Longevity Garden.

After a few hours of Ye Zichen's departure, Xiao Yumei took the sweet candy in his courtyard.

"Glass, is Ye Zichen here?"

At this time, only the small glass in the courtyard was eating hazelnuts happily. When someone heard Ye Zichen, she did not lift her head and returned.

"not here."

"Do you know what he is doing?"

"Following Zuo Ma to attend the wedding of Lincheng."The little glass is still stuffing the medicinal herbs in his mouth. "He asked me to stay and protect the two of you. Don't go out in the past few days. If you go out, talk to me in advance."

"it is good."

Knowing the situation of Ye Zichen, Xiao Yumei nodded lightly and took the sweetie away from the courtyard.

"This is just a few days at home."

After coming out, Xiao Yumei sighed with helplessness. At this moment, Sweetie stopped and screamed.

"Daddy is not there, let's go to Chang'e Auntie to play well?"

"Looking for her?"

Xiao Yumei stunned her eyebrows. When she returned to Hongfeng City, Chang'e stayed in this longevity garden for some time.

I don't know why, the sweetheart who has never loved to talk to others is a relative to him.

Just like she is good for herself and her morning.

This phenomenon is very strange to her, she is also willing to see sweet and lively look, just…

She would feel strange when she saw Chang'e.

"Glass has just said that Dad has left her to protect us. It is very likely that it is more dangerous recently. Let's not go out."

"It doesn't matter, Chang'e is in Heavenly Court, and there is nowhere safer than there. Let's not go for a long time, just go play it? is it okay! ”

Xiao Yumei glared at Xiao Yumei's hand, and Xiao Yumei, who was extremely fond of it, couldn't help herself. She could only helplessly lick her lips and reach out and rub her head.

"Well, then go to your Chang'e aunt to play." But how do we go, mom and Heavenly Court are not as familiar as your father. ”

"Oh, I have a way."

"The mother went to talk to the glass…"The voice did not fall, Sweetie interrupted her words. "It goes without saying, the glass aunt is eating happily, why should we bother her!" Go and go! ”


Inside the city's main government, everyone settled in the middle of the courtyard.

When Ye Zichen's voice fell, the left mouse next to him couldn't help but brow a little cluster, and Zhao Zi's face was slightly paused, even if he cleaned up his facial expression and smiled.

"Ye, you said this."

"Is not it? On the way, I watched the guests have arrived, but my leisurely residence has never received invitations from General Zhao and Lin Cheng. However, I still love to join in the fun, so I will not ask for it, General Zhao will not blame it. ”

Ye Zichen's tone is accompanied by a touch of provocation, especially the unobtrusive playful eyes that fall into the eyes of everyone.

Zhao Zi’s face in front of him did not change color, but he kept laughing.

"How to blame this, Ye Di can come to join me and Xihe's big marriage, but I can't ask for it. In fact, the invitations are still being sent to people. You have also seen it. Although these days, there are many people in Baihua City, but the real big people are still in the future. I am thinking about your daily needs and fear of delaying your time. In fact, really, in a few days I am going to personally go to the door to ask you, I did not expect you to come with the left patriarch. ”

"So, can I understand that General Zhao means that all the inviting in advance are in your eyes, not particularly high?"Ye Zichen deliberately picked the thorns.

"You are laughing."For this move, Zhao Zikai just smiled lightly and smiled. There was no hesitation in his eyes. "The left patriarch is invited in advance, but who can say that the left patriarch is not high? It is not that the people who are invited in advance are not in a high position, but that we are invited to be divided according to their power. For example, if you are a river or lake force or a martial art, we will put it in the end. ”

"This is strange."

Ye Zichen's eyebrows flashed a touch of playfulness, and laughed. "The head of the martial art is in a closed period all the year round. Your invitation should be sent in advance, so that's right. But you are the last one, can you say that you don't want us to come…"

"All right."

At this moment, Zuo Ma suddenly interrupted his words, reached out and rubbed his arm, and smiled at Lin Xihe.

"Lin Jie, we are in the boat, you still have to arrange for us to take a break."

To tell the truth, the scene of Lin Xihe was especially embarrassing. On the one hand, she was the husband of the future, and on the other hand, the Yellow Emperor of the Holy Land.

Although the two of them talked with a smile, no matter how they look, they all have a tit-for-tat taste.

The strong smell of gunpowder made her very uncomfortable, but she did not know how to interrupt them.

Fortunately, Zuo Mo is now opening, Lin Xihe also quickly used this opportunity to let them annihilate this war.

"It is also said that Hongfeng City is not close to my Baihua City. I am tired of wanting to come to you." I have already prepared for you in the guest room, or do you want to go over? ”

Lin Xihe used a tentative tone, but his eyes fell on Ye Zichen.

Looking at Zuo Ma, seeing her slightly deep look, Ye Zichen could only help but smile, and lazy and stretched.

"Don't say it's okay, I am really tired of saying this."

"Then I will take you to the room."Lin Xihe directly opened the road.

"Working."Ye Zichen arched his hand, and Ye Zichen opened his mouth to Zhao Zikai. "General Zhao, then we are talking about it next time."

"Ye is slow."

Watching Ye Zichen and others leave, Zhao Zi, who is wearing a military uniform, is full of haze.

Not long after, the side door of the courtyard was pushed open.

"Brother, Ye Zichen, this kid suddenly comes here, it won't be bad."

A young man with a seven-point appearance like Zhao Zikai came out of it. This young man is his younger brother, Zao Ziming.

These two people are worthy of being brothers, and the haze on their faces is exactly the same.

"No, even if I don't ask him, just send the invitation to Zuo Ma, Ye Zichen will come together. This is clear in my heart. From his tone, he seems to have seen something. ”


"Don't worry, even if he comes, it will have no effect on the overall situation."

As soon as the voice fell, Zhao Zikai looked at the front, and looked straight ahead like a snake, with a cold smile on his mouth.

"This hundred flower city has long been a thing in my bag. As long as I send out the news, I can kill all the patriarchs and heads of this fairyland. When this time, it is mine. Xianyu has always been subject to the jurisdiction of the Holy Land. He has never been an emperor, so I will be the first emperor. ”

"You can also pay attention to your brother, and working with the group of people in the Devil is tantamount to fighting with you."

"Don't worry, I have to deal with them."

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