After Ye Zichen and Su Yan wake up, everyone will naturally not stay there.

In addition, the fat man has been urging to leave, for fear that the above people will find them in the deduction, and the people in the secret land also came to the loft where the Sisters lived.

The living room in the attic is seated by everyone.

"Zi Chen Ge is actually the emperor of the day, so cool."

Xia Keke stared at the bright scorpion, and looked at Ye Zichen with curiosity in his eyes.

After waking up, Ye Zichen felt his own change, not strength, but the connection between him and heaven seemed to be closer.

As long as he uses his thoughts a little, everything in this heaven and earth seems to be obeying his orders.

"The stars that I know nowadays have me and cocoa."Yin Fatzi locked his eyebrows. "To tell the truth, I don't really want to be the assistant star. It is really too optimistic at the moment."

"I am also the assistant star of the morning brother, that is really good."Xia Keke is still the answer of the lively smile, and immediately she drops her eyes on Su Liuer. "Liuer sister, how have you been looking at Susu?"


People noticed that Su Liuer couldn't help but cough, and moved his eyes to the side without explaining the problem. He asked.

"What are the emperors and auxiliary stars you just mentioned, I don't understand them."

"The so-called emperor star is the purple star of the Polaris in the Milky Way. Because the stars are rotating around the North Star, it is considered that the purple MSI is the master of the stars. Ziweixing is the owner of the number of battles, the master of strategy, the master of the political star, and the emperor in the five stars of the Arctic. ”

At this time, it was natural that Yin Fatzi came forward to take up the role of a teacher of dispelling, and he began to make a long story in front of everyone.

"The appearance of the emperor star represents the birth of the lord of heaven, and you have seen it just now. The person who appeared in the emperor star is Ye Zichen."

Everyone beheaded, and Yin Fatzi spoke again.

"The auxiliary star is the auxiliary star around the Arctic emperor. Its direct identity represents the assistant minister of the emperor star. That is to say, the existence of the auxiliary star is fully assisted by the emperor. There are too many stars in the Milky Way, and the star of the star is also the star, so the only way to judge whether it is the auxiliary star is that the stars that fall after the appearance of the purple microstar will be the auxiliary star and the auxiliary star. Generally only one. ”

"So, then I…"

At this moment, Su Liuer suddenly spread his palm.

"Wu Quxing."

In the palm of Su Liuer, there is a star imprint that flashes with fluorescence. After Yin Fatzi sees it, he exclaims and immediately spits.

"How is Wu Quxing a woman?"

"Do you look down on women?"Su Liuer’s face suddenly cooled down. The gloomy look of the Yin Fatzi kept laughing. β€œI definitely don’t mean this. It’s that the ancient martial arts stars were inherited by men in the ancient times, and you are flattering the martial arts stars. I am a little surprised by this."

"Don't say this, just follow what you said, then I am going to assist Ye Zichen."


Yin Fatzi nodded steadily, but Su Liuer was cold-eyed and glanced at Ye Zichen's body.

Assistant Ye Zichen.

Su Liuer’s heart is countless unwilling. When her sister died for him, Su Yan almost died for Ye Zichen.

In his opinion, Ye Zichen is the robbery of Su Yan.

Let her help the people like this…

The people in the room felt the strange atmosphere, Su Yan grinned at this moment.

"It is still too early to say what assists, but the sister can become a Wuquxing, and the morning is the emperor. Isn't that good?" At least the people who cooked each other, originally we are a family, but also talk about what does not help. ”

"Susu, your feelings for me are not the same as before."Xia Keke suddenly made such a sentence.

"Well, that may be the relationship of the morning." Now I am connected with his lifeline. Maybe he is the star of the emperor, and my breath will change a bit. ”Su Yan opens the way.

β€œSu Yan said it was good.”At this time, Ye Zichen also followed the words just now, "We don't need to talk about any assistance between them, it is better than before."

"This can't be done."Yin Fatzi interrupted his words at this time and calmly said, "Since you are the emperor, we are the auxiliary stars, then we must pay attention to the number of gifts. You should always pay attention not to be very casual to anyone. The emperor is the emperor, the monarch and the minister are different. When you and I respectively inherit the emperor and the auxiliary star, they have already divided the distinction between the monarch and the minister. ”


Everyone really doesn't understand why the fat man is on the line. Everyone knows Ye Zichen and Su Yan's words to ease the atmosphere.

But the fat guys are also unaware of their gaze, waiting for the future…

They will naturally know that if they say too much here, they will not necessarily understand.

"Don't mention this, now two of the four stars of the auxiliary star have come out. I am Zuofu."

The left hand spread out, Yin Fatzi's palm is a star map.

"Zuo Fuxing is the first star of the emperor's auxiliary star, also known as the phase star. When the left assistant star fell, I had the ability to distinguish the stars. Su Liuer is Wu Quxing, so now our primary goal is to find Wenquxing and Right Comet. These four stars are the four generals of the Emperor. ”

"Then what star is I, it seems that I am not particularly important."

At the beginning, Xia Keke was quite happy. She had a subsidiary star, and she was the assistant of the morning brother. But now Yin Fatzi said a bunch, she found out…

Her assistant star does not seem to be particularly important.

"You belong to the star of the emperor, it is the red face of the robbery. This star Su Yan and Xiao Yumei should also be there."

Su Yan and Xiao Yumei nodded and spread their hands in their palms. There is indeed a star map with cocoa.

"The number of lives of Ziweixing is as good as the number of disasters. The red-faced star you robbed is actually more important than our four-stars. We are only assisting, but you are the one who is really resurrecting the stars. ”

"So I am happy."

Xia Keke smiled again and saw that she was so stupid that Yuan Hong couldn't help but tease.

"Coco, you have understood it. Your existence is for the morning, and it is very likely that the robbery will die."

"That doesn't matter, I am willing to rob me."

When she said this, Xia Keke didn't hesitate. The sincere tone and eyes, she also saw that she was definitely not talking about the scene.

Su Liuer again set his eyes on the faces of Xiao Yumei and Su Yan.

The same is true of them.

The fists were inexplicably clenched, and Su Liuer looked at Ye Zichen's gaze when he was attached. He couldn't help but whisper.

"If you need your sister to rob, let me stop it!"

As everyone knows, when the people in the room look different, Chang'e fairy is secretly spreading his hands.

In her palm, it’s a piece…

Life star.

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