Baihua City.

The whole city of the city's big wedding is full of joy, and the whole city has a hi-hat in front of the residents' houses, and there are red lanterns in front of the door.

Seeing Lin Xihe's governance of the city pool won the hearts of the people, her wedding is all for the people in the city.

In these few days, guests who received invitations began to appear. There are limited rooms in the city's main government, and some guests can only fall into the pubs and inns in the city.


The guards in front of the city gate will stop Zuo Ma from their carriage. Due to the marriage of Lin Xihe, the recent traffic in the city has soared. In this case, these guards need to be more cautious.

Step on the step.

A team of guards stepped over.

"Please show your identity."

"Hello, I am the left family leader, Zuo Ma, who was invited to attend the wedding of Lincheng and General Zhao."Zuo Mo personally opened the curtain and handed over an invitation to the road. "This is my invitation."

The guards were very cautious and checked on the invitations several times…

"Left patriarch, only a lot of offense. Lincheng has a life. When you come, let us take you to the city's main house. Please also follow us. If you have several levels behind, it is very troublesome. ”


He nodded and left and returned to the carriage. Ye Zichen glanced at the outside.

"I was the first time to come to Baihuacheng. I really didn't see it. Lin Xihe was a very successful city owner. Look at the festive decorations in this city."

"Don't leave the subject open."Zuo Mo locked his eyebrows. "I told you before, you haven't answered me yet."

"What are you talking about?"

"Installing silly?"

"I just said that, let's put Zhao Zi a horse?"Ye Zichen smiled and shook his head. "He is not guilty at all. What is the remark about letting him go?" If he really harms the Three Realms, then if I don't deal with him, there will still be others to punish him. ”

"Actually, you and I know in my heart, why are you doing this?"

Zuo Ma’s brow scorned and sighed with relief.

"If I guessed it well, he would contact the Mozu people at this wedding. At that time, the Mozu attacked the people in the fairyland. He should be the last piece left by the Mozu. ”


"If you don't talk, I know it must be."Zuo Ma’s words have an indescribable decision.

"It’s not very good for a woman to be too smart."Ye Zichen has some helplessness to spread the hand. "Since your heart is clear, why do you ask me to spare him?" It’s a big sin to collude with the demon world. His behavior is a disaster. This whole three worlds, you let me let him go, but can you let him go in this world? ”

"Sister Lin really loves him, if you will take him…I don't dare to think about what Lin will be. In the morning, you are the Yellow Emperor of Xianyu. It is also very important to speak in the other two circles. You said that let him go, they will not be entangled in it. ”

"Can't you distinguish between the private situation and the big righteousness?"

"Just be when I beg you!"Zuo Ma suddenly shouted out, "You can't understand how a woman really loves a man wholeheartedly. It's true that you want to kill him, but what do you think of Lin Jie?" Your relationship with the eve will be good too. What do you think about the eve? Zichen, I have never asked you for my left, this time I beg you…Look at my face and let him go. ”


Ye Zichen's nose is overwhelmed, and when Zuo Mo talks about it, he can't talk about the avenues of the three realms in the righteousness.

For a long time, he just sighed.

"If his behavior is not particularly bad, then I will…Let him go once. ”

"thanks, thanks."

Zuo Ma kept saying thankful, but the atmosphere inside the car was a little changed.

On the way, Ye Zichen didn't say a word. He just looked at the houses that were lit up outside the window, and he was very deep.

"Left patriarch, it is here."

The guards who had been leading the team had opened their mouths, and Zuo Ma took a purse from them and put them in their hands, let them go to drink tea.

The guards began to refuse until they mentioned the money, so that the guards accepted to leave.

"Left patriarch."

At the door of the city's main entrance, an old man had long waited for a long time, and nodded to her, and Ye Zichen and Zuo Mojin entered the interior of the city.

However, I haven't taken a few steps yet, but Lin Xihe has already greeted him.

"Xiaomo, you are finally here, waiting for you for a long time. My sister has always left the largest room to you. Many people have come to the door. I have not let the room out. How can my sister be nice to you? ”

Xixi is near, Lin Xihe's eyebrows are accompanied by a touch of color and a touch of charm.

The woman who wants to marry is happy from head to toe.

"Thank you, my sister, I am here as a bridesmaid."

"That must have you, don't think about it."Lin Xihe smiled and turned his eyes to Ye Zichen's body. "Ye Di has come, but still followed Xiaomo, I have heard that you two…When can I have your wedding drink? ”

"Sister Lin doesn't make trouble."Zuo Mo is a red and a red road.

"I still say shy, this is shy."Lin Xihe teased Zuo Mo with words, and then smiled at Ye Zichen. "I don't talk to Ye Di."

"The two of your sisters are talking about the excitement. If I am plugged in, it is not very good."

Ye Zichen opened his mouth with a faint smile on his face.

"Why didn't you see our bridegroom officer Zhao General?"

"She went out to buy a wedding in the evening, and I am married to the girl."Lin Xihe said this, said, "He should be teaching his younger brother martial arts, and he should come over in a moment."


"I am not inconvenienced."

At this moment, the partial door of the city's main government was pushed open, and Zhao Zikai wore a cloth and walked out of the door with a long gun.

At this time, his body was still sweating, and he saw that he had just returned from training.

"Hey, you don't know how to wipe the sweat."

Seeing his appearance, Lin Xihe groaned and went up. The handkerchief carefully removed the sweat on his face.

"With a visitor, I can't let my wife's only son meet outside."Zhao Zikai said warmly, and immediately took Lin Xihe’s hand and looked over. β€œLeft patriarch, I don’t know if you are coming. I have been teaching my brother who is not a weapon, and I have not been able to welcome the rudeness. ”

"I don't have to care about these rituals when I have a relationship with Lin."Zuo Mo smiled.

Nodded to her, Zhao Zikai moved his head to Ye Zichen.

A moment.

His actions were clearly stunned, but soon he settled his mind and smiled and walked over.

"Ye Di is coming."

"Um, come."Ye Zichen nodded faintly. "Dr. Zhao doesn't seem to want me to come?"

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