"There are so many words for you."

Su Zhu, who noticed the change of atmosphere in the room, turned his eyes to Yuan Hong and said.

"The bandages are wrapped around you, and your mouth can't be spared. Believe it or not, I let Liu’s sister play a meal and let you lie in bed for a few days. ”


Yuan Hong also knew that he had just said something wrong. After laughing for two sentences, he walked to the corner of the room and went to the wall to think about it.

"Don't fight."

Looking at the people in the room has been snoring, the face of Yin Fatzi is not very good looking.

As a left assistant star, he is the prime minister's star in terms of stars. He must take the emperor as the first priority and stick to his own body and do things for him.

He didn't open his mouth until he saw the people in the room converge.

"Before I mentioned Wenquxing and the right comet. From the point of view of the life star and my Zuofu, Su Liuer Wuqu, these two stars should also be acquaintances around the emperor. Since Tian Ming chooses Ye Di as the Lagerstroemia, when he is not showing the stars, Tian Ming should arrange his auxiliary stars around him. ”

"Ye Di, you can try to start from the people around you to see if you can find the right and the right."

Feeling Yin Fatzi's so solemn tone, Ye Zichen knew that he was thinking about it and nodded.

"I will pay attention, but I just let the emperor star show up, and then say that you have kept me and Xiaoyan for so long these days, it should be tired. Why don't we put this in advance and talk about it? ”

"can."Yin Fatzi returned meticulously.

"that……It will be gone. ”

The people in the room are leaving, and only a few of the three sisters of the Su Shi and Ye Zichen are left behind.

The eyes of several women fell on him, and Ye Zichen couldn't help but raise his eyebrows.

"Look at me, go to rest."

"Ye Di!"Su Liuer bites the accent. "This is the sleep of our sisters. You stay here. Do you want our three sisters to sleep after your emperor?"

"cough……I will leave this and leave. ”

The emperor left the attic, and under the cover of the night, Ye Zichen stared at the stars.

Gazing at the Arctic Emperor.

God of Heaven?

Just as he stared at the purple MSI, the last two stars lingering around the emperor star also fell.

"Give me braised pork."

The young man kept a slobber in his mouth, and he kept rolling on the bed, his mouth biting one of his arms.

"How is this meat so old, Xiao Er, give me a new one."

After the proverb, it turned over again, but a star fell at his chest at this time.

A star map from his chest, Mann, its star…



"There should be no problem with this deduction."

The old man, who is already a leap year, sits on a mossy stone bench and whispers from his face. The old man is already a residual candle, but his nephew is dark and bright.

call out.

A stream of light came from the air, and the old man who was facing away from the streamer smiled and extended his palm.

"Emperor star appearance, the auxiliary star is born! I can't think of me as the auxiliary star of the emperor. ”

The old man was hoarse and whispered, but he looked at some dim star figures in his hands.

"It seems that I am also in the limit."

Suddenly sighed, the old man with his hands up the stone platform to get up.

Here is his favorite place to be alone. Today, this space is the only place where you can see the lush green.

Except here, looking up, it is a thick purple magic.

"Master Su."Just then, in front of the old man, there was a strong man who was full of magic.

"Get out."


Accompanied by a burst of the old man, the strong man plunged backwards until he fell back into the purple gas.

Here is his last piece of green space, he does not tolerate any Mozu people contaminated here.

The Mozu Zhuang Han took the attack and did not dare to say more, just forbearing the pain of his chest and owing his body.

"The guilty conscience, please also ask Master Hai Han."

"What is it."The old man opened his mouth.

"The king will let you go to the altar."

"Tell him that I know, and I will pass."


The Mozu strong man took his chest away, and the old man was nostalgic and glanced at the moss on the ground, and immediately swung his right hand and wiped the moss away.

"do not."

Just as he was about to leave, the star-shaped purple star was once again star-studded.


The old man suddenly stopped, his fingers kept pinching and his lips squirming.

"How could this be, the two emperors."

At the same time, I didn’t get the temper of madness. Looking around, the surrounding mountains are all traces of his venting.

Emperor star.

He waited for 100,000 years and even made it appear to others.

He couldn’t swallow this breath.

At this time, the Polaris is also a star-studded star.


Seeing this scene, the mastery of the cockroaches all broke out.

Double Emperor!

It turned out to be a double emperor, and it appeared on the same day.

And these two emperors are not him!

"Destiny, are you angering your lord!"

"It must be changed."

An ancient ancestor made such a long sigh in the mouth of the ancestors who came out of the mountain due to the appearance of the purple micro-stars. The star of the seven stars descended, the purple star appeared, and the auxiliary star passed away…

This scene, which happened one after another, has set off a path for the upper three circles that have been silent for too long.

"Now the emperor star appears, the auxiliary star is born, the seven-star lord is at this time the star is falling, the world will be chaotic."

For a long time, the ancestors looked at the younger generation standing underneath.

"If today, the family can no longer be independent, and pass on, we are also born. Go to the person who looks for the emperor star, find the person who has died in the star, and complement the emperor! ”


"Wait! If you find the son of the emperor, you can also win! ”


The people under him left the hall, and the ancestors closed their throats.

Double emperor.

Double Emperor!

At the same time, many ancient tribes in the Three Realms chose to appear after the appearance of this scene. They chose the two emperors. These ancients must not be independent, and they can choose one and respect the other, or win their lives.

And the one who made Ziweixing appear again…

"I know that I am the son of destiny."

In the sacred hall of the misty fog, a monk who squats in front of the Buddha statue holding the Buddhist scriptures, his eyes flashed with enthusiasm.

His hands were licking the cockroaches in his hands, and the whole arm was smashed with blue veins.

"The day does not live with me."

"If you have no heart, you can understand the true meaning of Buddhism."

Suddenly there was a screaming voice in the hall, and the monk quickly hovered over the futon and bowed.

"The disciple remembers."

"You are talented and savvy, and you are very savvy. If you are alive and well, you will benefit a lot."

"The disciple understands."

With a full half a squat, the smile of this talented person's mouth and enchanting charm disappeared, and in a moment it turned into a haze of light, and both eyes stared at the futon under the knee.

"When I go out, the world is mine!"

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