"There is this room right now. The size of this room is big enough. You should be right if you live together."

Lin Xihe slightly showed two turns in Ye Zichen and Zuo Mo. She and Zuo Moben were close friends in the middle, and naturally knew some insiders.

There are actually a lot of rooms available in the city government, but she said that she has this room.

She is deliberately creating opportunities for the two.

"This arrangement is fine."

Looking at the laugh on her face, Ye Zichen knew she was deliberate. However, he did not go to the point. The size of the courtyard is indeed large enough. It is indeed enough for him and Zuo to live.

In this case, it is easy to make people think about it.

"Since only this room is left, we can only stay here."

"You don't care, then I won't bother here."

As soon as the voice fell, Lin Xihe left. When he left, he secretly squinted at the left. All of this is in the eyes of Ye Zichen, but it is pretending not to see it.

From the beginning to the end, Zuo Mo did not speak, even if Lin Xihe gave her a wink, she did not respond.

For a long time, she was a little annoyed.

"Why did you just want to speak like that? So heavy gunpowder smell, if I stopped, I am afraid that you both directly fight, when you were outside, did you not promise me to say that I don’t care about him? ”

"Hey, don't tamper with my speech. What we said in the carriage before is that if his behavior is not particularly bad, then I will let him once. ”

Ye Zichen's eyebrows were picked up and smiled.

"Just I was annoyed when I saw him. I couldn't help but stimulate him a few words. But I just sneered at him a few words, why do you care so much. ”

"Then you are not afraid of stunned snakes?"Zuo Mo has some helpless openings. "You just had to talk to him so fiercely. He must have drawn some insider from your words. What if he really guessed something, what if he gave up the plan? ”

"Amazing snakes? At the step when I set foot in the city's main government, I was already shocked. ”

Some disdain snorted, and Ye Zichen walked down to the stone bench in the small courtyard and sat down.

"But if he is jealous of me, will it be a blessing to cancel the plan for you and me, and the three worlds?"

"You think so wrong."Zuo Mo is shaking his head at this moment. "As long as he is a demon person, then he does not want to, and the devil will force him to do something." If he cancels now, the plan will be postponed until later. When we don’t know anything, will it be even more unprepared. I am now an enemy in the Ming Dynasty. I am in the dark, but you are hard to make the situation into an enemy. I am also clear, I really don't understand what you think. ”

Although Zuo Ma asked Ye Zichen to put Zhao Zi once, she could see from her words and her eager look, she was totally thinking about Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen warmed up and immediately grinned.

"No, everything is under my control. I just wanted to let him suspect that I knew everything, so that he might be self-defeating. Even if he has a good attitude, there is no chaos, but…"

call out.

With a wave of the right hand, there is a sudden turn in the space in front of them.


Zuo Mozhen looked at the sky in front, and on that squatting was Zhao Zikai and Zao Ziming their two brothers.

Avenue Tianyan.

Ye Zichen got the spiritual skills at the beginning, but he hasn't used it since he came to the Three Realms.

This kind of spiritual skill like opening a plug-in is also a total disruption of the game balance.

However, it is quite good to use it when it is more important.

"How can you see the pictures of both of them, not…Has your strength been at this point? ”

In addition to her shock, she is again exposed.

No wonder he was so embarrassed from beginning to end, when she was so urgent to question him. It seems that she is really worried about her.

Some strange whites gave him a look, but I don’t know why she still has some in her heart…Beautiful.

He is strong!

She is so happy.

"Oh, don't talk. If you miss some important details, you are finished. ”

Ye Zichen smiled very easily. Zuo Mo nodded and knew that he was right, it was a breathless look at the picture.

"Brothers, you should also pay attention to the cooperation with the group of people in the Devil World."

"Don't worry, I have to deal with them."



"Oh, when this is critical, how suddenly stopped."

Zuo Mo gaze looked at the picture inside, and my heart has been constantly doing the calculation analysis. At the most critical time, the picture is terminated.

She was so bad that she hurriedly asked Ye Zichen.

"I let it go."Ye Zichen's faint opening.

"Why are you doing this, keep watching."

"What catches your eyes."In the direction of Zuo Mo's helpless mouth, "Let's just look at it, we can only see the two brothers stalking and leaving, and talking about some unspeakable swear words, do you want to see…Then I will show it to you? ”

"What, I have just said that it has been confidential."Zuo Mo is puzzled.

"My left patriarch, you think it is confidential, do you think he will say it?"Ye Zichen sighed and said, "This Zhaozi Yucheng is very deep. He is a person who can definitely hide secrets. At that time, he told Zao Ziming that he had a good idea, just to point him. But what is the trick, he is categorically not to say it. Think about it, if you…Can you say it? ”


After hesitating for a long while, Zuo Mo shook his head.

"This is it."Ye Zichen just showed a smile. "But it is already beneficial to us to see it here. I really can't think that Zhao Zikai's ambition is so great, I want to be an emperor outside this fairyland. And that Zao Ziming, quite a good thing, come to Xianyu for a long time and grow a little, knowing the situation. ”

"Hey, can you not always have such a playful attitude? Zhao Zikai, he wants to use this wedding to control all of Xianneng. We are going to prepare in advance to prevent…"

"What to prevent? Just let him play. ”Ye Zichen snorted and snorted.

"you……Don't be afraid of 10,000, just be afraid, don't always be so embarrassed. ”

"Oh, don't panic."Ye Zichen smiled at the corner of his mouth. "I also have my own ideas!"

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