The night is quiet.

The dragonfly in the black robes stood in front of the waterfall, and the night light looked at the void.

Night is his favorite time.

He could see his most conspicuous sign this night.

Arctic emperor, purple MSI.

"100,000 years, you have not appeared. This monarch inherits eighty-one heavenly thunder, you still have not appeared. Isn’t this the true prince in your eyes, or do you think that this lord still needs to settle? ”

I sighed and looked at the purple MSI on the starry sky, and my eyes filled with my obsession.

He has the heart of the emperor, and in this place is also the name of his majesty. No matter what, on top of his head there is a god who is pressing him.

He is still a minister.

There has always been a rebellion in his heart, but he needs a reason to be justified.

Emperor star.

It is an opportunity for him to defend.

When the Emperor of God opened the earth from the sky, he was already the Emperor. He did not flatter the Emperor of Heaven. Looking at these three worlds, no one has ever let Ziweixing appear, and those who are most likely to inherit the fate…

It is he who is jealous.

"How long do you want to let Ben Jun wait? You can know that the birth of the Seven Stars, this monarch has never sent people to recruit, because this is clear, as long as the Emperor became the emperor, the seven stars will be the assistant to the Emperor. ”

He kept whispering. In fact, he was not the same every night, but the shock of the Lord of the Seven Stars made his mood fluctuate.

"But, Benjun will wait."

As soon as the voice fell, I was ready to leave. At this time, the Arctic emperor star purple stars shine.

Emperor star appearance.

This scene almost noticed the power of the three tribes, and in the first time their thoughts in their hearts were…

"Is it what?"

The power that has never been out of the mountain for a long time is based on the fate of the life, but I don’t know…

The sky is covered.

They have not been able to show who made the stars appear, but their group has performed, not awkward.

A lot of power can't help but laugh. Who is the emperor star? They don't care, as long as it's not awkward, that's a good thing.

They can all know that this has always been considered to be ordered by the sky, but the emperor star has been slow to appear…

It seems that this is a joke, but this manifestation is a laughing stock that can be his future.

"Who is it!"

At the moment when the emperor appeared, the puppet had already been deduced. But on the way to his deduction, there is a life that will cover up this opportunity.

"Who is it!"

Under the black robe, the mad roar is roaring. At the same time, the stars around the Ziweidi star are also showing up.

"This monarch is not subject to fate, and this king does not believe."

The face was covered with haze for a long time before it calmed down, and immediately his eyes flashed through the hot light.


"Chen is here."

In a short time, the turtles in front of the waterfall appeared on their backs.

"You also saw it, and the purple star appeared."

"Chen saw it, but in the opinion of the court, His Majesty is the God who is appointed to heaven."The turtles replied.

"Yes, you said it is good, this gentleman should be ordered by the sky. Ben Jun is now killing you, immediately check to see who is the emperor star to show up, after the investigation, no need to report, directly…killed. ”


The turtles have to leave directly, but they have not walked a few steps but they are still screaming.

"You can start to prepare. Since the emperor does not choose this, then the king does not believe it."

Hearing the turtle's body, he swayed, and then he nodded lightly toward him.

"Chen this will go to arrange."


Emperor star appearance.

The stars have passed away.

Yin Fatzi in the secret land reached out and pushed Xia Keke behind him, staring at everyone in the secret land with vigilance.

The atmosphere suddenly became a little nervous.

Or Yin Fatzi himself is very nervous.

Now he suddenly remembered what he said to him before the morning.

More close to Ye Zichen.

In fact, he is a fat person who is not willing to make friends. At that time, he started to get along with Ye Zichen. It was simply that Gu Zichen asked him to take care of him.

With the passage of time, he felt that Ye Zichen had a good appetite for him and he had more contact with him.

But Gu Zichen told him that he should not lose his sense of proportion.

What is the difference between friends, Yin Fat does not understand, but now…

Ye Zichen makes the emperor star, and he himself is also a supporting star.

"No wonder, no wonder…"

The fat man couldn't help but shake his head. He now finally understands what Guzi Chen said to him at that time.

He had long known that Ye Zichen would make the emperor star, but he was the assistant star of the emperor.

To be honest, in fact, this is a happy thing in peacetime.

Ye Zichen can make the emperor star appear, it must be the person of the day, and is appointed to heaven. In the future, he will be the only emperor in the Three Realms, and as his auxiliary star, he will naturally be above one million people after his emperor.


It was revealed at this time.

Nowadays, there are gods in the Three Realms who stand up, and there are other ambiguous and other ambitious people who are called emperors.

Now that Ye Zichen makes the emperor star, it can only be the target of public criticism.

Hard to make a good card into a focus card.

As a fat man, he is also a fat man, he must also let those people into the opposite.

He is very reluctant, and in his opinion, everything is not as important as his life.

At the moment, this kind of scene is full of people, and anyone can say this thing, then he can be worried about his life…

In his opinion, only Xia Keke who also became a ally was also the assistant star.

"Don't blame me for not reminding you, I am definitely not kidding you."Yin Fatzi locked his eyebrows and looked at a few people in the secret land. He said, "Of course, it seems to me that it is safest to erase the memory of your talents."

Yin fat child will face his face with his face.


A breeze blows his palm.

"Fat, what are you doing here? Those who have been trusted here, even if they see it, they will definitely not say it."

A slightly dignified voice appeared from the ears of the people, and everyone looked back and saw…

"Zi Chen brother."

"Zi Chen."


Yes, Ye Zichen and Su Yan have awakened at this time, and the time of waking up and the time of mystery are not bad.

"It’s weird, do you feel that the morning brother seems to be different."

Surprise Xia Keke suddenly stopped, his fingers lit the pink lips, and the rest of the people heard the words and nodded.

Ye Zichen smiled lightly and flew down the air after he slowly bowed to Su Yan. At this time, he even had such a faint pressure.


"Ye Xiaozi, no…I can't call you so now. ”

Yin Fatzi licked his lips, and after hesitating for a long time, he was very respectful and patted his sleeves and bowed his knees.

"Ye Di."

The appearance of the emperor star is the choice of the sky, and Ye Zichen will also be the real emperor recognized by the celestial gods.

As for the Yin fat child of the auxiliary star, his future can only be for the emperor…

Blood sprinkled the battlefield, Ma Ge wrapped the body without regret.

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