squat.

"What are you doing?"

"What are you doing!"

At this time, the Yin Feizi, who was empty and empty, was tough, and squinted at Su Liuer.

"You give me a good time here, don't let me move you, don't let me move, understand?"

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