Because the Mozu people themselves will release the evil spirits, even though they are in the nest of the ancients, they have to come to the Dimension space where they lived. In the passage of time, they have evolved into The second demon world.

In the center of this space stands an altar, which is shaped by the original ancestors of the Mozu.

The devil had a mace in his hand, two sharp fangs in his mouth, and bat-like wings behind him.

In front of this altar there is a large pit burning with flames. The big pit is constantly releasing magical power to the outside, so that the evil spirits here are heavier than other places.



The Mozu people kept jumping toward the deep pit in front of the altar, and as long as they jumped down, the altar became darker and deeper.


He is offering sacrifices to the living Mozu people. There is a black crushed man waiting for the sacrifice before the altar, and no one knows how many Mozu people have sacrificed before.

"Are you still offering sacrifices?"

Just then, a young man in black robe appeared in front of the altar. He rubbed his mouth and nose with his hand, and his eyebrows were deep locked. Obviously he hated this strong magic.

His appearance was to let the black dragon standing in front of the altar to personally get up and meet.

"Su brother, how come you are."

"Let some of you feel worried and come over and see."The old man’s faint opening, the black dragon hurriedly opened his way to the Mozu people behind him. β€œLook at the seat.”


The devil instantly squatted on the ground, his hands on the ground.


The old man did not care at all, but he sat on the back of the demon, and immediately he opened his way to the black dragon in front.

"You asked me half a month ago that the altar was clothed. Now half a month has passed, and many people have been sacrificed."

"Three hundred thousand!"The black dragon’s eyes flashed in a stern color. "The sacrifice has already reached 300,000 people. Thanks to the slogan of Su’s brother, the strength of this seat has changed qualitatively. Now even if God is in front of this seat, Ben The seat also feels that there is a battle."

In fact, this altar is built to devour the blood of the Mozu, and transform into a spiritual power to enter the body of the Black Dragon.

It was the old man who made this suggestion. At the beginning, the Black Dragon was still hesitant. Under the ridicule and temptation of the old man, he should have broken his teeth.

Even if he should be down, he is also a must, and the Mozu are his people.

He sacrificed with his own people. This is a generation of forgotten people.

Until he really felt the improvement of his strength, in the old words of Lenovo, he also gave up everything, and even increased his efforts to sacrifice.

The people complained!


The tribes unveiled the uprising!


Now, in the eyes of outsiders, he is already crazy. Under the temptation of strength, he is willing to go so crazy.

"Only 300,000."

Such a large number of old people shook their heads with some contempt, and apparently he was very dissatisfied with this amount.

"Black Dragon, in order to make you turn over, I searched the mountains to find this secret. Carrying the altar, you may be suffering from the sacred sorrow, but you are so indecisive. ”

"Su brother is angry."The black dragon face smirked and said, "No matter how this is my ethnic group, let them come to sacrifice, this place is really unbearable." This seat admits that at the beginning, it was a bit indecisive, but in recent Japan, it has already been made up. In just two people, it has already sacrificed 200,000 people, just give me enough time…"

"Give you enough time."The old man is very disdainful and smirked. "How much time can you leave it to you? Is there not a lot in your heart?"

Even if the Black Dragon is the king of the Mozu, the old man is still sneering with words.

"Black Dragon, there are only three days, you still have three days! Now you are only half-step-supreme. If you were at the very beginning, I would do what I said. You are now the Supreme Master. Do you know? ”

"Know know."

"I told you at the time, and now we want to occupy the territory of the Three Realms, and there is no advantage in terms of number. They are more than people, they are more than us. We must build a line of soldiers, so that we can enter and retreat. Nowadays, the people below this immortal, leaving them to waste our war preparations, even if they are on the battlefield, they are only sent to death. ”


"If you want to be a big thing, you have to be psychologically distorted. The so-called kindness is not a pawn. You are so kind and soft. I am fully assisted by you, but can you give me a defeat at the end of the day? ”

The old man’s words are fiercely screaming. In the face of so many people, the black dragon is reprimanded. It can be said that he has never left any face to the black dragon.

But the black dragon is just a smirk, and it is not a loss.

"Su brother's words are justified, this is the wrong place."

"Hey, solve these ants as soon as possible, and use their blood to nourish your strength, and they can do their part for the Mozu."

"go to hell."

At this moment, the demon people who had been the old man’s chair suddenly rioted, and his hands turned into claws toward the old man’s heart.


At the same time as the devil started, the black dragon also kicked the demon, and there were ten Mozu people around him.

"Bell, do you want to rebel?"

This demon is not an ordinary identity, but a Bell of one of the 12 devils of the Mozu.

"Boss, you don't want to be confused by him."Bell shouted in a bitter face. "This is all of our people. How can you use them for a fire festival?" When this guy came to us from the devil world, I felt that he had a misfortune. He wanted to let the devils destroy the clan. Boss, I beg you, wake up, don't go on like this. ”

"Let's relax, Su brother and this seat are the same brothers and sisters, how can you harm the seat."


"To shut up."The black dragon looked gloomy and looked at Bell. "This seat is a confusing mind. Hey, this seat has long seen you have anti-bone, not a loyal person. Now you really want to oppose me, good…That seat will give you a death. ”

Black Dragon did not hesitate to raise his palm, but at that time the old man stopped him.

"It’s too wasteful to kill, use his live sacrifice. How to say it is also the twelve devils, it is much better than those ants. ”

"Su brother is right, come…"

"No need."Bell struggled to stand up from the ground and retreat the surrounding demons. "The deity jumped, and the boss, the deity has been with you for 100,000 years, but you have to believe in others." Hehe…In the end, whoever has a misfortune will know it in the future. ”

Immediately, he fell his eyes on the old man, and the scorpions were full of anger.

"Su Yiyun, there are means…The deity has been planted! But don't forget, the deity is dead and there are countless loyal generations who will avenge this deity! Deity, waiting for you on Huangquan Road, hahahaha! ”

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