"Push him down."

Standing in the black dragon brows around Su Yiyun, he stood out and stood in front of the altar, and the Mozu behind him laughed in the mouth.

The Mozu behind them shot, but they were not tough to push them down.

These devils are loyal to the Black Dragon, but in the heart they are equally aware of the heroic exploits of the Bel's Mozu in the Mozu.


There was a fire in the altar, and the hot temperature passed from the front of Bell, as if to swallow him.

The gravel under the foot fell and turned into a white smoke.

Bell’s eyes were staring at the old man not far away, and he smiled, laughing and tearing his heart…

"Su Yiyun, no one knows what you think." The king is now confusing you, but one day, he will suddenly wake up, you…Still, I am waiting for you on Huangquan Road. ”

The tone suddenly became low, and Bell also closed his throat and extended a leg.

"And slow."

There was a commotion in the democrats under the altar. In a short time, there was a woman’s shadow from the crowd.

Su Yiyun's concealed frown when she saw her, still keeps her indifferent look even if she hangs her head.

"Minute."The black dragon opened the way.

"The king."After Lee Min-soo went down to the black dragon on one knee, he got up and locked his eyebrows. "This time I want to ask for Bell."


At the moment, the Black Dragon has been bent on trying to execute Bell. Under the temptation of absolute power, his heart has become somewhat distorted.

In fact, in his mind, the one who wants to be a living sacrifice is the twelve devils.

They are the most elite forces in the Mozu. If they are sacrificed, the effect will be much better than the Devils and Spirits.

It may not be possible to let them go directly to the Supreme.

If other devils come over, he may be able to slap him into Bell's accomplice and sacrifice together. But Lee Min is different from her. She is Su Yiyun's well-behaved wife.

"Su brother, look…"

For a time, some of them were not sure, and Black Dragon moved his eyes to Su Yiyun's body and asked tentatively.

"Min, how come you are."Until then, Su Yiyun was the opening. He was weak when he spoke, and apparently it was already the body of the candle.

"Can I not come?"Li Minzhen bit his lip, "Yi Yun, do you know that your current behavior will be condemned." Hundreds of thousands of Mozu people will give you a word, you have to jump out and go on fire, you know what you are doing? Now you want to let the twelve devils honor the fire offerings. Is it true that I will come to the fire festival in a few days? ”

"Don't make trouble unreasonably, go back quickly."Su Yiyun scolded.

"I am unreasonable? In the end, who is unreasonable! Yi Yun, you know why I fell in love with you at the time of the world, that is, the love that I love you, I love you with love and righteousness. But what are you doing now…"

Lee Min Ho looked at the front with pain and grief, and his eyes filled with unbelievable eyes.

"Cold blood, ruthless…Even you have already begun to sacrifice with the living. Yi Yun, let's get it, now it's still too late. In fact, I am quite self-blaming. It was when I implanted the memory of the Master of the Faculty into your knowledge of the sea. You have overdraw too much vitality in order to study the spiritual array. Now that you are already a residual candle, you can’t feel at ease. Has the heart passed these years? ”

"Don't say it, you are not here to fish for Bell." Ok, look at your face, I will spare him. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yiyun moved towards Bel Road, where the sacrifice was placed.

"I am innocent of you, you go."

Immediately, he said to the Mozu people who waited for the sacrifices like animals.

"The sacrifice continues."

"Yiyun."Li Minzhen locked his eyebrows.

Su Yiyun ignored her and shouted to the executioners who brought the Mozu people to the sacrifice near the altar.

"You can't understand what I said, and the sacrifice continues."

"I bother! Su Yiyun, what do you mean, why do you speak here? Don't forget, the king of the Mozu is the Black Dragon King. The Black Dragon King has never spoken, what are you doing here? ”

Bell, who left the altar, spit a smack toward the ground, and he looked at Su Yiyun with a disdainful look.


"Bell is right."

"Why do we have to be victims of living sacrifices."

"We have to live."

"We don't want to be sacrificed!"


One of Bell's words is to let the Mozu people under the altar riot all. The surrounding Mozu guards struggled to suppress them. The number of people who can be sacrificed is too much, and there is already a tendency to be uncontrollable.


The black dragon's face is blue and green, and the whole face will be filled with irresistible anger.

Su Yiyun was a faint smile at this moment, gently patted the black dragon's shoulder to indicate that he was a little stunned, and then smiled at Bell.

"Inciting emotions, I have to say that you have done a very successful job."

"Ah……It’s not that the deity is instigating, but what they think in their hearts. ”Bell said.

"That is still you are inciting."Su Yiyun licked his lips and smiled faintly. "No matter where the people are, they are stupid and weak. Before anyone can speak, what they can do is to endure and accept." If you don't have the sentence you just said, the sacrifice may still be carried out in an orderly manner. ”

"The deity does not want this to go on. This is to reduce the strength of my demon, you have a misfortune."

"Is it?"

Su Yiyun did not refute his words, but looked at the rioting demons below.

"Please listen to me a few words."

When shouting this sentence, Su Yiyun deliberately used the meditation, and suddenly the masses below stopped.

"All of you are aware of the fact that the territory of our Mozu once occupied the wolf's ambitions. In desperation, we can only survive in this dimension space that I created, but…You may not know that this is not the territory we can live for a long time. The stability of space is due to the fact that the creator is still alive, but what I want to say is that I am bound to die and will soon die. ”

When Lee Min Ho heard this, her tears almost fell. She always loved him from beginning to end, even if she knew it, but she never had her in her heart.

The people below are also silent, for a long time, but there is a burst of anger in the crowd.

"When you die, you are going to die. Why should we let us follow you?"

"Okay, this question is good."Su Yiyun nodded with satisfaction and smiled. "So I just want to ask you a question, I am dead…How do you live. ”

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